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Workers Sue Over GPS Tracking & Monitoring

GPS Tracking Systems Bust Fire Inspectors

Court Upholds Firing Based On Tracking System Data

A handful of Bridgeport, Connecticut fire inspectors were in for a shock when they received their walking papers after an extended investigation showed the men were spending more time hanging out with friends, running personal errands, relaxing at donut shops and working on personal rental properties than completing the work the city was paying them for, inspecting buildings in search of code violations. After hearing rumors that some of his crew were not meeting their work obligations, Bridgeport Fire Chief Brian Rooney placed GPS tracking devices on the vehicles of the suspected slackers to monitor their movements while working in the field.


After the GPS tracking devices highlighted the men’s slacking ways, Rooney hired a private investigator to confirm what the GPS vehicle tracker systems already stated. Once the private investigator confirmed what the GPS trackers recorded Rooney had no other choice but to fire the inspectors.

Even though the men were caught red-handed recklessly moonlighting while on company time funded by taxpayers they still had the arrogance to sue the city. The lawsuit was filed over a state law that suggested the use of electronic monitoring devices such as GPS tracking devices were not allowed to be used to monitor employees without advanced notice being given.

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GPS Tracker For Fire Inspection

GPS Tracking System Goes To Court

When the case regarding the vehicle tracking systems and the fire inspectors reached a Bridgeport Superior Judge named Deborah Frankel the case was quickly dismissed. Although the slacking fire inspectors failed in their initial lawsuit they did file an appeal on the use of the GPS tracking systems. Unfortunately for the fire inspectors, the state Supreme Court upheld the trial court’s decision unanimously.


The ruling passed by the trial judge that was later upheld by the state Supreme Court was groundbreaking in the fact that it sets the precedent that employers can use GPS tracking systems to monitor company assets on company time.

Although it may seem like common sense many people need to realize that when your working you need to be working. When a consistent pattern of slacking and moonlighting is established then verified by a tracking system no employee will have a leg to stand on if they try and file a lawsuit against their employer.

Did the courts get the GPS tracking lawsuit filed by the fire inspectors right?

Did the fire inspectors have the right to sue even though a long pattern of slacking on the job was established by GPS tracking systems and a private investigator?

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