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GPS Asset Trackers

GPS Asset Tracking 

Asset tracking is the procedure through which the physical location and condition of any portable asset or equipment of a company can be monitored.

Asset tracking systems serve as a foundation for a stable and secure business by allowing a company to know where people and equipment are located 24/7. GPS fleet tracking makes it possible to locate one’s assets and equipment tracking even when they are kept in remote or inaccessible areas. With asset tracking software, these inventories can be tracked to either a person or a place. 

Benefits Of Asset Tracking

Asset management and tracking technology are very distinctive and often utilize some form of GPS tracking system. The tracking information and the live location of assets, equipment, and other inventories can be traced through the telematics technology of the tracking software. Benefits of GPS fleet tracking and asset management include text alerts when drivers are speeding, 24/7 digital asset locations, temperature monitoring, geofencing, and intuitive fleet management software that gives you the ability to track your assets instantly!

Asset management software helps businesses centralize their data and operate their essential assets wherever they want. With such centralized GPS tracking software, companies can gather data from their inventories and place them in a streamlined order to reduce inaccuracies and improve wealth management. This will enable the businesses to achieve complete asset visibility along with the GPS tags for equipment. Now, let’s take a closer look at the top companies that provide GPS asset tracking devices and find out which tracking platform ranks best! 

21 Best Asset Tracking and Management Companies 2023

Here we will compare some of the best inventory scanning software and GPS asset trackers in terms of their fleet management features to help businesses!

Tracking System Direct

The industry leader in vehicle GPS trackers and GPS fleet tracking technologies, Tracking System Direct offers a wide variety of solutions designed to boost driver safety or allow any company to track and trace assets. The companies’ line of real time GPS tracking devices gives consumers and businesses the ability to get the real time location of any vehicle or asset instantly from their mobile phone! 

Best Car GPS Tracker 2023

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

  1. Top Selling GPS Device With Magnet Mount
  2. Find Out Where Company Drivers Are Going
  3. Protect High-Value Equipment 
  4. Find Out The Truth


SpaceHawk is a real time GPS device with a waterproof casing and magnet mount designed to help businesses learn what drivers are really doing. Never wonder if your employees are speeding or if rental equipment will go missing! SpaceHawk is the top-rated vehicle tracker when it comes to getting an accurate GPS location and seeing assets moving in real time. Get the truth and learn why SpaceHawk is the most accurate, easy-to-use, and legal real time GPS tracking device on the market today! 

Truck GPS TrackerKeeptruckin – Now Motive

Keeptruckin is one of the industry’s largest companies providing asset tracking system solutions with some solid characteristics. Some of these include:

  • Their asset tracking devices can prevent burglaries by creating a virtual boundary around a geographical zone around yards.
  • The GPS device generates an emergency notification if a portable asset such as a vehicle goes into or exits an area’s preset boundaries.
  • Based on the mileage tracking, the software indicates the maintenance needs.
  • Compiling and analyzing detention reports is a must. These reports assist in identifying methods for lowering the expense of excessive dwell time.
  • Optimizes asset utilization via unpowered asset tracking solutions. 



The fleet management package of Samsara’s consists of asset tracking technology having the following features:

  • One of the differences between Samara and the company, as mentioned earlier, is that it shields the powered assets and the unpowered assets.
  • The safety of inaccessible assets is enhanced with Samsara.
  • In case of theft, they help to recapture the stolen equipment.
  • By the use of geofencing technology, the company blocks unauthorized access and theft eventually.
  • Their billing systems are accurate as they track engine utilization hours.
  • The location of all the assets data is gathered through a centralized database.


Asset Monitoring Solutions

With the fleet management system, AMS offers reliable asset management and tracking. Their peculiar features include:

  • It can be used to track everything, whether a non-powered asset or a plant machinery
  • Access to all your assets is provided through their central dashboard.
  • The dashboard shows a 24-hour status of the assets.
  • You can see the location and condition of your assets through any device connected with the internet.
  • A total of 500 latest events related to your assets can be shown.
  • The local and international data regarding the inventories can be displayed on the dashboard.


Rand McNally

The inventory tracker system of Rand McNally comprises the following features:

  • All the material assets such as containers, vehicles etc. are traced through trackers. 
  • It enables you to watch your vehicles as they change their location.
  • All the assets can be screened on a map.
  • When the material equipment enters or leaves the restricted location, the geofencing technology catches it.
  • Trackers powered by solar power ping the location after every half an hour if the motion is detected. This helps to conserve energy when the location is updated after every 24 hours.
  • The inventory trackers installation and usage process are effortless.
  • The asset tracking technology can run for ninety hours without recharging.



The company uses fleet solutions to offer asset tracking. Some of its systems features are:

  • Their software can locate your asset from anywhere in the region.
  • The trackers which are future-proofed are developed on the LTEN-network.
  • It provides real-time monitoring of the assets and equipment.
  • The installation of play-and-plug trackers is very simple.
  • The RFID trackers ping their location regularly.
  • The trackers come with a guarantee of 7 years.
  • From a renowned fleet and asset management company comes intelligent, customizable asset tracking.



