Plug and Play Teen GPS Tracker

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No Subscription Fee Live Teen GPS Tracker!

#1 Plug and Play GPS Tracker For Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe!

The Easiest Teen GPS Car Tracker For Parents

Plug and Play Teen GPS Tracker

  • Stop Your Rebellious Teen From Driving Dangerously
  • Get Alerts To Your iPhone Or Android When They Are Speeding
  • Location Updates Every 3 Seconds (Fastest On The Market!)
  • Find Out Where Your Teen Is Really Going
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking With No Monthly Fees
  • No Installation Required With Simple Plug-and-Play Design

Find Out What Your Teen Is Really Doing!

Simply plug this teen GPS tracker into the OBD2 port of their vehicle and find out everywhere they are going! With the fastest updates on the market (every 3 seconds!), this award-winning safe teen driving tool stands above other products such as Bouncie, Vyncs, and MotoSafety! If you are worried your rebellious teenager might be speeding or engaging in dangerous activities, this is the device you need!

UNLIMITED UPDATES EVERY 3 SECONDS – Fastest Live GPS Tracker On The Market!

Live GPS Tracking

Know Where Your Teenager Is At 24/7

If you have a risk-taking teen who pays more attention to their cell phone than the road then this is the parental safety tool for you! The top-rated GPS tracking product for safe teen driving in 2020, Plug and Play teen GPS tracker gives concerned parents peace-of-mind when their kids are on the road. If you ever wondered where your teen was located or if they were driving dangerously too fast this tracking device will let you know the truth! The state-of-the-art teen driving GPS easily connects to the onboard diagnostic port (OBDii) of any car so parents never have to worry about battery power. In seconds, simply connect the real time GPS tracker to the OBDii port, then discover how fast your teen is driving, where they are going and more all from your iPhone, Android or computer! With position updates transmitted every 3 seconds, this vehicle tracker is the best on the market for teen safety!



Here are some of the reasons why parents love Plug and Play Teen GPS:
Teen GPS Tracker


  • Know Where Your Teen Is Located 24/7
  • Live GPS Tracker With No Monthly Subscription
  • Get Text Alerts When Your Teen Is Speeding
  • See Every Address Your Teen Goes
  • Free Technical Support 24/7
  • Know When Your Teen Has Left The City Or State
  • Tamperproof Warnings
  • Unlimited Updates Every 3 Seconds (Fastest On The Market!)

One Year Of Live GPS Tracking Service Included!

Carrie N
September 11, 2020
Son Was An Idiot
Ever since I can remember, our son had no fear. Whether it was climbing on the tops of couches as a toddler to when going down giant water slides. He was always a little crazy! 6 months ago he got his license and my husband and I were worried he might be driving dangerously given his past behaviors. YUP! This tracking system showed the damn kid was driving over 90mph every day! He is an idiot sometimes but we love him. Must have for any parent with a wild child!
KellyAnne M
4stars rev
November 27, 2020
Speed Alerts Were Great
We thought our son might be driving crazy so we bought this device to make sure he wasn’t. Probably a little helicopter parenting but it was worth it to us. My husband and I really like the speed alerts. Really glad this type of technology was not around when we were younger!

The Best Way For Teenagers To Become Better Drivers

Bad Driving Habits By Teen Drivers Every Parent Needs To Know!

Automobile crashes killed 2,526 teens aged 15 to 19 in 2017, a horrifying number for any parent to think about. That means approximately 6 teens are killed prematurely every single day from an automobile crash. That does not even factor in the roughly 300,000 teens who suffered injuries that required medical care from a car crash (2017). And if you have a son the numbers are even more concerning as the death rate is 2x higher for boys compared to female teenage drivers. This is the reason why so many parents are investing in GPS trackers: to help their teens become better drivers.

With the plug-and-play GPS tracker, parents can access extensive automobile diagnostic interface data, track vehicle speed, location, and monitor key driver behavior metrics. This makes it easy to determine how safe a teenager is really driving a vehicle. One of the smallest GPS tracker in the world, plug and play GPS tracker was designed with an internal antenna which eliminates the need for a professional hard-wiring. And the best part? This secure teen driving device has no monthly fees for an entire year!

Teen Driver Safety

Plug and Play GPS tracker
Affordable Teen Tracking

The Easiest Teen Vehicle Tracker On The Market!

What makes this obd2 GPS tracking device so popular is that not only is the device itself affordable, but the online software is very easy to use. Utilize the free mobile app or simply log-in to our website from your iPhone, Android, tablet, or computer, and quickly discover what your teen is really doing. And don’t worry if you are not a tech-savvy parent as our team of dedicated technical support agents are available 24/7 to help you if you need any assistance! Technical support is always free and based right here in the United States!

GPS tracker for business
Parents in search of a portable tracking system should check out Everlast GPS. Recognized as the longest battery life GPS tracker on the market today, the Everlast GPS is perfect for parents who want a device they can hide inside their teen’s vehicle without them knowing.

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