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Tracking System Direct Passive GPS Devices

Riverside, CA – January 3rd 2013- Tracking System Direct, a leading GPS vehicle management company, has introduced two new portable GPS automotive trackers ideal for covert monitoring : GPS Tracking Key and the Flashback GPS.


At just 3.80″ x 1.46″ x 1.34″ the micro-sized Tracking Key is the perfect system for any stealthy or covert monitoring operations. The GPS device can be utilized to determine employee route selection, teenage driving activity and more . It even has a built-in USB drive for simple plug and play download. However, the best thing about GPS Tracking Key is that the vehicle tracker is affordable enough for small businesses and everyday families with a retail cost of $149.00.

Flashback GPS is one of the most power efficient vehicle monitoring systems the industry has to offer. Providing users with over 100 hours of movement memory record time, the device is ideal for long-term monitoring and surveillance applications. Flashback GPS also was engineered with the ultimate antenna design, making the GPS data logger capable of operating in impaired environments with little or no clear like of sight to the sky, including inside of skyscrapers, on the outside of shipping or cargo containers, and even covertly placed underneath automobiles.

“All of our fleet tracking experts could not be more pleased with these latest Tracking System Direct offerings. We have had businesses and police departments already remark that the tracker devices have paid for themselves within days of using the vehicle management units,” said Ryan Horban, a representative for the online GPS company. “Both of these passive devices are very user friendly, with easy to navigate software. The systems are configured to begin tracking directly out of the package, and of course dedicated technical support is always available 24/7 at no cost for those who have questions!”

Both the Tracking Key and and the Flashback GPS can be used to monitor route selection, vehicle activity, as well as for keeping a watchful eye on newly licensed teenage drivers or senior relatives that may be engaging in problematic driving habits.

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About Tracking System Direct:

Tracking System Direct has offices in Southern California and is a Location Based Service Company (LBS) dedicated to offering the latest in GPS vehicle monitoring technology. The GPS tracking systems company offers wireless location products and services for companies, law enforcement agencies, and families with personal safety needs. The  company provides solutions for those seeking GPS car tracking, fleet management, vehicle monitoring and more.