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GPS Trackers For Limos – Best For Your Limousine Fleet 2023

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Best Limo GPS 2023

  • Discover Everywhere Your Luxury Vehicles Go
  • Low-Cost GPS Fleet Solution With No Monthly Fee For A Year
  • Easy Plug-And-Play Limo GPS Tracking Device
  • GPS Fleet Tracker Updates Every 3 Seconds


Connect is the first GPS fleet tracking solution engineered for limousine businesses that want to know where their vehicles are 24/7. Simply connect the vehicle tracker to the limo’s OBD2 port and then utilize the free online GPS tracking software to see how fast your limos are going and everywhere they have been! Improve customer service, bust problem drivers, and enhance auto theft security. With the Connect limousine GPS, you will never have to worry about where your drivers are or what they are doing ever again!


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Limo Companies Find Success With GPS Tracking

GPS Tracker For Limo

Royal Ride Limousines, Los Angeles

Royal Ride Limousines, a Los Angeles-based company, faced challenges with fleet management, timely pickups, and customer satisfaction due to a lack of real-time tracking. To address these issues, they invested in GPS fleet tracking systems, which improved route optimization, driver accountability, and overall service quality. As a result, the company experienced increased customer satisfaction and streamlined operations.

Luxe Limos, Miami

Luxe Limos, a Miami-based limousine service, grappled with monitoring driver behavior, mileage, and overall performance. They implemented GPS vehicle tracker systems for their limousines to address these challenges. The real-time data collected by the GPS trackers allowed Luxe Limos to monitor driver performance and make data-driven decisions, leading to increased operational efficiency and better customer experiences.

Majestic Limousine, Houston

Majestic Limousine in Houston sought to improve its customer service by providing clients with real-time updates on limousine locations. By integrating ShareSpot technology into their GPS fleet tracking systems, the company allowed clients to track their limo’s location and share their experiences with friends and family. This innovative approach resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction and a positive impact on the company’s reputation.

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Limousine GPS Tracking Devices – OBD2 vs. Hardwired 

So you decided that now is the time to take your limousine fleet to the next level with GPS systems. Awesome! That is a great decision. But what type of limo GPS tracker should you invest in? When choosing a GPS tracker system for your limousine fleet, you have two options: hard-wired GPS trackers and OBD2 trackers. Hard-wired GPS trackers are installed directly into your limo’s 12-volts system, which means that they draw power from the limo itself. OBD2 trackers, on the other hand, are plugged into the OBD2 port in your limo. Let’s take a closer look at both types of vehicle tracking devices and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

Advantages of hard-wired GPS trackers:

  • They offer a more reliable connection to your limo
  • They are harder to detect and tamper with
  • They have a longer lifespan than OBD2 trackers

Disadvantages of hard-wired GPS trackers:

  • They require professional installation, which can be expensive
  • They may void your vehicle’s warranty if installed incorrectly
  • They can be difficult to remove and transfer to another limousine

Advantages of OBD2 GPS trackers:

  • They are easy to install and don’t require any special tools or professional installation
  • They can be easily removed and transferred to another vehicle
  • They are generally less expensive than hard-wired GPS trackers

Disadvantages of OBD2 GPS trackers:

  • They can be more easily detected and removed by thieves
  • They may not offer as reliable of a connection to your vehicle as hard-wired trackers
  • They may not work with older or non-OBD2-compliant vehicles

Luxury Car Theft Statistics 

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), luxury vehicles such as limousines are becoming more targeted by thieves in the United States. In fact, the NICB reported that nearly 6,000 luxury vehicles were stolen in the U.S. in 2019 alone. This highlights the need for advanced security measures, such as GPS tracking systems, to help protect valuable assets like limousines from theft. And how does GPS tracking help? GPS location technology is an effective way for limousine companies to keep track of their vehicles in real-time and prevent auto theft. With features such as geofencing, limo companies can get real time alerts the very second one of their vehicles is moved without authorization Pretty cool right? 


Will Installing GPS Trackers On My Limousine fFeet Help Reduce My Insurance Premiums?

Yes, it’s possible. Many insurance companies offer discounts to limo companies that have GPS fleet tracker solutions installed on their limo fleets. Why? Because GPS tracking provides an additional level of safety and security, which can reduce the risk of accidents and theft. You can speak to your insurance provider to see if they offer any discounts for vehicle tracking devices. 

How Can Limo GPS Tracking Benefit My Riders?

GPS tracking provides riders with real-time updates on the location of their limousine. This means they can track their ride and have a better understanding of when their chauffeur will arrive. From the perspective of the limousine business, GPS tracking devices can help you monitor driver behavior, speed, and route deviations. That way you know every limo driver is being safe when transporting your customers. 

What Are The Benefits Of GPS Tracking For My Limo Company?

GPS tracking can help increase the efficiency of your fleet management by providing real-time information on the location and performance of your limousines. This means you can make better decisions on route optimization, driver allocation, and maintenance schedules. Additionally, GPS tracking technology can help reduce costs by improving fuel efficiency and reducing downtime.

Can Limo GPS Tracking Help With Theft Prevention?

Yes, GPS tracking can help recover stolen limousines by providing real-time location information to the police if one of your vehicles is stolen. In fact, studies show that the best way for limousine companies to safely recover any stolen limos is with vehicle locators. And the best part? Real time vehicle tracking solutions can alert you the second your vehicle is moved without authorization or is being driven outside of designated areas. These email and SMS alerts can help your limo business take quick action to prevent theft.

Will GPS Tracking My Limo Fleet Be Expensive?

Absolutely not! GPS tracking devices are cost-effective solutions for limo companies that can cost as little as $269 for the vehicle locators and a full year of unlimited real time GPS data. Just make sure you work with a company that provides free technical support, warranty, and sales support if you ever have any questions about GPS satellite tracking your limo fleet.

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