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Where Do Cops Put Tracking Devices on Cars?

Police GPS Tracking Devices

Law Enforcement Covert GPS Tracking

Anyone who has ever seen an old police movie can likely recall at least one moment or scene when the cop and his partner go on a stake-out. The two are usually an unlikely pair, one being a tough guy and the other being a goofball, but they team up to try and solve crime in their city. The cops go on these stake-outs in an effort to build evidence against suspects they believe are engaging in criminal activity. While waiting in their undercover squad car, the two cops sip on coffee and snack on donuts to pass the time, anticipating a moment when they will witness suspicious behavior and document the event. Although this form of surveillance has been a staple among police forces for many years, the high costs of overtime, the objectiveness of police accounts of the event(s) and potential dangers have resulted in police looking for alternative methods of gathering evidence. What police now utilize to conduct highly-sophisticated surveillance operations are GPS tracking systems that are capable of recording every stop a vehicle makes, addresses arrived, time en route and more, all while acquiring concrete/indisputable evidence.

GPS trackers may be more commonly associated with business fleet management, but most people might be surprised to know that surveillance GPS vehicle trackers are actually becoming most popular among police agencies. There are multiple reasons why so many police agencies are now investing in covert GPS trackers, but one of the main reasons is because the devices can conduct surveillance operations 24/7 without ever having to put a uniformed officer in danger. All a police officer needs to do is place a hidden GPS tracker to the belly of any target vehicle and the high-powered car tracking unit will do the rest! The car tracker will record second-by-second, documenting an assortment of vehicle driving activity. No costly overtime, no officers in danger and tons of valuable data that can be used in a court of law.

Other popular locations where cops put tracking devices on cars include:

  1. Underneath a truck or vehicle (attached with a magnet)
  2. Installed to the 12-volt system
  3. Under a seat
  4. Plugged into the OBD2 port
  5. Inside the vehicle glovebox

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GPS Tracking Devices: How Easy Are They To Use?

Cops have access to numerous GPS car tracking units that can be magnetically attached to the frame or outside of any target vehicle, making it easy for police to covertly track a vehicle. Car trackers are motion-activated and will only record driving activity when the target vehicle moves, increasing battery life. Once the GPS data is recorded and ready to be reviewed, cops must retrieve the tracker and connect the system to a computer via USB port. Online software is then used to plot GPS data over a mapping program. All law enforcement covert GPS tracking systems and software are extremely user-friendly, but any police agency with additional questions can always contact a surveillance expert for a more detailed explanation of anything.

Best GPS For Law Enforcement

SpaceHawk GPSWhether you are a private investigator or police department, having a hidden GPS tracker that is small in size and easy to use is essential. However, finding such a device, and one that operates in real-time, is not such an easy task. This is because many of the live GPS tracking systems on the market require police to permanently install the surveillance tracker, or set-up some form of external antenna that can be clumsy and time-consuming. This is not an ideal situation, considering most law enforcement agencies demand a solution that is small in size, and that can easily be hidden inside the glove box, under the seat or in some other location of a target vehicle. Thankfully, there is now a simple solution to this common desire, and that solution is a real-time monitoring system known as SpaceHawk GPS.

The SpaceHawk GPS tracking system is one of the few GPS security products that can literally do it all when it comes to finding out what a suspect, employee or someone else is really up to. Roughly the size of a cellular phone, the live GPS auto tracker can easily fit in the palm of a person’s hand, making it perfect for those in search of a small and compact monitoring device. The tracker also is completely unlike GPS navigation systems in the sense that the device does not need an optimum line of sight to the sky in order to acquire satellite signals! Since the engineers who developed this tracker understood very well that most people would be conducting investigations and surveillance with this device in a covert style, years were spent engineering a GPS antenna that was sensitive enough to capture GPS signals in places most people would think was not possible! These placement locations include:

  • Underneath the passenger/driver seat of a target vehicle
  • Inside of the glove box of the target vehicle (Does anybody really ever put their gloves in that compartment, or carry gloves for that matter?)
  • Inside the center console of a target vehicle
  • Underneath the vehicle (SpaceHawk GPS with a magnetic mount and waterproof housing that makes it easy for a user to simply slap the tracker to the outside of a target vehicle. This is an additional accessory).

What also makes the law enforcement GPS tracking system so unique is that the antenna was designed internally into the housing of the device, eliminating the need for an external antenna set-up, or permanent installation by an audio/alarm business. However, for police agencies not interested in using the device as a portable solution, a hard-wire kit is available as an accessory. The hard-wire kit accessory is perfect for police who want to track a suspect for the long-term without having to worry about the tracker running low on battery life.

Whether the police are tracking a suspect or simply trying to improve vehicle management of a police cruiser fleet, having a portable hidden GPS tracker will only help in their quest to gain accurate and reliable information regarding driving activity. No other device on the market has the power to meet the professional-grade standards of law enforcement tracking while offering simple, easy-to-operate online software like SpaceHawk GPS.