Yuri Gagarin Instrumental In GPS

GPS Tracking Company Remembers Space Hero

Today Marks Historic First Space Mission

There are only few events in the history of man that are truly ground breaking and amazing, and fifty (50) years ago today a Russian cosmonaut named Yuri Gagarin stepped into a space capsule to became a historic figure that will be remembered forever.

Gagarin was a 27-year-old cosmonaut working for the Russian space program in the 1960s at the height of Soviet involvement in space exploration. However, at that time there were many mysteries about space, and space travel had never been done before. Although today space missions go unnoticed by many outside of the science community, in the late 1960s sending satellites and a capsule containing a human being into zero gravity space was unheard of. Nobody knew or understood the dangers of space because everything at that point in time was simply theory, as a human being had never actually been into the black world of space. Gagarin changed everything 50 years ago today by becoming the first man to ever go into space during a 108-minute flight that orbited the Earth. Although parties from both Russia and the United States of America were in a deep political competition during this time period that resulted in some of the largest advancements in space exploration and discovery, the contribution of Gagarin cannot be understated.

Without Gagarin who knows if the world would have ever sent a man into space, or a man on the moon? Who knows if we would have the sophisticated GPS tracking and navigation technologies that are dependent upon satellite technology that grew from the Space Race in the 1960s and 1970s? Many people oppugn how the Russian government treated their very own hero, suggesting that the government was behind his untimely death, but regardless of the unusual circumstances surrounding Gagrin’s death, his contribution to the common good of man is something we should all be thankful for.

In honor and remembrance of the historic day, the vehicle tracking system experts at Tracking System Direct have posted the above video which was produced by Christopher Riley that takes footage from the international space station with synced audio taken from the Russian cosmonauts’ original mission. It is important to note that the mission did not go exactly as planned, as Gagarin’s capsule ran into difficulties while reentering Earth’s atmosphere. For nearly three (3) minutes, Gagarin likely believed the capsule was failing and that he would die. One could only imagine the fear he felt at that time.

Source: The Register