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Secretly Track A Car

Best Way To Secretly Track A Vehicle – 3 Easy Steps Anyone Can Follow!

Do you suspect your husband or wife might be having an affair and want find out the truth? For example, is your wife is being distant or husband is a pathological liar? The truth is, if your wife is always on her phone or your husband is always on his phone, there could be infidelity. This is the very reason why people who suspect infidelity are using spouse GPS tracking devices to secretly track a car. Now, let’s go over everything you need to know about vehicle surveillance and learn why cheaters hate this technology! And more importantly, how you can secretly track any car in 3 easy steps. Here are those three easy steps:

Choose A Hidden GPS Car Tracker

If you want to secretly track a car, first you need to invest in a portable GPS. What you want is a device that is small, wireless, and built with a strong surface magnet. This way, you have the option to hide the tracker inside or outside the vehicle. Here is our recommendation:

SpaceHawk Spouse Tracker

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car


  • Find Out If Your Spouse Is Lying
  • Discover Everywhere They Go (Addresses Included)
  • Nearly Undetectable
  • 100% Legal Hidden GPS Tracker 
  • Get Answers


SpaceHawk GPS is the most accurate, compact, and user-friendly hidden GPS tracker ever invented. In fact, it’s designed specifically to bust teen drivers speeding, employees who are driving recklessly, and cheating spouses! 

If you believe your partner might be cheating and want to discover what is really going on then SpaceHawk can help you discover the truth. Small, waterproof, and engineered with a magnet, SpaceHawk is a spouse tracker that will get you answers ASAP. How? By telling you every location your partner has been, how long they were at each spot, and even provide the physical address! Yes, this live GPS is that powerful! In fact, there is no better way to secretly track a car and discover and the truth!


Place A GPS Vehicle Tracker Inside Or Under The Car

Okay, now you found the tracker best suited for your personal investigation. The next step to secretly track is to install the device discreetly, preferably in an area where it won’t be easily detected, such as underneath the vehicle. Or, you can hide the tracking device in a location inside the car where a driver won’t find it such as under a seat, in the glove box, or maybe even a speaker compartment.

Under The Car

GPS Under Car

Under the car is a great location to hide a GPS device because it is easily accessible and the driver won’t see the tracker. However, first make sure you choose a tracking system that is waterproof, wireless, and designed with a strong magnet mount. Again, this is why we recommend SpaceHawk.

Inside The Car

Secretly Track Car

Inside the car is the place you can hide the vehicle tracker. Yes, the inside of the automobile won’t be as covert as under the car, but there are places you can successfully hide the tracking device without the driver knowing. For example, under the passenger seat, in the glove box, or stuffed under a seat in the back. Finally, just be mindful to keep the GPS car tracker in a location that is not visible to the driver.

Track The Car In Real-Time On Your Mobile Phone Or Computer

SpaceHawk GS Tracker GIF

Once the GPS tracker is in place, you can track the car’s movements in real-time on your mobile phone or computer. With a reliable GPS tracker like SpaceHawk, you can find out everywhere the vehicle has been, including specific locations, routes taken, and travel times.

By following these three easy steps, you can keep track of a vehicle’s movements and gain valuable insights into its whereabouts, whether you’re monitoring a fleet of vehicles or keeping an eye on a family member’s driving habits.

If you want to secretly track a car but are worried the technology might be too difficult to use don’t worry. Why? Because most companies who sell tracking devices for cars offer free technical support. Pretty cool right? These people can help you with setup, usage, and other questions to help you secretly track a car. Whether you need help with installation or troubleshooting, technical support can provide the guidance and expertise needed to get started. That way, you can be your own private investigator and get the answers you need! 

For a detailed review of the 7 best spouse GPS trackers please CLICK HERE!

TLDR: Tracking Someone’s Car Without Their Knowledge

Can you can secretly track someone’s car without them knowing with real time GPS? The short answer is yes! How? Let us explain. First of all, real time GPS trackers are very small in size. Therefore, car tracker devices can easily be hidden in an automobile’s glove box, under a seat, or even under the vehicle itself. In fact, hidden GPS trackers are often very difficult to locate by a driver due to vehicle tracking devices being small, covert, and wireless. Once attached to the vehicle, it is very easy to secretly track a car from your Android device, iPhone, or computer. This is the reason why many people who want to catch a cheating spouse call upon hidden GPS tracking device technology.

Best Way To Secretly Track A Vehicle
Best Way To Secretly Track A Vehicle

Top 5 Hidden Tracking Devices To Secretly Track Car

So, you believe your husband or wife might be cheating and have. You have also decided you want to find out the truth by secretly tracking their automobile the next step is investing in a tracker. But what is the best hidden GPS tracking device for vehicles? According to tech review sites such as GPS Tracking Review, the best GPS device for secretly tracking a car and busting a cheating wife or husband is SpaceHawk GPS. In this section, we will take a closer look at all the best real-time GPS trackers to secretly track cars and catch cheaters!

