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Top Selling Hidden Live GPS Tracker For Cars!

SpaceHawk GPS Tracker #1 Rated Mini GPS


Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

  • Find Out How Fast Your Teen Is Driving
  • Discover What Bad Employees Are Doing BEFORE They Ruin Your Business
  • Catch A Cheating Spouse Without Intruding


SpaceHawk is the most advanced, compact, and secretive live GPS tracker ever invented! It’s designed specifically to catch cheating spouses, track reckless employees, and scare teen drivers into obeying the speed limit.

In seconds, you can track anyone, at any time, in any place in the United States directly from your iPhone, Android, or computer WITHOUT THEM KNOWING. No set-up, no expertise needed, no nothing.

Imagine, never worrying about where your boyfriend or girlfriend is. Never stressing about employees ruining your business. NEVER losing sleep wondering if your teen daughter will come home. That’s the peace-of-mind offered by SpaceHawk.

GPS Tracker


Introducing the most user-friendly, affordable real-time tracker on the market today, SpaceHawk GPS! What makes this vehicle tracker stand above the competition are the unique design features such as a built-in exterior magnetic mount and waterproof housing, allowing anyone to easily hide this mini tracker underneath a vehicle. With everything you would find in a high-end fleet management system at half the cost, SpaceHawk GPS makes it easier than ever to secretly gather information on anyone’s location, travel behavior, and speed in real time!

SpaceHawk Is The Most User-Friendly GPS Car Tracker

Hide The SpaceHawk GPS Anywhere!

Easily attach the SpaceHawk hidden GPS tracker underneath a truck, automobile, or asset to monitor that asset 24/7 in real-time! GPS tracking data can be viewed from a tablet, computer, or mobile phone, making it easy to discover what is really going on! Historical tracking data is also available for review for life so you can find out where a person was any day of the week! Document mileage, record addresses a driver arrived or departed from, and let the facts do the talking!

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Customer Testimonials

Chloe D
Chloe D
4stars rev
April 09, 2024
No More Bullshit Lies
Around Thanksgiving time my husband began acting distant, refusing to go to family gatherings and blaming it on work. After a few weeks of showing this “avoiding” behavior I purchased SpaceHawk to find out the truth. As I suspected from my gut-feeling, he wasn’t working late, but rather meeting a woman for drinks at a Chili’s near his insurance office. A woman he originally met that worked at a golf course he and his “work buddies” frequented on weekends. Needless to say, he tried to lie about everything until I showed him the evidence from the tracker. Best part was it was legal and I heard from a mutual friend the waitress he was cheating on me with dumped him a couple weeks after I did. Now he is living back at his parents’s house. 43-year-old man living at his parents, Pathetic!
March 27, 2024
Found Out Boyfriend Was Lying
My boyfriend of 4 years started getting his fat ass into a shape and I thought it was for me. NOPE! His small penis ass was hooking up with an old college girlfriend he reconnected with on Instagram. My new boyfriend is better looking and makes more money so it all worked out.
Dana W
Dana W
February 16, 2022
Maintained During High Impact Accident
I cannot give a high enough review of this product. My daughter was t-boned by another driver and thanks to this device I was able to locate my daughter without her giving me direction. The device stayed in place despite this high impact accident! Thank you for making such a high quality product.

SpaceHawk Real Time GPS Tracker

What Is The SpaceHawk 4G Tracker?

SpaceHawk GPS is the latest live data-streaming vehicle monitoring solution fromTracking System Direct. This state-of-the-art live GPS tracker device is compact, completely waterproof, and one of the smallest vehicle trackers on the market today. The SpaceHawk 4G tracker has an extremely powerful internal magnet that can securely attach to the bottom of any automobile, making covert placement a breeze! Multiple GPS tracking plans are also available, ranging from one minute to 3 seconds, and there are no activation fees of any kind! Service plans are also month-to-month so you can cancel your data plans anytime without any termination fees!

GPS Data PlansBattery Life

SpaceHawk battery lasts a full 24 days after a single charge. The secret? Our patented motion-sensor technology activates a sleep mode 2 minutes after a vehicle stops moving. That DOUBLES your battery life!

  • 2-3 Weeks Of Battery Life (1-2 Hours Of Driving Per Day)
  • Approximately 30 Hours Of Consecutive Driving (No Stops)

This tracker is powered by an internal lit-ion battery and is charged with the accompanying wall charger!

