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Can A GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner?

How To Trace A GPS Tracker To Its Owner:  4 Easy Steps To Uncover Who’s Tracking Your Car!

Imagine taking your car in for an oil change and the technicians tell you during checkout that they found a hidden GPS tracker on your car. They hand over this wireless device and your heart skips a beat because now it is very clear that someone was secretly tracking your vehicle. After the sense of frustration about being tracked subsides the next question is who is tracking my vehicle? But can a GPS tracker be traced to owner? Yes, and in this article we will discuss how you can do it in 4 easy steps!

Can a GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner?

How Do I Find Out Who Put A GPS Tracker On My Vehicle?

If you’ve found a GPS tracker on your car and want to track down who placed it there, rest assured, there’s a clear process to follow. Initially, remove the tracker and pinpoint whether it’s actively relaying information in real-time. This type usually has a serial number, which is crucial for the next steps.

Next, kick off your search on Amazon. It’s where most gadgets land after purchase. Enter terms like “live GPS tracker” or “hidden GPS car tracker to find a match for your device. Spotting one with the same look? Great, that’s the brand you’re after.

With the brand and serial number in hand, it’s time to reach out. Contact the manufacturer directly. Their input is key, and they may be able to trace the buyer’s details from that serial number.

But how exactly do you go from finding a serial number to unveiling the tracker’s owner? We’ll break that down into 4 detailed steps shortly. Consider this your roadmap to clarity and resolution. We’ll dive into each step, ensuring you have all the information to navigate this challenge confidently.

4 Easy Steps To Find Out Who Put A GPS Tracker On Your Car

Finding out who placed a GPS tracker on your car can be a daunting task, but following these 4 easy steps might help you uncover the truth:

1. Check The GPS Tracker For A Serial Number

The first step is to examine the mini GPS tracker for a serial number or any identifying marks such as a brand name or logo. Can you locate the serial number? If so, jot it down, as it will be crucial in tracing the device back to its owner. A serial number on a GPS tracker typically appears as a unique combination of letters and numbers, often located on a label or directly imprinted on the device’s surface. This alphanumeric code is the tracker’s distinct identifier, setting it apart from other units.

2. Look On Amazon To Find Out The Brand Name Of The Car Tracker

Now that you have the serial number, it’s time to identify the brand of the GPS vehicle tracker. Search on Amazon or other online marketplaces to find devices that match your tracker’s description. Have you found the brand? Great, you’re one step closer to finding the owner.

3. Contact The GPS Manufacturer Of The Device Or Any Resellers Who Might Have More Information On The Buyer

With the brand name and serial number in hand, reach out to the manufacturer or any resellers who might have information about the GPS tracker for car. Explain your situation and ask if they can provide any assistance in tracking the device’s purchaser. Remember, cooperation may vary between companies as their customer is the person who put the tracking system on your car. And why does that matter? Because that customer (your stalker) can be protected by the company’s privacy policy.

4. Give The Manufacturer The Serial Number Of The Device And Find Out Who Purchased The GPS Device

Provide the manufacturer with the serial number of the GPS tracking device and request the purchaser’s information. Keep in mind that they might require a warrant or subpoena before disclosing any information. Are they willing to help? If so, you’re on your way to finding out who put the GPS tracker on your car. However, if the manufacturer is unable to disclose the purchaser’s information due to privacy concerns, your next step would be to involve law enforcement. The police can legally acquire this information through the necessary legal processes.

Conclusion: Remember, unauthorized GPS tracking is a serious matter, and it’s essential to prioritize your safety and the legality of your actions. In some cases, seeking assistance from law enforcement or a legal professional might be necessary, especially if the person who placed the tracker did so without the consent of the owner. Stay vigilant, and good luck in your quest to uncover the truth! And if you suspect you are being unlawfully tracked please contact your local law enforcement agency!

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Would Want To Secretly Track My Vehicle And Why?

Various individuals or entities may want to track your vehicle using GPS monitoring devices, such as law enforcement agencies, private investigators, or jealous partners. Their motives can range from location tracking and asset tracking to surveillance, theft prevention, or fleet tracking. Wireless GPS trackers, like car GPS or motorcycle GPS tracker devices, use global positioning system (GPS) technologies to provide real-time location data.

How Would Someone Install A GPS Tracker On My Car?

The truth is, monitoring devices are designed to be covert so they can oftentimes be difficult to locate on a vehicle. Typically, a person who wants to secretly track your vehicle will attach a GPS tracker, like a car GPS or truck GPS tracker, to a hidden yet accessible part of your vehicle. These places include the undercarriage, wheel well, or behind the bumper. More advanced trackers can even be integrated into your vehicle’s electrical system, utilizing the power of GPS technologies to provide realtime GPS tracking and monitoring systems.

You can learn more about the best places to hide a GPS monitoring system on a car by clicking here.

Where Can Someone Purchase GPS Units Or GPS Scanners?

GPS trackers and GPS scanner devices can be bought at various retailers, both online and in-store. For example, websites like Amazon or specialized online security stores like BrickHouse Security offer a wide range of GPS monitoring tools for businesses and consumers. Some of these surveillance products include motorcycle GPS trackers, truck GPS trackers, and fleet GPS tracker options. You can also find devices like hidden cameras, dash cams, and GPS detection devices for personal security.

When Should I Be Concerned About Unauthorized GPS Tracking?

If you suspect any unauthorized GPS tracking you should be concerned. Why? Placing a GPS device on someone’s car without their consent can be a violation of privacy rights. If you suspect unauthorized GPS tracking, you should strongly consider reaching out to local law enforcement, a private investigator, or an attorney for legal advice to address the situation. Please keep in mind, your employer can legally use GPS fleet tracking devices to protect company vehicles from theft.

What Can I Do If I Find A GPS Tracker Hidden On My Vehicle?

If you find a GPS tracker on your vehicle, document the device and its location with photos, and consider contacting law enforcement or a legal professional for guidance. Tracing the GPS tracker to its owner might be possible through electronic means, such as checking devices’ serial numbers or contacting the manufacturer of the monitoring systems. If you feel lost or overwhelmed, consider hiring a professional to help you remove the tracking device.

Is It Legal For Someone To Place A GPS Tracker On My Car?

No, it’s not legal for someone to place a GPS tracker on your car without consent. Laws typically prohibit such actions without the vehicle owner’s permission. If you’re the sole owner, tracking your car is an invasion of privacy. You have the right to remove the device. Consult legal counsel if you suspect illegal tracking.

How Can I Protect My Car From Future Unauthorized GPS Tracking?

Start by routinely checking your car. Look for unusual objects in common hiding spots like the wheel wells or undercarriage. Consider installing a dash cam that records when your car is motionless. It can capture anyone tampering with your vehicle. For added peace of mind, invest in a GPS detector. They can help you spot unwelcome devices.

For more information on what a GPS tracking device looks like please CLICK HERE!

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