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GPS tracking devices and navigation systems can offer people a wealth of information related to direction and driving activity. These units can offer businesses a way to validate employee productivity, route management and turn-by-turn directions. Although these technologically elite GPS tracking systems continue to be in high demand, they can still be prone to user error if not utilized properly. Here are a couple common concerns many users of GPS equipment have with their devices, and the solutions to their problems.

1. My GPS Unit Is Not Accurately Pin-Pointing Location

When accuracy problems are occurring, the most common reason for the location-based error is because the device’s antenna is likely struggling to acquire or maintain satellite signal. If the GPS tracker or navigation unit is having problems keeping satellite signals one of the most common reasons for this is because of poor placement. For example, many people install navigation where the antenna does not have a direct and clear line of sight to the sky, or place trackers in the trunk of a vehicle. Although the vehicle is a covert placement location, the live or passive tracker would have a very difficult time acquiring signal, even with a superior antenna design.

2. I Am Having Difficulty Downloading Data.

GPS Tracking Key, a user-friendly GPS data logger currently on the market, records driving activity, but requires manual download to review/access this information. The data is clear, bold and consistent, but on some rare occasions some people have difficulty accessing the driving activity on their personal tracker because of downloading errors. 99.997% of all download issues are actually computer issues. This can include firewalls, incompatible technologies or needed updates/firmware. The good news is that any computer issues can be easily resolved with the help of a technical support agent . The GPS Tracking Key, Flashback GPS and SilverCloud GPS tracking system all come with FREE technical assistance.