Truck GPS Tracker
Why Buy SpaceHawk GPS?

The Top Selling Legal GPS Tracker

SpaceHawk GPS does everything that other top-selling tracking devices such as Vyncs and Tracki do except SpaceHawk users also have lifetime access to tracking data, get a device with longer battery life, and are provided with free technical support 24/7. This way if you ever have questions using the vehicle tracker you can instantly get help from a support agent located right here in the United States!

SpaceHawk is just like the best-selling devices you see on Amazon, except SpaceHawk fits in the palm of your hand, making it nearly impossible to detect on a vehicle.

  • One Inch in Size (VERY SMALL)
  • Motion Activated/Sleep Mode
  • Data Plans Starting As LOW As .83 Cents Per Day
  • Track A Car In Real-Time From Your Phone
  • No Bulky Cases Or Installation Required
  • 24/7 Technical Support For FREE
  • One Year Access To Historical Driving Activity
  • Set Speed & GEO-Fence Alerts

GPS car trackerWith the SpaceHawk 4G Tracker, you also get unlimited usage, historical GPS tracking, and location data stored on a secure server. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up to 30 days of continuous tracking on a single charge with an average driving time of 2 hours. Great for different applications, including fleet management, law enforcement, and personal tracking. The SpaceHawk 4G Tracker works in more than 140 countries throughout the world. Many GPS monitoring systems sold online use outdated GPRS/GSM cellular technology. This technology is obsolete and can cause many inaccuracies and headaches for businesses and consumers in need of a reliable car tracking and automotive management solution. AT&T has already completely shut down this technology and T-Mobile is the only company still using it.

Hidden GPS Tracking Device

SpaceHawk GPS Has An Ultra-Powerful Magnet Mount

SpaceHawk GPS was engineered with an ultra-powerful rare Earthneodymium magnet. This means you do not have to worry about the hidden GPS tracker becoming dislodged from the target car if the driver hits a pothole. In over 27 rugged, off-road tests in the Arizona desert, not once did a SpaceHawk fall off a vehicle! Simply place the tracker under a vehicle using the powerful surface magnet and start discovering the truth!

SpaceHawk GPS Is The Only Tracker 100% Waterproof – No Bulky Case Required!

Designed with 100% complete waterproof housing, SpaceHawk will work in the rain, sleet, or snow! This is what makes the vehicle tracker stand above other products like the SpyTech SL300. SpaceHawk is the best mini GPS for anyone who wants to hide a tracker under a vehicle to find out if a spouse is cheating, a teen is driving dangerously, or an employee is lying about where they are really going.



Update Frequency

As Fast As Every 3 Seconds

Location Accuracy

6 Feet

Battery Type

Internal Lithium-Ion

Battery Life

Average 2-3 Weeks | 6 Months On Low Power Mode

LED Indicator

Green/Red For Battery and GPS Status


2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8" (57.2 x 57.2 x 20.3 mm)


<1 lb (0.5 kg)



Mobile OS Support

SilverCloud app for iOS and Android

Tech Support

Free For Life

SpaceHawk Is The Smallest GPS Tracker

Real Time GPS Tracker Size

Are you uncertain that your partner or spouse might be having an affair behind your back? Losing sleep that a rebellious teen might be a wild driver? Concerned your employees might not be as reliable as they pretend to be? Simply hide SpaceHawk GPS inside or under any vehicle to discover anywhere a vehicle is going without them ever knowing a thing! SpaceHawk is a tiny real time GPS tracker that is one inch in size and will work anywhere in the United States to provide you with peace-of-mind. Let our security experts help you quickly set this device up and provide free technical support 24/7 so you can focus on discovering what a driver is really doing!

Use SpaceHawk GPS To Track ANYTHING!

GPS TrackerDo you want to know how fast your teen is driving? Are you curious if an employee is misusing your work truck? Want to discover if a partner is being faithful? Whether you want to protect a piece of construction equipment from theft, or simply discover where one of your assets is going, SpaceHawk is the first GPS tracking solution that can do it all. Used by businesses, parents, and anyone who wants to discover the truth, SpaceHawk is the first mini real time GPS tracker that allows you to monitor what matters most to you 24/7.

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