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GPS Trackers

GPS tracking is a powerful tool that can offer a range of benefits for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re looking to improve the security of your assets, optimize your fleet management, or reduce fuel consumption, GPS tracker technology can help you achieve your goals. In this section, we’ll explore some of the most significant benefits of GPS tracking, including increased security, improved fleet management, and reduced fuel consumption. On this page, we will explain how GPS tracking can help you optimize your operations and achieve your objectives. So whether you want to track a cheating spouse or oversee fleet vehicles, we have a GPS tracking solution for you. But first, allow us to tell you a little about our GPS company and what makes Tracking System Direct unique.

For over 15 years, Tracking System Direct has been an industry leader in advanced GPS solutions. In fact, our team comprises of seasoned security experts with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and private investigation. This mean you are guaranteed to get the best GPS tracking products and services on the market! Catering to a diverse clientele, our solutions are tailored to suit the needs of parents with teen drivers, small businesses, and large corporations. So whether you have an extensive fleets of service vehicles or a single teen driver, we can assist! Let our team of security experts help you increase security and discover the truth!

Benefits Of GPS Tracking

Are you looking for ways to improve safety and security in your daily life or business operations? GPS tracking might be the answer you need! By leveraging advanced GPS technology, you can experience a multitude of benefits, ranging from monitoring teen drivers to protecting assets and catching cheating partners. Pretty cool right? Let’s explore how GPS tracking can be your ultimate solution:

Keep An Eye On Teen Drivers: Worried about your teen’s driving habits? With a GPS tracking device, you can monitor their speed, location, and routes, ensuring they drive responsibly and follow the rules. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to peace of mind!

Safeguard Your Assets: Do you own expensive equipment or valuable assets? GPS tracking devices can help protect them from theft or unauthorized use. In the unfortunate event of theft, you can quickly locate and recover your assets, saving you time and money.

Stay on Top of Your Fleet: Managing a fleet of vehicles? GPS tracking allows you to optimize routes, monitor driver behavior, and access detailed reports. Improve your fleet’s efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction with real-time vehicle tracking.

Catch Cheating Partners: Suspecting infidelity in your relationship? Discreetly use a GPS tracker to monitor your partner’s whereabouts and gather the evidence you need to confront them. Get the clarity you deserve and regain control of your life.

Track Your Loved Ones: Concerned about the safety of your children, elderly relatives, or loved ones with special needs? Personal GPS tracking devices provide real-time location updates, helping you keep them safe and secure.

Improve Personal Safety: Are you an outdoor enthusiast or someone who often travels alone? A GPS tracking device can be a lifesaver, allowing friends or family members to track your location in case of an emergency.

By incorporating GPS tracking solutions into your life or business, you can get real answers. That means answers about what your drivers are doing, or what your partner might be doing. Oh, and did we mention you can enjoy increased safety, security, and peace of mind? Yup! Therefore, we encourage you to discover the difference GPS tracking can make today!

GPS Tracker For Car

Different Types of GPS Tracking Devices

If you’re in the market for GPS tracking devices, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some popular types of GPS systems along with their features, benefits, and ideal use cases:

GPS Vehicle Trackers: Vehicle trackers are a popular option for fleet owners, business owners, and individuals who want to keep tabs on their vehicles. Why? Because with a vehicle tracking device, you can monitor the location of your vehicle in real-time. Not only will this allow you to know where your drivers are 24/7, but also analyze data on driver behavior, fuel consumption, and more. This information can help you optimize routes, reduce fuel costs, and increase driver safety. Some of the most popular forms of realtime tracking devices for cars include SpaceHawk GPS, SpyTec GL300, Brickhouse Security’s Spark Nano, and Livewire Volt.

Personal GPS Trackers: Personal tracking systems are small and ideal for keeping tabs on the whereabouts of loved ones. Whether you want to keep an eye on a child, an elderly relative, or a pet, a personal GPS tracker can help you do so. Many personal trackers come with real-time location tracking, geofencing, and alerts that notify you when a loved one has left a designated area. Some of the top-rated personal tracking solutions on Amazon include JioBit, GeoZilla, and Tracki GPS trackers.

GPS Asset Trackers: Asset trackers are designed to help you keep track of valuable assets, such as equipment, cargo, or even high-end merchandise. These realtime GPS solutions are frequently used for protection of construction equipment. For example, tractors, skid steers, excavators, and various heavy equipment. With an asset tracker, you can monitor the location of your asset in real-time and even set custom alerts to notify you when it moves outside a designated area! In fact, some more advanced GPS asset trackers even monitor environmental factors like temperature and humidity!

OBD Trackers: OBD2 GPS trackers are plug-and-play devices designed to connect OBD ports. They’re a popular option for fleet owners, as they allow you to monitor vehicle performance, fuel consumption, and driver behavior. And why is this helpful? Because this information can help you optimize your routes, reduce fuel costs, and improve driver safety! Some of the top-selling GPS tracking systems on Amazon for OBD ports include Sync, Kayo and Vyncs GPS vehicle tracker.

Mini GPS Trackers: A mini GPS device are small, making it ideal for keeping tabs on personal items, such as luggage, backpacks, or even pets. With a mini GPS tracker, you can monitor the location of your item in real-time and set geofencing alerts to know the instant your items are missing. And the best part? A mini GPS device costs less than $100 and has very affordable monthly fees. Some of popular mini asset tracking solutions include Apple AirTags, Tracki GPS trackers, and GeoZilla.

