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Murrieta, CA – March 25, 2011 – Tracking System Direct (TSD), a worldwide distributor of GPS vehicle trackers and surveillance devices, is proud to announce that the company is now one of the exclusive distributors of LandAirSea (LAS) fleet management technology.

About Being An Exclusive LAS Distributor

For over 15 years LAS has developed and engineered some of the most unique and high-performing GPS tracking devices the industry has ever seen. Popular LAS tracking systems, such as the GPS Tracking Key, have played a significant role in helping law enforcement agencies bring arsonists, car thieves and even murders to justice, while also assisting businesses and consumers in a variety of vehicle monitoring applications from improving fleet management to helping parents monitor teen driving activity. In an effort to meet the growing consumer demand for cost-effective and reliable GPS tracking equipment, Tracking System Direct has become one of the exclusive dealers of the popular line of LAS tracking equipment.

“From day one our goal has always been to bring consumers and businesses the absolute best GPS tracking devices the industry had to offer, and do so at a price that was reasonable for small businesses and families working on a tight budget to afford”, explained a Tracking System Direct representative. “After testing and reviewing hundreds of different devices, we came to the conclusion that the GPS trackers produced by LandAirSea were the most cost-effective and user-friendly devices available. After the lengthy testing and verification process, the decision to work closely with LAS as an exclusive distributor seemed to be the most effective way of turning our vision into a reality.”

TSD will now offer the GPS Tracking Key, GPS Tracking Key Pro, Victoria Tracking System and the latest in real-time tracking technology, the SilverCloud, on the Tracking System Direct online store.

For a limited time only, TSD will offer the new line of LAS products far below the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), while continuing to provide FREE SHIPPING on every order over $100.00.

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About Tracking System Direct:

Tracking System Direct (TSD), a global wholesale distributor of GPS tracking and surveillance technology, is headquartered in Murrieta, California. Offering a vast product line of car tracking systems, security products and services for businesses, law enforcement agencies and consumers, TSD has built a reputation on delivering people the best monitoring technology the industry has to offer. All vehicle management, GPS vehicle tracking and covert surveillance units are engineered to enhance performance, efficiency and safety. There long list of clients include agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management, local police departments, Fortune 500 companies, private and publicly operated companies as well as consumers throughout North America and overseas.


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