Everlast GPS Tracker

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GPS Tracker Longest Battery Life (138 Days!)

Everlast Nano 138-Day Real Time GPS Tracker with Long Battery Life

The Longest Lasting Battery Powered 4G GPS TrackerMost Powerful Battery-Powered Magnet GPS Tracker


  • Is Your Spouse Being Faithful?
  • Are Your Drivers Driving Safely?
  • Could Your Teen Be Driving Dangerously Too Fast?

Are You Ready For Real Answers?

Everlast GPS tracker with magnet

Everlast GPS is the most powerful, mini, magnetic GPS tracker with extra-long battery life on the market today. This real time vehicle tracker was developed to identify reckless employees operating company automobiles, catch unfaithful partners, and bust teen drivers who are speeding before an accident occurs. What makes Everlast stand above the LandAirSea 54, Tracki and SpyTec GL300 trackers is the 138-Days of Live GPS Tracking! No other real time GPS tracker on the market has longer battery life!

Use your phone to track anyone, any time, in seconds, anywhere in the USA WITHOUT THEM EVER KNOWING! You don’t need any tech-experience to use Everlast Nano because our technical support specialists are available at no cost to guide you from start-to-finish! That way you can focus on getting the answers you deserve.

Stop worrying if your spouse is cheating. Find out if employees are telling the truth. NEVER lose another night of sleep thinking about where your teenager is located while out late at night.

Peace-of-Mind: Find it and the truth with Everlast GPS car tracker!


Longest Battery Life GPS

Best Long Battery Life GPS Tracking Device

138 Days Of Live GPS Tracking

The included 138-day extended battery and waterproof case give you the ability to secretly monitor any automobile without ever having to worry about battery life. In fact, Everlast Nano will give you approximately 6-months of accurate real time vehicle tracking. (1-hour per day drive time). By giving you pinpoint accurate real time updates as fast as every 5-seconds, Everlast Nano gives you the technology to quickly find out the truth!

  • Free Smartphone App:Instantly track a car from your iPhone or Android WITHOUT THEM EVER KNOWING!
  • Longest Battery Life: Approximately 138 days of real time tracking (one hour per day use).
  • Hide Under Any Car:Included waterproof case with magnet catches GPS signals that reflect off ground.
  • Real Time Alerts:Get ext messages if a driver is speeding, or leaves/enters any area.
  • Panic SOS Button: Send out for emergency help so your employees or children are always safe.
  • USA/Canada/Mexico: Secretly track a vehicleanywhere in North America! With4G cell coverage, never worry aboutlosing live GPS tracking service whether you’re traveling in Mexico, Canada or USA!

What Is The Size Of Everlast GPS Tracker?

Dimensions: 6.37″ x 4.75″ x 2.12″

GPS Trackers

Eduardo G
October 16, 2020
Tracked Jeep On Long Trip
I had to transport a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Atlanta to Miami and needed a wireless GPS tracker with super long battery. The device was a little bigger than I imagined but worked great. Just placed it under the jeep and tracked it 1200 miles there and back over 5 days. Awesome device if you need to track something for weeks or months.
Sage J
4stars rev
August 27, 2020
Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings
I didn’t want to buy a device like this but I was in a long-distance relationship and when I began getting this sick, gut-feeling about my partner, I bought it. Be ready for a sh*t storm because this GPS won’t lie, unlike my ex.
Heather H
January 06, 2021
Men Are Trash
I don’t understand why you would tell someone you want to be in a relationship then go behind their backs messaging random girls on Instagram!? Men are so freaking dumb. Over the holidays a few weeks ago I busted his butt with this device. Who goes out and tries to hook-up while you are visiting family on Christmas Eve?! Like Really?


Everlast GPS Has The Most Powerful Magnet For Covert GPS Tracking

gps tracker with long lasting battery
Easiest Live GPS TrackerTo Use

You don’t need a technical background to use Everlast Nano! All you need is a cellphone or computer and you have everything you need to start finding out the truth. Let our award-winning security experts answer your questions and help you get set-up.

best hidden gps tracker for car long battery life

All customer information is kept secure on encrypted servers that hidden your personal identity, only using the serial number of the tracker. That means if someone finds the live GPS tracker you never have to worry about them discovering where it came from!

Monthly Data Plans (Cancel Any Time With NO HASSLE!)

Save Money By Paying Quarterly Or Yearly!

GPS Tracker Data Plans

Service plans are paid monthly and we offer no-hassle cancellation. Whenever you are done using the Everlast Nano simply contact us and we can stop service. No termination fees of any kind! Reactivate whenever you are ready to track another vehicle!

FAQs about EverLast Nano GPS Tracker:

Can the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker be used for asset tracking?

Yes, the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker is perfect for asset tracking. Whether it’s vehicles, trailers, or other valuable assets, you can easily monitor their location.

Is the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker portable and easy to install?

Absolutely! The EverLast Nano GPS Tracker features a “slap-and-track” design, making installation hassle-free. That means you can easily attach the GPS tracker with long battery life on anything you want to monitor in real time!

Does the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker work on a cellular network?

Yes, the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker operates on a 4G cellular network, ensuring reliable and fast tracking across Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Can I track multiple vehicles or assets with the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker?

Yes, the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker is perfect for fleet tracking. You can monitor and manage multiple vehicles or assets from a single tracking platform.

Does the EverLast Nano GPS Tracker offer long battery life?

Absolutely! The EverLast Nano GPS Tracker comes with a built-in battery that lasts 15 days on standby. Additionally, the extended battery provides an extra 140 days of battery life for long-term tracking.

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