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OBD2 GPS Tracker

Best OBD2 GPS Trackers For Cars – 7 Plug & Play Expert Choices For 2024

Are you looking for a fleet tracking solution for your small business but don’t know what option is best? We totally get it! There are a lot of vehicle tracking devices on the market, and finding the one best suited for your company can be a pain in the ass. That is the reason we created this list of the top GPS trackers for vehicles that connect to OBD ii ports. Why only GPS fleet trackers that connect to OBDii ports? Because GPS tracking devices that connect to the diagnostics port are widely considered the best solution for small businesses. Now, let’s explore what an OBD GPS tracker is, the benefits of real-time GPS for your business, and our picks for the best OBD-II GPS tracker devices for fleet management. 

Best Overall OBD GPS Tracker 2024

OBD2 tracker


  • Learn How Fast Your Employees Are Driving
  • The Only No Monthly Fee OBD Tracker – One Year Included 
  • GPS Tracker Location Updates Every 3 Seconds – Fastest On The Market 

Experience the best mini fleet tracking solution of 2024 with Connect! What makes Connect OBD-ii GPS tracker stand above Vyncs and MotoSafety vehicle tracking devices are the outstanding features. Some of these unique features include unlimited realtime GPS tracking for a year, a 3-second refresh rate on GPS tracker location, and one of the most intuitive free mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices. 

GPS Car Tracker

What Is An OBD Tracking Device?

An OBD tracking device is a real time GPS that connects to your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port, allowing it to gather information like your vehicle’s exact location, how fast it’s driving, and other diagnostic data. The mini OBD device can also send alerts for any unsafe driving activity, such as sudden stops, harsh braking, vehicle idling, or speeding. Small businesses typically invest in OBDii GPS tracker devices as a convenient and efficient way to keep track of their vehicle fleet and ensure their safety. The best part? With an OBDii GPS tracker, you can view all your fleet vehicles from a mobile app or web portal, that way you can easily view your vehicle’s location and performance anywhere, anytime!

Plug & Play – Best No Monthly Fee OBD2 Car GPS

OBD2 Tracker


Plug & Play is a fantastic OBD-ii tracker for car, truck, or any business vehicle you want to monitor. Why? The simple design allows you to easily connect the OBDii tracker to any of your family vehicles. Get lifetime access to historical driving activity, real time alerts if your teen is speeding, and always know what your family is doing! In fact, this no monthly fee OBD device was voted as the top security product for teen driving by GPS Tracking Review! Stop wondering if a teen or senior loved one is being safe. Find out the truth with this car GPS tracker! 

Product Highlights:

  • Real-time GPS | No Monthly Subscription Required For The First Year
  • Battery Life | Unlimited (OBD-II device)
  • Tracking Technology | 4G LTE + Satellite
  • Activation Fee |No
  • Dimensions | H: 2.50″ W: 1.89″ D: 0.96″





  • Compact GPS tracker

  • Real-time tracking

  • Discreet operation

  • Plug and play

  • No battery required

  • Connectivity: Web, SilverCloud App

  • Alerts: Text, email

  • Installation: OBD-II port

  • Usage: Vehicles, fleet

  • Battery: Not needed

As of 4/02/2024 

4.6 Stars | 4 Ratings



  • Easy plug-and-play installation.

  • No monthly fees for the first year.

  • Real-time GPS tracking with 4G LTE.

  • Unlimited battery life via OBD-II connection.

  • Compact size fits most vehicles easily.

  • Limited to vehicles with OBD-II ports.

  • May require a subscription after the first year.

  • No standalone battery, relies on vehicle power.

  • Not suitable for non-vehicular tracking needs.

Trackport By Brickhouse Security – Cheapest OBD2 GPS Tracker

Mini Portable GPS Device For Tracking Your Spouse

SpyTec GL300

  • Global 4G Coverage: Track across North America & worldwide (superior to AirTag).

  • Weatherproof & Magnetic: Securely attaches to vehicles, withstands any weather. 

  • Compact & Portable: Fits cars, trucks, kids, pets, boats, more - anti-theft or location tracker. 

What makes Trackport by Brickhouse Security one of the top OBDii trackers on this list? The answer is the cost! With a price of $23.95, this OBD GPS tracker is one of the cheapest products on Amazon. But don’t let the cost fool you into thinking that product is cheap. This is because, with an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon (January 25th, 2023), Trackport is also one of the top-rated GPS tracking devices! 