The company offers its user an intelligent fleet telematics technology with the following characteristics:

  • The asset management software tracks mobile phone assets.
  • It provides the user with data on the performance of the asset.
  • The team with asset tracking intellect has over thirty years of experience.
  • The identification of utilization improvements can improve asset efficiency.
  • The constant accessibility of the inventory reduces the risk of theft.


Brickhouse Security

Known for its security solutions and hidden camera solutions, Brickhouse Security also offers various GPS devices that will allow you to track your assets 24/7. From equipment rental anti-theft devices to dash camera solutions for driver accountability, Brickhouse Security has you covered. The asset tracking technology of Brickhouse Security offers the following features:

  • The online inventory trackers allow for pinpointing the exact position of the asset or inventory.
  • The tracker provides a precise location without any cellular coverage.
  • When the asset, equipment, or inventory is altered, an instant alert is generated.
  • With RFID location tracking, small trackers with batteries can be used.
  • A wide range of asset trackers encompasses all sorts of tracking needs.


Linxup GPS

Linxup provides a multitude of features along with real-time GPS tracking:

  • It shows you the reallocation of your assets every second.
  • The company offers services at a very affordable and reasonable cost.
  • Heavy equipment such as graders, cranes, scrapers, and bulldozers can be tracked through equipment tracking software.
  • The trackers are resistant to weather and are long-lasting.
  • The tracking procedures for the asset-holding organization are straightforward.
  • From heavy equipment to small inventories, everything can be tracked.
  • Through their asset tracking solutions, marine vessels, as well as power tools, can be traced.



Azuga fleet GPS tracker technologies provide a form of fleet management solutions to offer the following features:

  • The tracking system helps to locate the equipment and the workforce of the association.
  • Asset maintenance and organization efficiency are enhanced.
  • Through geofencing, the asset monitoring software notifies when the asset leaves the specified area.
  • The trackers can last up to six months with the help of rechargeable batteries.
  • With customized battery-operated trackers, the battery life can last for 5 years with one battery.
  • The valuable assets are protected, and any unauthorized use is prevented.



The company uses an RFID asset tracking/ cloud-based GPS tracking system comprising the following characteristics:

  • Their technology can track forklifts, trailers, generators and more.
  • The tracker devices can be installed without any external accessories.
  • The tracker batteries are durable, with life lasting for months.
  • The devices are powered by batteries, solar energy, and hard-wired power.
  • The RFID asset tags can be used in any area on any asset.
  • RFID inventory tracking offers the most inclusive range of asset monitoring devices in the industry.


Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is USA’s one of the largest tracking solution providers. Some of their key features are:

  • Their asset tracking systems work on all sorts of high-worth equipment.
  • The assets and equipment can be tracked from anywhere.
  • Complete visibility of all the inventories is provided, enabling you to locate the venture-critical equipment whenever required.
  • To search on the dashboard easy, tag filtering with search facilities is offered.
  • The engine hours of heavy-duty equipment can be tracked.
  • The usage history of the equipment is displayed to examine how often your equipment is used.


Teletrac Navman

The asset inventory management solutions provided by the company include:

  • A streamlined system of asset management with a centralized database.
  • A cost-efficient solution.
  • With GPS inventory tracking software, non-powered and powered assets can be tracked.
  • The maintenance monitoring feature helps to evaluate and keep the equipment in a workable condition.
  • A notification is generated whenever the asset leaves a specified area through the geofencing technique.
  • For unique asset businesses, a customized tracking system can be built.



With the best asset management software, EROAD uses GPS tracking to provide the following highlights:

  • The assets’ exact location can be seen with the real-time visibility of the tracker.
  • Every battery can last for six months.
  • All the assets can be managed using only one screen.
  • The activity report of the equipment is displayed on the dashboard.
  • For the provision of accurate invoices and records, the exact time and location of inventories are provided with map geofences.
  • The complete fleet can be managed with HOS compliance.



The inventory scanning system of Automile provides the following features:

  • The accuracy of location is within 3 feet with real-time tracking.
  • Reports and alerts are generated if the device gets disconnected due to some mishap or intentional.
  • For different assets, different types of devices are available in terms of style and size.
  • The security of assets is guaranteed with 24-hour tracking.
  • The tracking system includes geofencing technology.
  • The Tracker mini, is small in size and can fit anywhere.
  • The devices contain not only rechargeable batteries but also an option for external power.


FleetLocate by Spireon

The equipment management software by FleetLocate offers the following features:

  • The provision of tools to track or manage the essential aspects of an asset.
  • The robust-analytic and real-time visibility of the asset.
  • Tracking of the inventories wherever they are present.
  • The data on whether the asset is used or not and their exact location.
  • Battery-operated and powered trackers.
  • GPS positioning is provided after every 10 minutes when the device is powered.


ClearPath GPS

ClearPath GPS is a company that specializes in GPS tracking devices. Real-time asset tracking is included in these GPS tracking solutions.