SpaceHawk Real Time GPS – Best To Secretly Track A Car

GPS Tracker For Car


Key Features

  • Personal GPS Tracking: Designed for tracking people, vehicles, and assets with a user-friendly application control method.
  • Compact and Waterproof: Ultra-compact design, 100% waterproof, and equipped with a super-strength built-in magnet.
  • Versatile Attachment Options: Easily attaches to vehicles, fits in small pockets, and can be discretely hidden in backpacks, cases, or purses.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Mapping: Offers tracking and mapping in real-time using web-based software or the SilverCloud App, compatible with Google Maps.
  • Alerts and Features: Provides text and email alerts, geofencing, vehicle tracking, location reporting, and historical playback; also dustproof with an internal magnet for secure placement.

The only car GPS tracking device on this list that was designed specifically to catch cheaters, SpaceHawk is widely regarded as one of the most user-friendly location trackers. Special features of SpaceHawk include complete location history (including exact addresses a person went to), waterproof housing, and an ultra-powerful magnet. Yes, this vehicle GPS is super powerful! Oh, let’s not forget, a sophisticated motion sensor feature that puts the car GPS tracker into sleep mode. This means the GPS locator can’t be picked up by a bug detector or bug sweepers. Yes, SpaceHawk is the best overall real time GPS for secretly tracking any car!

Read what real customers had to say about the SpaceHawk GPS tracker below:

SpaceHawk GPS Customer Review

Tracki – Best For Tracking Pets & Personal Items

Golf Cart GPS Tracker


Key Features

  • Global Real-Time Tracking: Offers unlimited distance tracking with 4G LTE and multi-band technology, including an international SIM card for full USA and worldwide coverage.
  • Compact and Versatile: Small and lightweight (1.8×1.6×0.7 inches, 1.26 oz), suitable for tracking vehicles, people, and assets; comes with various attachments like a magnet, silicone cover, and key ring.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Battery life ranges from 2-5 days with frequent updates to 60 days in battery saver mode; optional extended battery available.
  • Advanced Tracking: Utilizes GPS, Wi-Fi, and GSM for accurate tracking; features live map tracking, geo-fence alerts, SOS, low-battery, and speed alerts.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Easy to set up and use with a dedicated mobile and web app; includes a lifetime warranty for lost or damaged devices, and offers various tracking modes and alerts.

With approximately 25,000 online reviews on Amazon Tracki is easily one of the top-selling car tracking device solutions. With a price tag of only $18.88, Tracki is also the most affordable device for tracking your car. However, data is not easily observed via a mobile device and the technical support has a 24-hour delay time which can be frustrating. Affordable, yes. But overall, Tracki isn’t what we would recommend for asset tracking.

Read what real customers had to say about the Tracki GPS below:

GPS tracking review

Vyncs GPS Tracker – Best For OBD2

Vyncs OBD2 GPS Tracker


Key Features

  • No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker: 4G LTE vehicle tracker with a one-time activation fee of $39.99, including 1 year of service. Second-year renewal at $78.93 with no activation fee. Offers real-time tracking in the USA and internationally with a SIM card included.
  • Direct Vehicle Connection: Plugs into the OBD-II port of vehicles, tracking cars, trucks, and small fleets without needing a battery. Includes features like vehicle diagnostics, fuel economy, and maintenance alerts.
  • Advanced Tracking Features: Provides real-time location updates every minute, sleep mode when the ignition is off, and an option for shared accounts. Geofence zones, speed, and driving behavior alerts are available.
  • User-Friendly Interface: View trips and routes on a map, set zones, and receive notifications. Monitors vehicle health, including fault codes and battery voltage. Tamper alerts are issued if the device is unplugged.
  • Global Support and Reliability: Ultra-fast 4G LTE device with positive reviews and global support in over 200 countries. Vyncs Fleet offers advanced monitoring for larger fleets.

What separates Vyncs tracking systems from other devices on this list is that Vyncs is a complete fleet management solution. Vyncs will tell you the exact location of your car along with other valuable fleet tracking data such as fuel consumption while also providing you a theft recovery solution. The one weakness of Vyncs is that you have to install GPS to the OBD2 port, which means there is no flexibility in terms of where you can hide the tracker on your car. Before using Vyncs GPS to locate a vehicle, consider that it can be easily detected with a simple interior inspection. Therefore, a suspicious partner trying to hide their infidelity may discover it, so weigh the risks and benefits beforehand.

Read what real customers had to say about Vyncs GPS below:

Vyncs GPS Review

SpyTec GL300 – Best Pocket Sized GPS

SpyTec GL300 GPS


Key Features

  • Portable Design: Compact GPS tracker suitable for cars, kids, trucks, boats, RVs, and more.
  • Global 4G Coverage: Offers worldwide tracking capability, with a user-friendly app available on iOS and Android for real-time monitoring.
  • Rechargeable and Customizable: The GL300 mini tracker has adjustable update frequencies for extended battery life, lasting up to 13 days.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Geo-Fencing: Provides instant notifications for boundary breaches and speed limits, plus historical tracking with the Time Machine feature.
  • Subscription-Based: Requires a subscription for full functionality, starting at $22.95/month annually, with 24/7 support and a lifetime warranty on active annual plans.