Trackport offers many popular features of other OBDii devices such as real-time location tracking, geofencing, historical playback, and alerts for speeding and excessive idling. 


  • Monthly Fee | $34.99
  • Dimensions | 2.2 x 2 x 1″ (55 x 50 x 25 mm)
  • Weight | 0.18 lb (80 g)





  • Compact & Portable

  • 4G Global Coverage

  • Weatherproof & Magnetic

  • Real-Time Tracking

  • Subscription-Based

  • Subscription from $22.95/month

  • Durable ABS Plastic Case

  • Real-Time Alerts & Geo-fencing

  • iOS & Android App

  • Worldwide Tracking Capability

As of 4/02/2024 

4.2 Stars | 5,230 Ratings



  • Compact design, easily portable for diverse tracking needs.

  • Global 4G coverage, effective in North America and worldwide.

  • Weatherproof magnetic case for durability and secure attachment.

  • Real-time tracking with geofence and speed alerts.

  • Review historical data with Time Machine feature.

  • Requires a subscription, starting at $22.95/month annually.

  • Monthly fee can be higher ($29.95) without annual plan.

  • Subscription necessary for mobile and desktop app access.

  • Primarily designed for vehicles; limited use for non-vehicular assets.

  • Continuous subscription needed for lifetime warranty benefits.

DAnte Edwards

Positive Review Review Date - December 4, 2023

This is a great tracker. My last motorcycle got stolen, so I bought a tracker for my new one, and this baby works very well. You can change so many settings, which gives you a realistic live feed of what your tracker is wearing. And the battery life is amazing!! Great product!!!


Negative Review - Review Date -  January 13, 2024

Deceptive marketing. It is not obvious that this tracker requires a $29.99 per month fee to even use the tracker. It is literally something any old Android phone can do for free as long as it is connected to power.

Read a complete review of Trackport GPS by CLICKING HERE

Bouncie 4G LTE – Amazon’s Choice For OBD Tracker

Amazon's Choice For OBD Tracker

Bouncie 4G LTE

  • Live Tracking: See your car's location every 15 seconds for ultimate peace of mind.

  • Crash Alerts: Get instant notifications if your car is involved in an accident.

  • No Hidden Costs: Pay just $9/month with no activation, hidden, or return fees.

What makes Bouncie unique from other GPS vehicle management devices on this list? The mobile app. This is because the Bouncie GPS tracker has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on the Apple store and a 4 out of 5-star rating on the Google Play store. This makes the Bouncie mobile app one of the highest-rated choices among real users!

This OBD-ii GPS tracker device relies on AT&T and T-Mobile coverage so in rural areas there could be weak or limited coverage. But overall, the realtime tracking system has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon for a reason. This is definitely a quality device for anyone who wants to track car activity and have access to geofencing and speed alert features. 

Product Highlights:

  • Dimensions | H 1.875 in. (4.76 cm), W 1.75 in. (4.44 cm) D 1.0 in. (2.5 cm)
  • Weight | 1.13 oz (32.1 g)
  • Monthly Subscription Fee | $8.00





  • Accident Notifications

  • Highly-Rated App

  • AT&T/T-Mobile Coverage

  • Real-Time Tracking

  • No Hidden Fees

  • $9 Monthly Service

  • Small Size: 1.875" x 1.75"

  • Lightweight: 1.13 oz

  • 15-Second Update Rate

  • Geofencing & Speed Alerts

As of 4/02/2024 

4.6 Stars | 5,292 Ratings



  • Real-time 15-second trip auto-refresh for accuracy.

  • Accident notification feature enhances safety.

  • No activation, hidden, or return fees.

  • Supports canceling the service anytime.

  • Compact dimensions (1.75 x 1.87 x 1 inches).

  • $9 monthly service fee required.

  • Coverage limited to North America (US, CN, MX).

  • Device weight is 1.28 ounces (may be bulky for some uses).

  • Requires a steady 4G LTE connection.

  • Specialized mainly for vehicles, less versatile for other assets.

Jason G

Positive Review Review Date - December 17, 2023

I bought this for my teen driver. I not only wanted to have the ability to track the vehicle, but I also loved the driving habit feature. This allows me to talk with my teen about different habits I notice and help them drive safer. I have had no issues at all with the unit. It connects easily, updates frequently, and provides detailed driving records. It’s a small price for peace of mind when you have a new driver. I highly recommend it to anyone about to put their child on the road.

