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GPS Tracking In Iraq

GPS Trackers That Work In Iraq

Iraqi Ambulance Company Requires GPS Tracking Solution

The sales experts at Tracking System Direct (TSD) have heard almost every story in the book when it comes to GPS tracking applications, including teen tracking, business tracking, livestock tracking, and more. Although the sales staff at TSD have vast experience in both the GPS and telematics industries, they feel it is necessary to provide an online resource for those looking for a more detailed explanation of TSD hardware and web-based interface of live tracking solutions. Recently, a company looking to acquire more sophisticated GPS monitoring equipment as part of a plan for Iraqi Ministry of Health officials to complete a project for a large fleet of ambulances contacted the staff at TSD to gather information about what state-of-the-art solutions TSD could offer. Since the new SilverCloud GPS has the ability to operate in international territories, using MTC Atheer in Iraq for data transmission, our GPS experts recommended the GPS tracking unit to meet the real-time monitoring needs of the ambulance company. However, before offering the live car tracker, the ambulance company had some very specific questions. Below is a list of the initial questions and responses from the GPS experts at TSD.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health requires any GPS tracking system should have the following specs

QUESTION 1: A turnkey system, meaning user-friendly software/hardware that can be easily navigated through by those with little or no technical experience.

These devices are over-the-air activated and use an intuitive online interface.

QUESTION 2: SIM card device solution that will activate both GSM and GPRS.

Each device requires its own SIM. You can say yes to the GSM/GPRS. GSM is the broadband service and GPRS is the method of data transfer so yes to both.

QUESTION 3: Monitoring of ambulances from a command dispatch center.

The online interface provides for a central dispatch platform.

QUESTION 4: High-resolution satellite images for each city.

We use Google Maps which is the most updated hi-res satellite mapping system on the public market.  This is why we chose that platform.

QUESTION 5: GPS System must be compatible with the existing system in HQ.

We will need to know what we are being compatible with?  It is not clear whether they are asking for integration. This is a big question to clarify.

QUESTION 6: Fuel consumption monitoring for the ambulances (GMC cars).

This will be an issue.  Currently, the first version of the SilverCloud does not have any PTO (input/output) ports to monitor engine or ODB statistics.

QUESTION 7: Real time monitoring capabilities via web-based interface.

The SilverCloud GPS tracker has the ability to transmit UNLIMITED continuous data from every three (3) seconds to five (minutes) with all data accessible online with a username and password.

QUESTION 8: Keeping track of the last 10 locations on the screen.

They can select “Trails” and it will retain the historical path.

QUESTION 9: Card detail operation information including SIM card number, car number, license number…

Need more clarification on this.  The device editor can store specific information but not sure if it will hold all.  Not sure why they need SIM numbers anyway.  You need to make it clear that we provide all the monitoring services including activation and deactivations when requested.

QUESTION 10: The system/server must maintain the data for up to 30 days.

We offer the ability for the user to store an unlimited amount of historical data on our secure servers.

QUESTION 11: Software must be for the server level and operator level.

Not sure what this is referring to but maybe they are wanting a level of access.  In other words, limited access to some users.

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