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12 Best Android GPS Tracking Apps

12 Best Android GPS Tracking Apps 2024

Did you know that mobile phones have the capability to track someone’s location in real-time? With the advancements in GPS technology, mobile app developers have created a range of solutions that utilize GPS to track various aspects of our lives. Whether you want to track your kid’s location, recover a stolen phone, monitor the real-time location of a vehicle, or ensure the safety of your family members, there are GPS tracking apps available on the Google Play store that can help. To assist you in finding the best Android GPS tracking apps, our team of security experts has compiled a list of popular options for you to explore. This list is not a ranking, but rather a compilation of GPS location tracking apps that are worth considering. So, let’s check out the 12 best Android GPS tracking apps for 2024!

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps is overwhelmingly regarded as the best GPS tracking tool for iOS and Android devices. This GPS locator has nearly worldwide coverage and has hundreds of millions of users that call upon the cell phone location tracking and navigation app in over 220 nations and territories!

Special Features

  • Provides real-time updates to help you move quickly
  • Helps you discover and explore neighboring locations with much ease
  • Music can be played while using this app
  • Displays the site’s reputable ratings and reviews
  • Facilitates with maps that can be used offline as well


  1. Life 360 Family Locator Mobile App

Life360 is a popular real-time location-sharing app for Android and iOS that is considered one of the best parental control apps on the market. This unique location-sharing app allows users to create groups with friends and family to share their whereabouts, making it easy to find someone if they need help. 

Special Features

  • Extremely useful for detecting collisions and sending out emergency notifications
  • Facilitates with a real-time location sharing
  • Performs smart analysis of your driving habits
  • Images and texts can be easily shared in private chats
  • Very effective in tracking a lost phone with accurate location information


  1. GPS Phone Tracker By Number

GPS Phone Tracker By Number is a location tracking app for Android users that is marketed as a tool to help you locate your phone as well as your child’s phone. This easy-to-use mobile tracker GPS program ensures family safety and security by giving parents access to geo-locational data with nothing more than a person’s cell phone number! This is also one of the most popular iOS and Android GPS location-tracking apps with over 50 million worldwide users!

Special Features

  • Facilitates with great connectivity features and flawless performance
  • Has an inventive dashboard with unique features
  • Battery utilization is optimal
  • Helps in locating a lost Android phone in real-time
  • Indicates direction correctly and is one of the effective Android learning apps with detailed guidance
  • Provides an efficient web-based user interface


  1. Spyera Android Spy App

Spyera is one of the best GPS apps that enables smart location tracking. One big advantage is that it can be used in invisible/hidden and undetected modes. This app allows you to set the microphone on your Android device to record your surroundings remotely. You can use one of the most powerful and undetectable surveillance programs without any complex setup.

Special Features

  • Monitors chat applications with ambient listening
  • Quite faster and simple to operate
  • Ensures security at the highest level
  • Enables a real-time tracking of your location with GPS
  • Facilitates with a map view that indicates recent and historical locations
  • Features can be updated free of cost


  1. AppSpy

AppSpy is one of the most useful tracking apps for Android that is trusted equally by families and businesses. By facilitating with great privacy features and accuracy, it allows you to easily turn a user’s phone on or track a person. This program is intended to make a task more pleasant and precise.

Special Features

  • It is fully reliable and gives accurate information
  • Ambient listening facilitates parents to listen to the phone’s ambient voice
  • Helps users with an efficient phone tracker with GPS
  • Performs call recordings to review the target person’s entire call history quickly


  1. Hoverwatch Free Mobile Tracker

Hoverwatch is a smart tracking program for Android, Windows, and Mac OS X. By combining with a variety of social networking apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, etc., it can be used efficiently and costs around $ 24.95.

Special Features

  • Facilitates with geofencing, quick alerts, and audio or video calling
  • SMS can be recorded quickly
  • Keeps a good track of calls and messages
  • Enables keeping the mobile concealed from the user through the tracker’s invisibility feature
  • Allows you to monitor up to five devices at the same time through Hoverwatch parental control
  • Helps to track to-do lists and Calendar events


  1. Glympse

Glympse is perfect for Android & iOS users that offers unequaled power to track our whereabouts while maintaining your privacy. The in-built mobile tracking software allows you to share your real-time position with anyone you want using a free mobile location app. Your cell phone can be protected from theft with the help of a phone tracker app.

Special Features

  • Facilitates with efficient location trackers through a dynamic map
  • Provides a simple to use and intuitive UI
  • Designed to be run in the background
  • Assists with a low power consumption mode
  • Preferred by navigation providers due to updated and useful settings


  1. SilverCloud GPS Location Tracking App

SilverCloud GPS tracker is one of the most user-friendly location tracker app solutions for fleet management. SilverCloud live tracking app allows businesses to monitor tankers, trucks, construction equipment, and company vehicles in case they are ever lost or stolen. In fact, real-time GPS tracking allows for personal, product, and vehicle fuel management that can assist both businesses and consumers. 