Mr. L

Negative Review - Review Date - September 14, 2023

DO NOT BUY! The response is delayed. For example, when driving, the app does not notify you until a full minute or two later that the vehicle is moving. Also, I tried removing the unit while the vehicle was on, but the app did not detect it being tampered with and did not send me an alert. I have tried this numerous times, and it's the same every time. Also, support didn't help resolve anything; they just kept making excuses why it didn't work. I AMT A REFUND!

Read a complete review of Bouncie GPS tracker by CLICKING HERE

Vyncs GPS – Best Vehicle OBD GPS For Fault Codes

Best Vehicle OBD GPS For Fault Codes

Vyncs GPS

  • Real-Time Everywhere: See your vehicle's location live in USA & abroad (4G LTE & global SIM).

  • No Hidden Costs: One-time fee, $78.93 annual renewal, no monthly charges or activation fees.

  • Beyond Tracking: Get vehicle health alerts, fuel info, driver behavior reports, and more.

Vyncs GPS tracker is an Amazon Choice for GPS car tracker. Why? The GPS vehicle tracker provides you with real-time location tracking, so you can always know where your vehicle is. With this fleet tracker, you can set up both speed alerts and geo-fencing, that way you’ll be notified the very second your vehicle goes over a certain speed or leaves a designated area. Other customizable notifications, such as battery-low alerts, and engine on/off alerts can help you stay connected and informed about your vehicle’s location and activity from anywhere at any time.

What we like most about Vyncs GPS compared to other LTE GPS tracker solutions on this list is the roadside assistance feature. Vyncs Premium offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This service includes coverage for towing, lost key/lock-out assistance, winching, fuel delivery, and more. This saves money for businesses worried about keeping company vehicles secure. 

Product Highlights:

  • Dimensions | 0.9 x 1.9 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight | 2.2 ounces
  • SIM Card | Included T-Mobile (GSM)
  • Activation Fee | $39.99
  • Monthly Fee | Vyncs Basic $99.99 (Annually)





  • Real-time GPS tracking

  • OBD-II diagnostics

  • Driving behavior alerts

  • No external battery required

  • Global coverage

  • Update Frequency: 60 seconds

  • Activation Fee: $39.99 USD

  • Power: OBD-II port

  • Sleep Mode: Hourly updates

  • Subscription: 1 year included

As of 4/02/2024 

4.0 Stars | 7,133 Ratings



  • No monthly fee, one year of service included.

  • Real-time tracking with USA and international coverage.

  • Direct OBD-II port connection, no battery needed.

  • Access to vehicle diagnostics and maintenance alerts.

  • Indoor/Outdoor tracking for phones with Vyncs app.

  • One-time activation fee of $39.99.

  • Yearly renewal cost of $78.93 from second year.

  • Device only works in vehicles with OBD-II port.

  • Goes to sleep when ignition off, hourly updates.

  • May not track fuel level for all vehicles.


Positive Review Review Date - November 22, 2023

It has been a saving grace to address my 16-year-old son and his driving habits to keep him and everyone else safe. It tracks the driving route and records the speed of the route. It has been handy to check the exact location of the car. I renewed service just for the ease of location. Even though we have Life 360, he can turn on speed and location on that app. With the Vincs, he cannot turn it off. I was able to take the data to the insurance company and get a discount.


Negative Review - Review Date - September 9, 2023

Two to three times a week, the device would stop working, but placing a service ticket resulted in a response within two to three days. This is concerning for anyone who wants to keep track of their loved ones. My mother has started dementia and has asked me how to get home from where she is, and I cannot tell her because I don't know where she is half the time. This is a waste of money, and I need to find something more reliable.

Read a complete review of Vyncs GPS Tracker by CLICKING HERE

Kayo – Plugin GPS With 14-Day Free Trial 

Plugin GPS With 14-Day Free Trial


  • Works with Most Vehicles: Tracks gas & diesel cars, trucks, 1996 and newer (Ford, Chevy, etc.).

  • Real-Time Tracking & Insights: Know where your vehicles are, how they're driven, and their health anytime, anywhere.

  • Reduce Costs & Downtime: Prevent breakdowns, optimize routes, and improve driver behavior.

