Audio Recorder Pen

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Voice recorder to catch cheating spouse!

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Audio Recorder Pen

Hear What They Are Doing In The Car Or At Home

  • Hear Conversations In Your Car or Home
  • Quickly Find Out If A Partner or Spouse Is Cheating
  • Listen To Private Phone Conversations

Get The Truth You Deserve!

Is your spouse being secretive? Are you concerned your partner might be cheating on you? If you ever wanted to find out what someone is saying or doing in their car then there is no better product than this audio pen recorder!

People use pens for documentation purposes at office meetings, college lectures, and other personal appointments, but sometimes a pen needs to do more than simply drop some ink on paper. The Audio Recorder Pen will begin capturing voice & sound data with a simple touch of the pocket clip, providing an easy and user-friendly way to capture data. There are no little buttons or annoying lights to mess with! The voice-activated audio pen makes it easy to find out if a person is being unfaithful.

The Audio Recorder Pen was designed with a state-of-the-art microphone that was engineered with an automatic sensitivity control that will adjust accordingly to sounds that are either close or far away. The voice-recording device does not make any sounds, has no confusing buttons, and does not emit any light, making it completely undetectable!

voice recorder for cheating spouse

Audio Recorder Specifications & Tech Information:

  • 32 GB Capacity (save 199 recording files)
  • Recording Battery Life: Rec.12 Hours/Playback =8 Hours
  • Auto Recording Control Levels
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Low Battery LED Indicator Display
  • Dimensions: 5.5” L x 0.75” W x 0.5” H
  • Recording Modes: HQ, SP, LP
  • Wired Remote for easyPlay/Play Pause/Stop/Erase/FF/REW/ Mode/Hold/Volume
  • Auto Power

voice recorder pen

Why The Audio Recorder Pen Is For You

Get Evidence Your Partner Is Cheating!

Many digital voice recorders are complicated to operate, but the Audio Recorder Pen combines sophistication and simplicity when it comes to capturing voice data. All the user needs to do is push the clip down to start recording and push it up to stop the data-capturing process. Reviewing the data is as easy as recording data, as the user can either listen to voice recordings via the included earphone with remote control or transfer recorded files at a later time!

Another thing that makes this completely functional ballpoint pen and sound recorder special is that the device is much lighter and thinner than many other voice recording devices on the market, resulting in much clearer audio recording. Whether you are looking for a voice recorder to digitally document an important business meeting or class lecture, the Audio Recorder Pen will allow you to record and review every detail!

voice recorder pen

Product Includes:

  • Audio Recorder Pen
  • Audio Recorder Pen Instruction Guide
  • USB Charging/Downloading Cable
  • Wired Remote Controller
  • Earphone Set
  • 3 Ink Refills

Kokuji Digital Voice Recorder

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