Special Features

  • Delivers individualized solutions and dependable products to clients all over the world
  • Concentrate on GSM/GPS and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and products
  • Enables a large corporation to keep track of its mobile assets and vehicles
  • Individuals keep a close eye on and protect their family and acquaintances


  1. Safe365 Family Locator Mobile App

Safe365 is one of the first free mobile telecare apps for senior community members. You can use it on your phone to watch your parents and grandparents as it is a great location-tracking app with a GPS tracker.

Special Features

  • Contains an emergency button that will notify you if any of your loved ones is in danger or needs assistance
  • Helps you monitor the phone status of your loved ones to get the desired information
  • Helps in creating daily routines
  • Notifies when your elders are leaving or entering the house
  • Effective in keeping an eye on your loved ones
  1. GPS Route Finder

GPS Route Finder is a free GPS tracking tool that enables you to share their location with others and track them down. You may figure out the easiest and shortest past to your destination while driving or walking with the help of this location finder software.

Special Features

  • Contains a digital speedometer for the user’s convenience
  • Changes in traffic in real-time
  • Allows you to access address finder and offline maps for free
  • Provides a speedometer with a digital display
  • Enables sharing the location of your phone with friends and family
  • Facilitates with accurate voice directions and turn-by-turn navigations


  1. Sygic

Sygic is a very popular and advanced navigation app with around 50 million downloads. With free software, you can get great benefits to track your desired location or person. You can upgrade to the premium version if you want more features. The extensive functions it offers facilitate you with everything, including appropriate parking and pricing. With the help of updated software, it ensures that users have a smooth experience.

Special Features

  • GPS navigation can be done without an online connection using 3D maps that can be accessed offline
  • Provides navigation using a voice guidance
  • Shares the latest information about fuel prices
  • Enables GPS navigation for pedestrians with walking directions


  1. X-GPS Tracker

X-GPS Tracker is a smartphone or tablet application that turns both of them into a GPS phone tracker. You can “catch” everyone with the help of this smart software. Detecting the whereabouts of people becomes quite easier due to this app.

Special Features

  • Update your status to share what you are up to
  • Leave feedback when you have visited a place
  • Facilitates with posting a report for delivery service workers
  • Discussing anything through group chats with others
  • Indicates the distance of your destination and when you will arrive with clarity
  • Suggests the best route and makes your logistics easier, enriching it with special features


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Problems With GPS Apps For Android – How To Fix Them!

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a valuable tool for tracking and location-based applications. Whether it’s sharing your location with friends, tracking your fitness activities, or navigating unfamiliar places, GPS on smartphones is now indispensable. However, encountering issues with the GPS on your Android phone can be frustrating. To help resolve these problems, here are some effective tips to fix GPS-related issues:

  • Check your GPS settings. Ensure that the GPS feature is enabled in your phone’s settings and that location services are allowed for the relevant apps.
  • Restart your phone. A simple restart can often resolve temporary glitches and improve GPS functionality.
  • Calibrate your compass. Use a compass calibration app or move your phone in a figure-eight motion to calibrate the compass sensor.
  • Update your software. Keep your Android device updated with the latest software and firmware releases, as updates often include improvements and bug fixes for GPS performance.
  • Clear cache for GPS-related apps. Clearing the cache for apps that utilize GPS, such as navigation or fitness apps, can help resolve issues caused by corrupted data.
  • Disable power-saving modes. Power-saving modes can limit the performance of GPS and location services, so consider disabling them temporarily.
  • Reset network settings. Resetting your network settings can resolve connectivity issues that might be affecting GPS accuracy.

By following these tips, you can troubleshoot and potentially resolve GPS problems on your Android phone, ensuring a more reliable and accurate location tracking experience.

Does iOS Have More Privacy Than Android?

Android’s security has seen improvements over time, but it still lags behind iOS in terms of overall security. Despite this, no device, whether it’s an iPhone or Android, can provide absolute immunity against security flaws and zero-day attacks. To enhance security on both iOS and Android devices, it’s crucial to regularly update your GPS tracker apps and consider utilizing spyware mobile apps.

In comparison, iOS has a better track record in terms of security due to its ability to provide frequent updates across a wide range of devices. This consistent update distribution contributes to a more secure environment. On the other hand, Android faces challenges in delivering timely updates across all devices, leading to differences in update availability and potentially leaving some devices vulnerable.

To maintain optimal security on both iOS and Android, it is recommended to stay vigilant with updates, prioritize the use of reputable GPS tracker apps, and consider additional security measures such as spyware mobile apps. By adopting these practices, users can bolster the security of their devices and minimize the risk of potential vulnerabilities.


GPS tracking apps have become essential tools for mobile device users, offering convenient navigation features and the ability to monitor the whereabouts of loved ones. These top-rated apps provide real-time traffic updates, precise location tracking for family members, phone recovery options, and comprehensive location history for company vehicles. If you are in search of a dependable GPS location tracking app, we highly recommend conducting further research on these Android apps to find the one that best suits your family or business needs. Explore the possibilities and unlock the benefits of GPS tracking technology!

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