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Can a GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner?

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Finding The Owner Of The GPS Tracker On My Car

Imagine taking your car in for an oil change and the technicians tell you during checkout that they found a hidden GPS tracker on your car. They hand over this wireless device and your heart skips a beat because now it is very clear that someone was secretly tracking your vehicle. After the sense of frustration about being tracked subsides the next question is who is tracking my vehicle? If you are currently in that situation please know we are here to help guide you to that answer!


How Do I Find Out Who Put A GPS Tracker On My Vehicle?

The first thing you will want to do in order to trace a GPS vehicle tracker to the owner of that surveillance system is to determine if the tracker is passive or real time. Since passive devices do not require any subscription fees and many do not even have serial numbers it is nearly impossible to find out who purchased the tracker. The good news is that most people do not use passive devices, instead opting for live GPS trackers they can monitor from their cell phones. Live GPS tracking devices all require a monthly subscription (data plan) since the tracker needs to transmit data over cellular networks. Therefore, the owner of the tracker must keep a credit card on file for the monthly fees. Not to mention, real time GPS trackers almost all have serial numbers so the manufacturer can activate the device. This is your gateway to finding out who placed the tracker on your vehicle!

For more information on what a GPS tracking device looks like please CLICK HERE!

Once you have removed the tracker from your vehicle, determined the device is a real time GPS tracker, and found the serial number on the device the next step is finding out who manufactured the product. This will require a little research on your end. The first place you will want to start is Amazon since most people purchase products there. Simply search “live GPS tracker” or “hidden GPS car tracker” to see what products are offered. From there, simply find the device that looks like the one you have. Once you know the brand name of the tracker it should not be too hard to find out who manufactured the device, or at least some resellers who can point you in the right direction. 

After you have figured out the brand name of the tracker and who manufactured the device the next step is finding the owner. This means you will call the manufacturer, provide them with the serial number off the hidden GPS tracker, and then 1) request service be canceled immediately, and 2) that you want the billing or shipping address of the person who purchased the tracker. With that information, you will easily know who the owner of the GPS tracker is who put the device on your vehicle. 

4 Easy Steps To Find Out Who Put A GPS Tracker On Your Car

  1. Check the tracker for a serial number
  2. Look on Amazon to find out the brand name of the car tracker
  3. Contact the manufacturer of the device or any resellers who might have that information 
  4. Give the manufacturer the serial number of the device and request who purchased the device

If you suspect you are being unlawfully tracked please contact your local law enforcement agency.