Best GPS Tracking Device

What is the best GPS tracker?

Tracking System Direct is proud to carry an exclusive line of GPS data loggers, real time GPS trackers and personal GPS tracking devices designed for both business and consumer applications. Therefore, if you or your business is seeking a car tracker with no monthly fees to monitor a teen driver, or a live GPS tracker designed to boost fleet management, simply give one of our GPS tracking experts a call! Our team is here to assist and answer questions 7 days a week! Until then please feel free to read over some common questions shoppers have regarding GPS tracking devices.

What is GPS live tracking?

Live GPS tracking is the process of placing an active GPS tracker on an automobile and then remotely monitoring that vehicle through the use of a GPS tracking app or online software. Real time GPS trackers receive signals from satellites in space that work together with the tracking device to record vehicle speed, altitude, travel activity, location, and more information. The live GPS tracker then send that location-based data over cellular networks where it can be viewed by by the user. GPS tracking systems that offer real time updates require a monthly subscription for data usage. These monthly data obligations can range between $17.95 -$44.95, depending on the tracker and how frequently the use wants to receive updates.

No monthly subscription GPS tracker

For businesses and consumers who want to monitor a vehicle but do not want to pay a monthly fee the answer comes in the form of a GPS data logger. What makes GPS data loggers unique is that they are car tracking device without subscription fees. The reason is because instead of transmitting location-based data over cellular networks as mentioned with live GPS tracking devices, GPS data loggers simply record and store travel activity to internal memory. When the user wants to review how fast a driver was going or what addresses they were at earlier in the week they simply need to take the GPS data logger off the car it was tracking and download data via USB port.

How do mini GPS trackers work?

Mini GPS tracking devices can be placed inside the glovebox, under a seat, or attached underneath a vehicle with the assistance with surface magnet. The mini GPS tracker will then document detailed driving information such as what address a driver stopped at, how long the driver was at that location, and even how fast they were driving throughout the day. This comprehensive driving activity can be reviewed when the user manually downloads data (no monthly fee GPS tracker), or accesses it via GPS tracking app for android, iPhone or web-based platform (Live GPS tracking).