Satellite GPS Trackers: Satellite trackers are ideal for those who need to track assets or people in remote areas where there is no cell coverage. This is why they are often used for hiking or international travel. What makes a satellite tracker great is it monitor’s location of any asset in real-time and can even offer a SOS feature. This means if you are caught in an emergency situation, the GPS device will send out your location in real time. That way you can be rescued if necessary. The best satellite tracking devices in North America include Spot Gen 4 Satellite GPS Messenger and the various Garmin solutions.

Dash Cam Tracking Platform: Dash cam trackers combine the benefits of a dash cam with GPS tracking, resulting in the ultimate fleet management solution. With a dash cam tracker, you can record incidents on the road and have video evidence in case of an accident or dispute. Plus, with real-time GPS tracking, you can monitor the location of your vehicle and ensure driver safety. But the best part? Many dash cams offer tracking software that utilizes AI technology so you can know if a driver is tired, eating, or distracted! There is no better way to unlock the secret driving behavior of your employees than with dash cam security systems.

dash cam with real time gps tracker

How GPS Tracking Works: Step-By-Step Guide

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite-based navigation system that uses a network of satellites to transmit signals to GPS receivers on the ground. These signals contain information about the location, time, and other data that can be used to determine the receiver’s location.

GPS tracking devices call upon GPS technology to determine their own location by receiving signals from multiple GPS satellites. How this process works is by the GPS receiver in the device using a process called trilateration. And what is trilateration? Trilateration determines the vehicle GPS’ location based on the time it takes for the signals to reach the device from each satellite.

Once the GPS device has determined its own location, it uses a SIM card and a cell phone network (such as 4G LTE) to communicate that location to a GPS tracking platform. The platform processes the location data and presents it to the user through a mobile app or web interface, making it easy to track the location of the device in real-time.

In addition to location data, GPS tracking devices can also collect other data such as speed, direction, and battery life. Some devices even have a built-in accelerometer that can detect sudden movements or impacts, making them useful for tracking assets that may be subject to theft or damage.

GPS tracking technology has a wide range of applications, from tracking vehicles and equipment in the transportation industry to monitoring pets and children for personal use. The cost of a GPS tracking device can vary depending on the features and capabilities of the device, as well as any subscription or activation fees that may apply.

  • GPS satellites orbit the Earth and transmit signals to GPS receivers on the ground.
  • GPS tracking systems receive signals from multiple GPS satellites and use trilateration to determine their own location.
  • The GPS device uses a SIM card and cell phone network (such as 4G LTE) to send location data to a GPS tracking platform.
  • The tracking platform processes the location data and presents it to the user through a mobile app or web interface. This allows you to have real-time tracking access to the GPS device.
  • GPS systems can also collect other data such as speed, direction, and battery life. This can be useful for monitoring assets.
  • GPS tracking technology has many applications. Some of these include tracking vehicles and equipment to personal use for monitoring pets and children.
    The cost of a GPS tracking device can vary depending on the features and subscription/activation fees.

Choosing The Right GPS Tracking Device: Tips & Guidelines

So you want to invest in a car GPS tracker but don’t know how to choose the best vehicle tracking system? Don’t worry, we have you covered! The truth is, there are a lot of products for GPS fleet tracking available on Amazon and specialty surveillance stores. So how do you choose the right vehicle tracking system for you? According to our security experts, here are 8 things you need to consider before buying a real time tracking solution:

  1. Determine the type of device you need (e.g. vehicle, pet, or person tracking)
  2. Check the battery life of the GPS tracker
  3. Consider the size and portability of the device
  4. Look for a reliable GPS tracking platform
  5. Consider the cost of the GPS tracker and any associated monthly subscription fees
  6. Check the coverage of the cell phone network the device uses
  7. Look for customer support provided by the manufacturer or service provider
  8. Read reviews and buyer’s guides to get a sense of highly recommended devices

Finally, it’s important to read reviews and buyer’s guides to get a sense of which devices are most highly recommended by security experts. By considering these factors and doing your research, you can choose the GPS tracking device that best meets your needs and budget.

Learn more about how we test and evaluate each real-time GPS tracking device by visiting our methodology page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Pay Activation Fees Or A Monthly Subscription For GPS Tracking?

Yes, most GPS tracking services require activation fees and monthly subscription fees for access to their services. The cost varies depending on the device and service provider, but typically ranges between $8.95 to $39.95 per month. However, if you want to avoid monthly fees, we recommend you invest in the LandAirSea. This wireless GPS vehicle tracker comes with a full year of real time GPS data.

Can GPS Tracking Help With Personal Safety And Security?

Yes, GPS tracking can be used for personal safety and security, such as tracking the location of a child, elderly person, or pet. In fact, many GPS products are designed for personal safety. Therefore, they offer features such as real time GPS tracking and panic SOS buttons.

Can GPS Tracking Be Used For Fleet Tracking?

Yes, GPS tracking is commonly used for fleet tracking in the transportation industry. GPS fleet tracking software provides detailed reporting on vehicle location, speed, and other important data.

Is GPS Tracking Legal For Law Enforcement And Security Systems?

Yes, GPS tracking is legal for law enforcement and security systems when used with a warrant or other legal authorization. For consumer use, GPS tracking can be used to monitor the location of assets and deter theft.

Can GPS Tracking Be Used For Asset Tracking?

Yes, GPS tracking can be used for asset tracking to monitor the location of valuable equipment, vehicles, and other assets. In fact, security experts agree that the use of a GPS tracker is the best way to safeguard assets. How? By providing real-time location data and alerting you to the unauthorized movement of assets.

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