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Careless Driving vs Dangerous Driving

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What’s The Difference Between Careless And Dangerous Driving?

Careless driving is not a criminal offense. Most of the time this kind of driving falls into traffic violations. In the eyes of the law, it is equivalent to mere negligence. This often leads to minor events and does not require license suspension most of the time. The mistake is not intentional but you are aware that it may happen. Things like driving when you are sleepy. When in fact, you could take a quick nap or have energy drinks that take up to 5 hours on average to wear off before driving. Somehow, it can ensure you’re wide awake on your way home.

Take note! If your capacity to drive at that very moment is below the standard of competent and careful driving, then you should expect future uncertainties to happen.

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Reckless and Careless: Understanding The Differences

Consider yourself a careless driver if you do one or more of the following. A competent and careful driver should always be mindful of these activities. Remember, the driving charge could hurt your personal expenses too. Here are 10 examples of reckless and careless driving:

  1. Driving too close without observing distance to another car
  2. Not stopping in red light by mistake
  3. Overtaking on the inside
  4. Driving even you feel as sleepy as a sloth
  5. Driving without a GPS car camera that can serve as your protection and security from other irresponsible motorists Flashing lights multiple times, repeatedly, to command other cars to give way
  6. Driving with other distractions like food and cigarette, stop for a minute and do your thing
  7. Over usage of the overtaking lane even unnecessary
  8. Flexing your full beam lights all the time
  9. Snail driving or sudden braking
  10. Driving without insurance

Dangerous driving is when it causes injury to a person or property causing death in some cases. Here are the things that directly contribute to death by dangerous driving:

  1. Texting and driving at the same time
  2. On the other hand, a quick call should only be attended if there are emergencies
  3. Aggressive driving, going too fast while ignoring the dangers
  4. Overtaking irresponsibly
  5. Not following the traffic lights, warnings, or signs intentionally
  6. Driving under the influence of drink or drugs.
  7. Drink driving is commonly the cause of minor up to severe injuries to many road users.
  8. Drug driving can also make you groggy, dizzy, and out of your mind.
  9. Driving even the car has a brake problem and others that you are aware of
  10. Driving when you have an injury that can affect your capacity to drive safely

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What’s Worse, Careless Driving or Reckless Driving?

Careless driving vs reckless driving is two of the most confusing topics for most motorists. The reality is engaging in either dangerous driving and careless driving can have life-altering consequences for you and other motorists. So you if you want to avoid driving offences and possible license suspensions you should try and avoid all of the above!

Is Reckless Driving a Major Violation?

Reckless driving is the one that is considered as a criminal offense that can cause car accidents and death. It involves the willful or wanton disregard for the safety of other people and properties. It happens when someone consciously violates a highway traffic act with impaired care and ignored due diligence. These driving actions are unacceptable by law. 

Jail time is just around the corner. When you drive recklessly, here comes dangerous driving charges, truck accidents, demerit points, and license suspension. You also need to have your own criminal lawyer who will assist you throughout your criminal defense, especially if there is criminal law video footage as the evidence.

Is Careless Driving a Major Violation?

Someone charged with careless driving has a lesser traffic offense. In general, it is not a major violation but it still depends on many circumstances. Careless driving is considered a civil traffic citation. If you are issued a careless driving ticket, you have 30-days to pay the same and request a formal traffic hearing. There are many other options too but before engaging in any transaction make sure to speak to your lawyer to avoid multiple costs.

Neither careless driving or reckless driving is good. Both of these can add penalty points to your records which may arise from speeding tickets, traffic tickets, and other driving tickets.

So it’s time to recap the top driving tips that can keep you safe on the road.

Top Safety Driving Tips

Assess Your Capacity to Drive: Check if you can still keep 100% of your attention while driving. You should not be under the influence of alcohol and dangerous drugs. If you feel sleepy or groggy, a possible road accident is just around the corner. You can check out this site for more tips on how you can stay awake while driving.

Be a Defensive Driver: Always assume that other motorists can do something crazy on the road. Be alert to avoid it. Be aware of those reckless drivers around you.

Speed and Distance: Whether the traffic is heavy or not, you need to focus on slowing down your speed most of the time and keep a proper distance. Overspeeding gives you less time to react in a bad road situation. It also has a great impact on the severity of future accidents.

Avoid Distractions: This is just a matter of discipline. You must avoid eating at all costs. If you are really hungry, you can just grab candy or chocolate. If you need to eat a full meal, urge yourself to stop for a moment. It is your duty as a responsible driver to never multitask while driving. Cellphones are for emergency purposes only. Also, you should turn on your music playlist or favorite radio station beforehand and not while you’re driving.

Never Miss a Road Sign: Sometimes there is a sudden shift in road signs. You should be mindful of them. Most of the time you should be in consideration for other road renovations too. There are certain circumstances where U-turn slots are closed for a moment. Other lanes and streets are sometimes closed because of changes in seasons such as during winter when most of the roads are unpassable. The difference between careless and reckless driving is more on criminal charges and other reasonable considerations of the law.

Safety Precautions: Wear your seat belt and follow the traffic lights all the time. This is the most basic safety tip for the drivers. Don’t forget to buckle up. Remember to use turn signals and hazards. Use light signals at least 2 seconds before making an action. In that way, other drivers can capture and interpret the signs. Check the breaks, engine, lights, and tires before going off the road.

If you don’t consider being mindful of these things, then you should start building a good attorney-client relationship. Expect to have a criminal record and to suffer death by dangerous driving. There is no need for any special reason to take care of your driving license. It is your due diligence as a responsible driver.