Kayo is an OBD2 car GPS device that is plugged into a vehicle’s diagnostic port to track its location and performance. The company is a newer brand so, unfortunately, there are not as many online reviews of the vehicle tracker. However, the tracking system does feature a clean smartphone app and a free 14-day trial. This will allow your business to access advanced features of the real-time GPS tracker such as geofencing, engine diagnostics, fuel efficiency, and driver speed. 

And what do we like most about Kayo OBD2 tracker? The Kayo lock feature. This can be activated by removing the black plastic key from the top of the device. Once engaged, it will secure the device onto the vehicle’s OBD-II port. To remove the device, the provided Kayo key can be inserted into the top of the device, releasing it from the OBD-II port.

Product Highlights:

  • Dimensions | ‎2.25 x 2.25 x 1 inches
  • Monthly Fee | $4.99





  • Wide Vehicle Compatibility

  • Real-Time Management

  • Instant Insights

  • Plug & Play

  • No Hidden Fees

  • $5/Month Membership

  • For 1996+ Vehicles

  • USA Coverage Only

  • No Special Hardware

  • Cancel Anytime

As of 4/02/2024 

4.4 Stars | 392 Ratings



  • Works with gasoline and diesel vehicles (1996+).

  • Instant vehicle data: GPS, maintenance, driver behavior.

  • Actionable insights for business planning and management.

  • Easy plug-and-play setup, no special hardware.

  • Affordable $5/vehicle per month, no activation fees.

  • Only offers coverage within the USA.

  • Monthly subscription required for full features.

  • May not be compatible with certain older vehicles.

  • Relies on smartphone app for functionality.

  • No mention of advanced security features.

Kha Yang

Positive Review Review Date - October 24, 2023

This tracker is one of the best I use for the price; it's well worth it. It has an accurate pin-point location. I have used many trackers before. Kayo is easy to install; it took me less than 10 minutes. I just purchased a vehicle and installed Kayo in it. 1 month later, the vehicle got stolen. Can you point out the exact location where the vehicle was left? I will be able to get my vehicle back in less than 6 hours. I would highly recommend it to my friends and family members.


Negative Review - Review Date - September 30, 2022

It never worked for me. I just said it was pending activation for days. I waited the two days for it to activate (it seems like a long time to wait when others are instant). I was also told they could not tell me what cell network it works on, which is a major red flag. I have to assume it's using some other technology than cellular to connect, which means it won't be as reliable as a cellular unit. There are lots of red flags here for uninstalling the app and sending it back.

Read customer reviews of Kayo OBDii GPS on the Apple app store by CLICKING HERE

MotoSafety – Best OBDii GPS For Teen Drivers

Best OBDii GPS For Tessn Drivers


  • 3-Country Coverage: Track vehicles across USA, Canada, and Mexico (North America).

  • Affordable Tracking: Just $25/month, no hidden fees or hassle.

  • No Batteries Needed: Power directly from your vehicle.

Imagine it’s Friday night, and your teenager has the car keys for the first time to go out with friends. The excitement is palpable, but so is your worry. Here’s where MotoSafety GPS Tracker steps in, transforming your concern into confidence. By plugging this device into your teen’s car, you not only see their real-time location but also set speed alerts and review their driving history. Basically, it’s like being in the passenger seat, ensuring they drive safely, without actually being there.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), teenagers are more likely than older drivers to make errors that lead to serious crashes. In fact, the risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among teens aged 16–19 than among any other age group. With MotoSafety, you can establish geofencing zones—like home or school—to receive alerts if your teen drives beyond these safe zones. This feature is particularly reassuring, ensuring your teen is exactly where they’re supposed to be, at the right times.

This technology doesn’t just monitor; it educates and fosters dialogue about safe driving habits between you and your teenager. By discussing the driving history and alerts, you’re not only keeping them safe but also teaching them responsibility and accountability on the road. MotoSafety provides more than just peace of mind; it offers a way to actively contribute to your teen’s driving safety in those critical first years behind the wheel.

Are they speeding? Are they going to house parties? If you want to know what your teen is doing, we recommend you learn more about the MotoSafety OBD-ii GPS tracker. 

Product Highlights:

  • Monthly Subscription | $25.00
  • Dimensions | 2.0″ x 1.8″ x 1″
  • Operating Temp | -22°F to +158°F





  • North America Coverage

  • Low Monthly Cost

  • No monthly fees

  • No Batteries Required

  • Family Safety Focus

  • $25/Month Subscription

  • USA, Canada, Mexico Compatible

  • Vehicle-Powered

  • Teen Safety Design

  • Developed with Experts Input

As of 4/02/2024 

3.8 Stars | 2,744 Ratings



  • Coverage across USA, Canada, and Mexico.

