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    Xtreme Life Electric Box HD DVR – SC7009HD Sometimes, the best way to protect your family or business is through subtle surveillance. The Xtreme Life Electric Box is a high-resolution security camera disguised as an ordinary, run-of-the-mill electrical box. Because you can find these electric boxes outside nearly any building, it would be nearly impossible to […]

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    Xtreme Life 720P Landscape Stone DVR – SC7000HD Deciding where to place a camera can be tough, especially if you want it to stay hidden. The Xtreme Life 720P Landscape Stone is the best natural hidden surveillance camera on the market. Perfectly camouflaged, the Xtreme Life 720P Landscape Stone blends into any outdoor environment so you can […]

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    Motion Activated Teddy Bear Hidden Spy Cam

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Spy Cameras For Home Security

Have you ever wondered what a babysitter or nanny was doing while watching your children? How about what company employees are doing while on the job? Uncovering the secret activity of others and improving business or family security has never been easier with the new line of Tracking System Direct spy cameras for home security!

With mini spy camera wireless designed to resemble an ordinary set of car keys to covert mini video surveillance tracking systems that are built into working calculators or handheld flashlights, Tracking System Direct has the monitoring solutions and hidden cameras that will help you safeguard your home or business!

How Can I Hide My Spy Camera?

There are now a number of different styles of spy cameras for the home or business that are easily hidden thanks in part to their covert design. Spy cameras are now engineered to look like a child’s teddy bear, a natural landscape (a rock), and even an electrical box! Therefore, it is best to invest in a spy camera that blends with the natural environment. An example of this would be if you wanted to oversee what a babysitter or nanny was doing with your child a teddy bear camera would probably be the best solution, whereas if you wanted to see what employees were doing on the job site products like the electrical box hidden camera would be a more appropriate solution.

Different Types of Spy Cameras

  • Spy cameras for cars
  • Spy cameras for house
  • Spy cameras for outdoors
  • Spy cameras for apartments
  • Spy cameras for office
  • Spy cameras for home use

Do Spy Cameras Need WiFi?

The modern hidden cameras can easily stream 720P or 1080P live video data. However, in order to access this fast-streaming data, you would need WiFi and a fast internet connection. For those who do not require real time, live streaming video, there are a number of spy cameras on the market that can record information directly to internal SD or CF memory card where the data can be viewed at a later time by download.

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