Would You Buy A Google TV?


Google TV May Be Coming To A Home Near You

Internet Search, Apps & Video Entertainment

GoogleGoogle, the jewel of Mountain View, California, has been dominant and relevant in everything they have ever been involved with. The technology company has brought the world a search engine that ranks pages according to relevance, a mapping program that allows people to view the world without ever having to leave the house and an unlimited wealth of information on health, news and more. Already recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the entire world, Google has been expanding it’s business interests, getting involved in the mobile communication industry with it’s Nexus One. Although Google’s transition into the cellular world seems like a natural progression and extension of what the company is already doing, the rumors surrounding the companies’ potential involvement in video entertainment is what has many people sitting on the edge of their seats.

Over the past few months rumors have been swirling about the tech company revealing a “Google T.V.” at this year’s I/O show, a gathering of developers and engineers showcasing the latest in technology. According to an article by the Wall Street Journal obtained by GPS tracking system company Tracking System Direct, the rumors about the release of Google’s web television now appear to be accurate.

Many analysts believe that the Google web television will be an android-based piece of technology created to bring the perfect combinations of video entertainment, Web search and relevant online content. The news should excite consumers for a Google television would provide a more cost-effective alternative to cable or satellite services.

Source: PC World