  • Flat $25/month fee, no extra charges.

  • No batteries needed, powered by vehicle.

  • Transparent pricing: device cost + monthly fee.

  • Developed with a focus on teen driving safety.

  • Limited to North America, no global tracking.

  • Monthly subscription necessary for functionality.

  • Dependent on vehicle's power source.

  • May not offer advanced fleet management features.

  • No mention of waterproof or rugged design.

Sean W

Positive Review Review Date - August 6, 2021

I was able to recover my vehicle from untrustworthy "friends" on more than one occasion. I think the app is trash except for the ability to see where your vehicle is on the go, especially for $25/mo. You need to use a PC to enter in details for the app.


Negative Review - Review Date - April 4, 2023

They charge a monthly fee; not only that, they emailed us two months ago and said our account got suspended. But after two months, they still charged us a monthly fee, even though they knew they had suspended our account and we did not use their service. Very bad customer service; you cannot call or reach anyone. They ignored me after I sent them emails.

Read user reviews of the MotoSafety app on the Apple Store by CLICKING HERE

Linxup – Vehicle OBD GPS For Fleet Management 

Vehicle OBD GPS For Fleet Management


  • Real-Time Tracking: Know your vehicles' location and status anytime, anywhere.

  • Reduced Costs: Optimize routes, save fuel, and prevent unauthorized use.

  • Improved Safety: Monitor speed, tampering, and driver behavior.

Linxup is real time GPS that was designed to help business owners track fleet vehicles. How? By giving you valuable insights into vehicle usage and driver behavior. Key features such as geofencing allow you to set boundaries for your vehicles, sending alerts if these limits are crossed, while speed alerts can inform you of any instances where vehicles exceed set speed limits, addressing safety concerns promptly.

According to findings from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, GPS tracking can significantly reduce idle times, with potential savings of up to 800 hours per vehicle annually. This is just one of the main reasons you should consider investing in an OBD tracking device. Beyond tracking location, Linxup offers the capability to monitor maintenance needs, assisting in the prevention of unexpected vehicle downtime. Keeping vehicles operational and reducing the likelihood of breakdowns are crucial for maintaining a smooth operation and meeting business objectives.

Incorporating an OBD2 tracker into your fleet management practices can aid in making informed decisions, enhancing operational efficiency, and promoting driver accountability. This tool provides a layer of visibility and control over fleet operations, supporting efforts to optimize resource use and maintain high standards of service and safety within your business.

Product Highlights:

Dimensions | 2.4″ x 2″ x 1.1″
OBD Connector | J1962
Network | 4G Cellular
Operating Temp | -22°F to +158°F
Coverage | US, Mexico, Canada





  • Real-Time Location Tracking

  • Easy Monitoring Anywhere

  • Leading GPS Technology

  • Cost-Efficient Management

  • No Contracts

  • $25/Month per Device

  • Long Battery Life

  • Worldwide Access

  • Speed & Tampering Alerts

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

As of 4/02/2024 

3.5 Stars | 752 Ratings 



  • Real-time tracking of company vehicles and fleets.

  • Accessible from anywhere globally via phone/tablet/computer.

  • Utilizes leading GPS technology for accuracy.

  • Helps optimize routes for cost-efficiency and safety.

  • Fixed monthly fee of $25 per device, no contracts.

  • Monthly subscription fee required for each device.

  • Limited to vehicle and fleet tracking applications.

  • No international tracking capabilities.

Brianna Scott

Positive Review Review Date - May 6, 2022

This product does exactly what it does! Very easy setup, very accurate, and I like that it doesn’t have to be charged; it can be left in the car. Love! Great price; it costs $18 for installation and $20 a month. I can't beat that!


Negative Review - Review Date - September 18, 2023

No support, no help. Just a terrible, unreliable company through and through. The tracker loses battery, and you are SOL. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Air tags are a way easier solution.

Read a complete review of LinxUp GPS fleet tracker by CLICKING HERE

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Key Features To Consider When Buying A Plug & Play GPS Car Tracker

Now that you know what options are available when it comes to buying an OBD2 tracker, what are the key features you should consider? The truth is you need to find the right balance between functionality, cost, and the specific needs of your vehicle or fleet. Whether you’re aiming to enhance vehicle security, monitor driving habits, or improve fleet management, understanding the key features is crucial. In the table below, we’ll outline the key features to consider when buying an OBD2 tracking device and explain why they’re important for making an informed decision.



