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Is There a Dash Cam That Records Speed?

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Dash Cam With GPS and Speed Recording

Small businesses understand the importance of overseeing company vehicles with dash cams to make sure delivery times are accurate, employees are driving safely, and most importantly that if an automobile accident occurs that visual evidence will be available to prove driver claims. Some of the more popular dash cams for business include devices such as the Garmin Dash Cam Mini, Mio MiVue 766, and Nextbase Duo. Although the before-mentioned solutions have good user ratings, they are not considered the best dash cams of 2022 because they focus more on the video portion of surveillance. For companies wondering if there is a dash cam that records speed along with GPS tracking the answer comes in the form of a product called the DriveProof DP-210.


What Does GPS do on a Dash Cam?

One of the popular features of the DriveProof dash cam is that it provides accurate GPS tracking data that is stored on the memory card of the dash camera. But what exactly does GPS do on a dash cam and how can it help a business? Essentially, the GPS tracking feature of a dash cam acts as a data-logger, recording information second-by-second. The recorded information consists of speed, time en route, distance traveled, addresses arrived, and more. What makes the GPS tracking feature on a dash cam unique is the technology can help employers account for employees’ travels, whether it be for a business trip or day-to-day operations. The GPS will allow the employer to correctly calculate the mileage that was driven for tax purposes. However, one of the best features is that the GPS tracker in the dash cam will tell employers exactly how fast an employee was driving a company vehicle if they do unfortunately get in an automobile accident.

How Does the GPS Tracking In a Dash Camera Work?

The GPS tracking component in a dash camera works very similarly to most navigation GPS systems. How the GPS tracker works is it first obtains a signal from a network of satellites. The satellites then triangulate the position of the vehicle and begin calculating all driving-related data. This GPS tracking data is highly accurate, pinpointing a vehicle’s exact location within 6 feet, and storing the information on the memory card.

How Do I Use The GPS Tracker In a DP-210 Dash Camera

One of the simplest pieces of technology on the market to use, the DriveProof DP-210 dash camera was built and designed to be as user-friendly as possible. All a person has to do to begin using the car tracker is follow these 5 steps:

  1. Connect the dash camera to the vehicle’s power. 
  2. Let the vehicle GPS tracker record data for the amount of time desired.
  3. Remove the memory card from the dash cam.
  4. Download the data by inserting the memory card into a personal computer and begin reviewing the vehicle’s travel history!

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What Does the Dash Cam Data Look Like?

The data from the dash camera can be viewed through a few different methods. With these 3 methods, businesses can watch their recorded vehicle tracking data.

  1. Over a digitalized mapping program- This allows the user to watch the vehicle as it traveled in second-by-second time frames (Historical Playback).
  2. Activity Report- This allows the user to view the tracking data in a text format.
  3. Google Earth- A free downloadable program that provides the user an aesthetically pleasing way to view the GPS tracking data.

Monitor Employee Driving

What Are Your Employees Doing?

Ask any CEO or company manager and they will tell you that business is not as easy as it used to be. The impact of surging fuel costs combined with other factors has made it more difficult for businesses all across the board to stay afloat and sustain profitability. Although there are hurdles for every business, one technological tool is helping pro-active businesses reduce operating costs and boost staff efficiency. This is the dash camera with GPS tracking.

With profit margins being tighter and business being slower, companies no longer are afforded the luxury of ignoring their fleet management needs. “When the economy was healthy roughly five years ago, companies were not concerned with saving a few thousand dollars here or ten thousand dollars there”, explained a GPS business tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. “Companies were more concerned with having enough staff to meet the high customer demands, and therefore in-depth evaluation of company drivers and driving behaviors were oftentimes overlooked because most businesses felt that a bad employee was better than no employee at all.” Oh, have things changed so quickly? Eliminating internal wasteful spending and hiring employees that have quality character are now top priorities for businesses hoping to maintain steady operations while waiting to get past the current economic rough patch. Although the task of evaluating company drivers for productivity and efficiency used to be an arduous one, GPS tracking systems are making the process a whole lot easier!

Vehicle Management With Car Cameras

Many companies with mobile assets and company drivers may not realize it, but one of the simplest ways to enhance profit is through the process of slashing internal wasteful spending. One of the biggest expenditures companies have to deal with is maintenance of company vehicles and fuel charges, therefore an effective vehicle management strategy can pay instant dividends. By utilizing GPS vehicle tracking technology to assist in the overseeing and management of company drivers and mobile assets, fleet managers are able to uncover the following information:

1. Every Location A Company Driver Stopped

Knowing the addresses a driver arrived and departed from as well as how long the duration of each stop not only helps a business account for what a driver is doing while in the field but can also help a company in terms of improving routing that can directly enhance customer service.

2. How Fast An Employee Is Driving

Excessive speeding is an easy way to burn fuel, but speeding can also be a liability for a number of other reasons. If a driver frequently engages in the behavior of speeding they put more wear-and-tear on a vehicle, increase the odds of becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident, and more. Dash cams that record speed such as the DriveProof DP-210 dash cam system was designed not only to provide instant access to how fast a company driver is moving, but the unit can also provide detailed front and rear camera angles to determine if speeding resulted in a vehicle accident in a company vehicle.

3. Side Jobs

Many businesses, especially those in the construction field, have an ongoing issue with company personnel engaging in side work. Although side work is sometimes not completely prohibited by non-union businesses, no company would want their employee(s) conducting side work with company assets and company tools. Car tracking systems make it easy to identify if an employee is taking a company vehicle for the purpose of side work on the weekends or during company hours of operation.

Reduce Employee Misuse of Company Vehicle

Unfortunately, there is no recipe for the perfect way to start and maintain business operations, but every smart company understands the importance of cultivating growth while reducing or eliminating unnecessary expenses. Dash cams with GPS tracking that can record speed may not solve every problem a company has, but the surveillance technology certainly will increase accountability, fleet management, and employee productivity. That might be enough to reduce employee misuse of company vehicles and enhance driver efficiency all at the same time.