If you are looking to be your private investigator by using a GPS tracker for car that also has great reviews, SpyTec is a solid choice. If so, you need to learn more about SpyTec locator tracking devices. Why? SpyTec GL300 can be purchased on Amazon for approximately $39.00 and used for child safety, hiking, or secretly tracking a car’s location. Oh, and you can view this live GPS data right from your mobile device. The tracking apps’ features are nowhere near as clean or intuitive as SpaceHawk, but overall SpyTec real time GPS is a solid product.

Read what real customers had to say about SpyTec GL300 below:

SpyTecGL300 Amazon Review

Spark Nano 7 – Best For Online Support

best hidden gps tracker for car long battery life


Key Features

  • International 4G Coverage: Provides 4G GPS tracking across North America, including Canada, Mexico, and the USA.
  • Waterproof and Concealed: Durable, waterproof case suitable for all vehicle types, with hidden installation.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Offers live tracking with speed, location, and travel history accessible online.
  • Affordable Plans: Three subscription options with no contract, starting at $17.99/month, cancellable anytime.

Similar in style and features to the SpyTec GPS Locator, the Spark Nano 7 by Brickhouse Security is another personal GPS that can help you secretly track a vehicle if you purchase the additional waterproof case accessory. What we love about the Spark Nano 7 is the Brickhouse Security 140-Day LTE tracker also has an extended battery pack option that will allow you to keep the device in your car for months without needing a recharge. This will increase the investment to over $149.00 but is well worth it if your partner travels or you won’t have frequent access to the car with GPS in it.

Read what real customers had to say about the Brickhouse Security Spark Nano below:

Spark Nano 7 Review

How Do You Tell If There Is A Tracker On Your Car?

How do You tell if there is a Tracker on Your Car

Legal and Ethical Considerations of Secretly Tracking a Car

Are you considering using a GPS tracker for a vehicle? If so, it’s crucial to understand the legal and ethical implications of using GPS technology. Doing so not only protects you from potential legal consequences but also ensures you’re acting ethically. Here’s a breakdown of 6 key points you need to be aware of:

Key Point


Tracking Company-Owned Vehicles

Tracking company-owned vehicles is generally legal. It's a common practice for fleet management. You can monitor routes, ensure safety, and improve efficiency. Transparency with employees about the tracking is key.

Tracking Co-Owned Vehicles

Legally, you can track a vehicle if you’re a co-owner. This applies to cars owned jointly with a spouse or business partner. Consider the ethical implications and potential strain on relationships.

Privacy Law Violations

Secretly tracking a vehicle you don’t own can lead to legal issues. It's often seen as a violation of privacy. Be aware that laws vary by state and country. Always check local laws before proceeding.

Ethical Considerations in GPS Tracking

Even if legal, consider the ethical side. Ask yourself if tracking is necessary. Could it impact trust in personal or professional relationships? Sometimes, open communication might be a better first step.

Importance of Consent

In many cases, getting consent from the vehicle’s owner or primary user is crucial. It not only keeps you on the right side of the law but also upholds ethical standards.

Seeking Legal Advice for GPS Tracking

If in doubt, it’s wise to seek legal counsel. They can provide guidance specific to your situation and location.

Remember, while GPS technology will allow you to secretly track a vehicle, using a tracker responsibly is paramount. Therefore, balancing legal rights with ethical considerations is key to using GPS trackers appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, GPS tracking devices are a popular way to track your vehicle’s location, speed, and other information. In fact, mini GPS trackers make it easy for you to find out everywhere an automobile goes. How? With portable GPS trackers that can be magnetically attached to the vehicle!

Yes, most car tracker devices require a monthly subscription fee, but some real time GPS solutions do not! For example, the plug and play GPS and LandAirSea GPS 54 are hidden tracking devices that don’t have monthly fees! 

With a real-time GPS tracking device! Real time GPS trackers use cellular networks to transmit location data to a web-based or mobile app interface. This allows you to track your vehicle’s movements in real-time and receive alerts if it enters or leaves a certain area. Some popular real-time GPS trackers include the Trak4 GPS Tracker and the SpaceHawk GPS.

If you believe there is a tracker on your vehicle, start by scanning your vehicle. Start, by searching the underside of the vehicle for any magnetic GPS trackers or data loggers that may have been attached. If you suspect your car is being monitored, you can use a GPS detector to scan for live GPS signals. By doing so, you can easily detect if there are any tracking devices installed in your vehicle and take appropriate measures to ensure your privacy and safety. However, if you are still unsure or need further assistance, consider contacting a professional for help. For example, audio alarm installers are great at locating and removing any hidden trackers from your vehicle.

Legal Disclaimer

This article is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Tracking System Direct, its affiliates, authors, and distributors are not responsible or liable for any actions taken or not taken based on this article. Use of surveillance and tracking devices may be subject to federal, state, and local laws and regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to understand and comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to, privacy laws and laws related to tracking and monitoring individuals. Unauthorized tracking or surveillance may result in criminal charges, civil penalties, or both. If you are uncertain about the legal implications of using surveillance or tracking devices, consult with an attorney or legal expert before proceeding. Tracking System Direct disclaims all liability for any consequences of any actions taken based on the information provided in this article.

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