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GPS Tracker Customer Review

Recorded Trip

We did a RV trip from San Diego to Zion National Park, Jackson Hole, through Idaho and down the California Coast. Kept the mini live GPS tracker in the RV so our kids knew we were safe and could follow our adventure

Art P.

GPS Tracker Customer Review

No More Bullshit Lies

Around Thanksgiving time my husband began acting distant, refusing to go to family gatherings and blaming it on work. After a few weeks of showing this “avoiding” behavior I purchased SpaceHawk to find out the truth. As I suspected from my gut-feeling, he wasn’t working late, but rather meeting a woman for drinks at a Chili’s near his insurance office. A woman he originally met that worked at a golf course he and his “work buddies” frequented on weekends. Needless to say, he tried to lie about everything until I showed him the evidence from the tracker. Best part was it was legal and I heard from a mutual friend the waitress he was cheating on me with dumped him a couple weeks after I did. Now he is living back at his parents’ house. 43-year-old man living at his parents, Pathetic!

Chloe D

GPS Tracker Customer Review

Maintained During High Impact Accident

I cannot give a high enough review of this product. My daughter was t-boned by another driver and thanks to this device I was able to locate my daughter without her giving me direction. The device stayed in place despite this high impact accident! Thank you for making such a high-quality product.

Dana W

GPS Tracker Customer Review

Tracking Device Works

I’m happy with my purchase. I haven’t had any problems with it, does what it’s supposed to. Read a lot about batteries not lasting, I can’t complain about how long they last (8-9 days). For the price it’s great, would recommend it. I took it out of the vehicle on a daily basis, very accurate. I applied it to the top inside of my trunk, no problem with tracking. Not real-time though.


New Jersey
GPS Tracker Customer Review

Wife Was Cheating

I used this on my wife Ashley’s Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S. Once she began taking more yoga classes and ignoring my text message I thought she was up to no good. Turns out I was right. Vehicle tracker was easy to hide being so small. Put it under the seat, and found out the truth. Since then, I started reading David Goggins and running Spartan races. Time to find a newer, better girl.

Rob W


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You deserve only the best when it comes to GPS tracking solutions, and that’s precisely where we come in. At Tracking System Direct, we’re committed to offering you unparalleled quality in unique GPS tracking systems, all at prices that respect your budget. Whether you’re in search of a real-time GPS tracker, or the very best hidden GPS tracker for your car, we’ve got you covered.

You’re not alone in this journey; our dedicated support agents are on standby 7 days a week, ensuring all your queries about no monthly fee GPS trackers, live GPS tracking devices, or dual dash cams for car surveillance are addressed. Why settle for anything less, when you can explore car and asset tracking devices that have been lauded as the best in the industry?

Trust in our expertise; with a history of award-winning live GPS trackers and fleet tracking products, our authority in the field is unparalleled. Let our team of experts be your guide, steering you toward the ideal GPS tracking system for cars, trucks, or personal safety. With Tracking System Direct by your side, you’re opting for extraordinary, function-driven solutions that consistently perform beyond industry standards. Your trust is our command, and ensuring your satisfaction is our mission.

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