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Enhancing Personal and Family Safety

Personal protection and safety have never been more important than they are today, but selecting the surveillance and security products available and necessary to enhance your family or business safety can sometimes be challenging. Whether you are looking for a home camera, covert spy camera, keystroke logger, voice recording device, GPS tracking system, memory card or some other security product, feel confident and secure knowing that the experts at Tracking System Direct are here to find the solution that is right for you!

Hidden Cameras:

Selecting A Spy Camera For Your Home Or Business

The very first thing people should identify prior to researching the many hidden camera systems available on the market is what will be the main goal of the security camera? Wireless cameras, web cams and motion sensor activated surveillance systems can all help you catch a thief, provide additional home or business security, document the activities of a babysitter or nanny and reveal if a significant other is being faithful. Once the user has discovered what it is they want to receive from a camera system they then have to begin looking at factors such as where will the security camera be placed, or figure out if the video data is going to be accessed live via wireless connection or recorded, stored and viewed at a later time. Here are the options users can select from:

Hard-Wired Security Camera

This form of home camera will have a video cable connecting to the camera and power outlet. Typically more cost-effective than a wireless camera, many people can get all of the video data they need from a system engineered in this fashion.

Wireless Camera System

A home or office security that provides much more flexibility than the hard-wired security camera option, wireless cameras are engineered with an internal transmitter that transmits video data wirelessly to a local receiver. The nearby receiver in turn is connected to a monitor or computer where live video footage can be watched.

Spy Camera System

Engineered with an internal DVR, spy camera are the ultimate covert monitoring solution. Data is recorded and stored upon a internal memory card, allowing the user to access video data at a later time. These cameras are often referred to as nanny cameras because of their ability to blend in flawlessly with the natural environment.

Whether you are in need of a camera system to catch a room mater snacking on your food late at night, document employees violating company policy, oversee the activity of a child or teen, document important company meetings or some other application, Tracking System Direct is here to help you select the surveillance system designed for your needs!

Personal Security

Home or spy camera devices can help a person document and record activity, but what if you need a different type of device to boost personal security? If personal safety and security is something you are concerned with, Tracking System Direct has you covered with our newest line of personal surveillance and protection products! These devices include:

Security Products

Powerful tasers and covert stun guns that will disable any potential attacker(s), providing the user with assurance and an added layer of self-defense and personal protection

Voice Recorders

High-powered and ultra-covert voice recording devices that will allow you to secretly gather information about your employees, neighbors or teenagers. Voice recognition technology that is self-activated will allow the user to access and document audio data without ever needing to be in the target location!

Keystroke Loggers

Ever wonder what your employees are doing on their computers during work hours? How about what your teen or preteen is doing on social networking sites such as Facebook? Could your partner be going to adult websites? Keystroke loggers and spy software offer users the most effective way to uncover any and all of the activity being conducted on a computer, from emails, online chats to websites visited.

GPS Tracking Systems

GPS tracking technology can provide any business, police agency, parent of a teen driver or person looking for a theft-recovery solution the ultimate way to uncover unknown driving activity. Utilized by both large and small businesses, government agencies such as the ATF, FEMA and DOJ, as well as concerned parents, GPS vehicle tracking technology will allow anyone to access where a driver has been, routes traveled, addresses arrived, addresses departed, speed driven, mileage driven and more. Even more impressive is the unique features real-time tracking solutions can offer, such as alerts via email or text message if a driver enters or leaves a certain pre-determined location(s).

Surveillance Solutions For You!

Tracking System Direct recognizes that everybody is different, and that a home security system for one person may not be the appropriate device for another person. We strive to find the home monitoring solutions and personal security devices that are perfect for your particular needs. If at anytime you have questions about any of our home cameras, spy cameras, security products, voice recorders, keystroke loggers or GPS trackers, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. The staff at Tracking System Direct pride themselves on being able to answer even the most unique questions regarding surveillance and home security.


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