Habitat Utilization Insights

Provides data on preferred habitats, feeding grounds, and migration patterns for conservation.

Social Interaction Analysis

Reveals group dynamics, mating behaviors, and social interactions to support kangaroo populations.

Climate Change Adaptation

Helps understand adaptations to climate change, including habitat and migration shifts.

Threat and Conflict Mitigation

Identifies risk areas from human activities, enabling targeted conflict reduction efforts.

Population Health Assessments

Estimates population sizes, monitors dispersal, and tracks disease for health management.

OBD-II Trackers vs Wireless GPS Devices: Which Is The Better Choice For Tracking Your Vehicles?

OBD2 GPS Tracker

The answer is it depends on your needs! The main benefit of an OBD-II tracker is that it can provide diagnostic information about the vehicle, such as engine trouble, fault codes, harsh braking, and vehicle idling. This data can be useful for fleet management and for monitoring the health of a vehicle. In contrast, a wireless GPS tracker can only provide location real-time and historical information about your automobile. Wireless GPS tracking devices won’t give you diagnostics info but they can be more versatile in terms of location tracking Why? Because they can easily be hidden on any asset, making them great for auto theft recovery, tracking trailers, and catching a cheating spouse.

How We Test & Evaluate GPS Products

We tested the car GPS trackers in this article through a two-step process. We first searched for top products on websites such as Amazon, RealTruck, and Advance Auto Parts, considering factors such as warranties, updates, technical support availability, customer ratings, and of course, prices. Next, our security experts ordered each car tracking device to see how it measured up to our standards, testing them on company vehicles in real-world conditions. 

Our team evaluated how easy each GPS app was to use, the accuracy of the real-time GPS tracking, and the overall design of the device. All tracking apps were accessed using iOS 16.3 on an iPhone 14 Pro. To ensure consistency and accuracy, we placed each of the OBD2 GPS trackers in the same testing vehicle and tracked them over a 24-hour period. 

We have over 12 years of experience testing security equipment from voice monitoring devices to magnetic GPS trackers. Our team of product testers thoroughly researches top products, unboxes and puts our hands on each component, and tests the items on real vehicles before making recommendations to readers. Our testing methodology is designed to provide our readers with accurate and unbiased information to make their purchase decisions. 

For any car GPS tracking questions, the security experts at Tracking System Direct can be reached toll-free, 7 days a week at 1-877-809-8544.

OBD2 GPS Trackers

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does An OBD2 GPS Tracker Work?

An OBD GPS tracker device works by utilizing its built-in internal antenna and GPS module to receive GPS signals and then pull power from your vehicle’s OBD port. Since it is connected to the OBD-II, the car tracker device will communicate with your automobile’s subsystems to gather diagnostic information such as fuel consumption data, harsh braking, and vehicle idling. This type of vehicle GPS comes equipped with a SIM card but does not have an internal battery backup. That means when your vehicle is shut off the car GPS tracker will stop working. 

Can I Get A Discount On My Insurance From Using GPS On My Business Vehicles?

Real-time vehicle tracking devices may qualify you for discounts on your automobile and business insurance. Why? Because when you monitor the real-time location of company vehicles they are likely to get in fewer accidents! We would encourage you to speak with your insurance provider directly to find out if any discounts are available before investing in a tracking device locator. 

Are OBD Trackers Any Good?

Absolutely! In fact, OBD trackers are a good option for any businesses that want to track a vehicle’s location and performance. The main advantage of this type of real-time GPS tracker is that it can be easily plugged into the OBD port. That means you don’t have to pay for any additional hardware or wiring for the vehicle tracker to be installed.

How Do I Detect An OBD-II Tracking Device On My Car?

If you believe an OBD2 tracker is on your vehicle, first look for a device plugged into the OBD-II port under the dashboard of your vehicle. If you aren’t sure where your OBD port is, consider investing in a GPS detector to scan for radio frequencies emitted by the tracking device.

OBD2 GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee – What Is The Best?

Plug & Play is a real time GPS that connects to your vehicle’s OBD2 port and does not require a monthly subscription. In fact, this vehicle tracker comes with a full year of real time tracking data and provides unlimited updates every 3 seconds (the fastest on the market among OBD2 GPS trackers).

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