  • Assists you in making the best use of your assets in the field.
  • When theft is discovered, SMS text alerts are sent.
  • Tracking that is weatherproof and performs in the worst conditions.
  • Provides you with the tools you’ll need to make the most of your resources.
  • Provides detailed reports about the assets.
  • A notification after every 30 seconds is sent when the device is powered and after 10 minutes if it’s moving.


Coretex Asset GPS

Coretex’s innovative GPS tracking system allows them to provide high-quality asset tracking and management solutions. That tracking system is as follows:

  • With crucial fleet management data in one location, it helps you get the most out of your assets.
  • Utilizes Coretex’s reefer technology’s dependability, sophistication, and power management capabilities.
  • Improves productivity while reducing unused time.
  • Verifies that your valuables are safe and secure.
  • In the field, sends ABS/EBS trouble codes from trailers.
  • Allows you to use the internal battery and low power modes to use unpowered reporting capabilities for weeks or months.
  • It’s possible to add a solar panel for charging.
  • Covers technical data.


Zonar GPS Tracker Systems

Zonar Systems strongly emphasizes GPS asset tracking, which is accomplished via the ZTrack LTE trademark. It:

  • It is currently “the most durable, reliable, and user-friendly equipment tracker on the market”
  • It has been built to endure the elements in the outdoors.
  • It has a long-lasting battery life.
  • Instantly locates all of your assets, no matter where they are.
  • For more than 5 years, it has provided dependable equipment tracking.
  • Aids in the management of low-maintenance assets that are kept for lengthy periods.
  • Enhances the security of your assets, such as high-value gear.
  • When used in conjunction with the Zonar Systems dashboard, the web-based asset management interface delivers pinpoint information.


Pedigree Technologies

Pedigree technologies use GPS tracking combined with asset tracking for tracking purposes. They offer the following features:

  • The position, location, and condition of your inventories, assets, and equipment can be determined.
  • The fixed asset software’s allows you to track your movable and fixed assets easily.
  • All the data related to your assets can be accessed on a screen.
  • The assets can also be tracked through cellular or satellite tracking. Theft alarms are sent through email or messages for asset recovery and protection.
  • Allows you to set specified zones for your equipment by geofencing technology.
  • Comprehensive analytics are provided for the management of assets.


Mix Telematics

The company operates on a global level for the provision of tracking solutions:

  • In addition to vehicle tracking systems, the company provides a complex tracking system of non-vehicle assets.
  • It prevents theft and unauthorized use, thus helping with asset recovery.
  • Locates the exact position and how is the asset being used and lets the organization know.
  • Tracking technology that may be employed in several situations and on a variety of assets is used.
  • Trackers with a dedicated power supply are included.
  • Displays a chronology of asset utilization, events, and trip details.


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 If your company is in need of an electronic logging device or GPS system to provide location data in real time then we would encourage you to reach out to one of the above-mentioned real-time GPS tracking companies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GPS Asset Tracking?

GPS asset tracking is a process of monitoring and tracking the location of assets using GPS technology. It enables you to monitor the movement and condition of valuable assets, including cold chain products, high-value assets, vehicles, and equipment.

How Does GPS Asset Tracking Work?

GPS asset tracking devices use GPS technology to obtain the location data of assets and transmit it to a tracking platform. The tracking platform then displays the location data on a map in real-time, enabling you to monitor the assets’ movement and location.

What Types Of Assets Can Be Tracked Using GPS Asset Tracking Devices?

GPS asset tracking devices can track both powered and non-powered assets, including vehicles, trailers, containers, equipment, and rental equipment. They can also monitor cold chain products and temperature-sensitive assets using temperature sensors.

What Are Some Use Cases For GPS Asset Tracking?

GPS asset tracking can be used in various industries, such as construction, transportation, logistics, and healthcare. It can help manage fleets of vehicles, monitor the location and movement of expensive equipment and assets, and improve cold chain management.

What Is The Difference Between GPS Tracking For Vehicles And GPS Asset Tracking?

GPS tracking for vehicles focuses on monitoring and tracking the location and movement of vehicles, while GPS asset tracking extends to any valuable asset. GPS asset tracking can track assets that are not powered, such as containers or construction equipment, and monitor the condition of temperature-sensitive products during transport.

What Is The Role Of IoT And AI Dash Cams In GPS Asset Tracking?

IoT and AI dash cams are used to capture and transmit real-time data on driver behavior and road conditions, which can help improve driver safety and asset security. Integrating IoT and AI dash cams with GPS asset tracking devices can provide a comprehensive view of fleet and asset performance.

What Are The Benefits Of GPS Asset Tracking?

The benefits of GPS asset tracking include enhanced asset security, improved fuel management, real-time tracking of assets, and reduced operational costs. It also helps improve driver safety, asset utilization, and equipment management.

How Much Does GPS Asset Tracking Cost?

GPS asset trackers cost between $79.00 and $599.00, depending on the features. Typically, GPS asset tracking requires a monthly fee or annual contract for service. Some providers offer an ROI calculator to help you estimate the cost savings. 

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