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Best Law Enforcement GPS Trackers

Top Law Enforcement GPS Tracker – Trusted #1 Among Cops 2023

Did you know that collecting concrete evidence on criminals can be both efficient and safe for officers? Every ping on a screen can mean another piece of the puzzle, pushing your department closer to resolution. In this comprehensive guide, we will go over the best law enforcement GPS tracker systems designed specifically for police agencies. And those questions you have about hidden GPS trackers? We address them all, ensuring your department’s decisions are informed and confident in leveraging this essential technology. Now, let’s begin by going over the top picks for covert tracking systems.

Best Overall Law Enforcement GPS Tracker

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car


  • Conduct Surveillance Operations
  • Attach Live GPS Tracker Under A Car
  • Secretly Track A Suspect Remotely From Your Cell Phone
Real time GPS trackers make it easy to locate where any vehicle or asset is located 24/7, helping your police department or government agency get the facts! Discover where criminals are going and who they are associating with, protect valuable assets from theft like air conditioners on construction sites, and secure any concrete evidence to provide crimes occurred. There is no better way for law enforcement to conduct detailed surveillance operations than with live GPS tracking devices.
GPS Tracker

5 Best Law Enforcement GPS Tracking Devices

In the ever-evolving realm of surveillance technology, making the right choice is crucial for effective operations. You might wonder, which GPS tracking systems genuinely meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement? Relying on expert insights, we’ve pinpointed the top five devices that should be on every agency’s radar. Let’s start with best overall law enforcement GPS tracker for 2023: SpaceHawk.

SpaceHawk GPS – Top Law Enforcement GPS Tracker

Covert operations require the best in discreet technology. The SpaceHawk GPS stands out as a stealthy yet reliable vehicle tracker, perfect for secret installations on suspects’ vehicles. Its real-time mapping ensures constant updates without revealing its presence.

  • Key Features: Covert tracking, real-time mapping, vehicle monitoring.
  • Dimensions: Compact design for easy concealment (specific dimensions would depend on the model).
  • Price: $99.00
  • Battery Life: 2-3 weeks

Lightning GPS – Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker

Every law enforcement fleet needs robust management. Lightning GPS offers superior vehicle and fleet tracking, perfect for departments keen on streamlining resources and response times. With its asset tracking capabilities, you always have a pulse on your fleet’s whereabouts.

  • Key Features: Asset tracking, fleet management, real-time updates.
  • Dimensions: Designed for easy installation in police vehicles.
  • Price: $19.95 + monthly fee for dats

GPS Tracking Key – Best Data Logger For Police Agencies

Budget-friendly without compromising quality, the GPS Tracking Key is a testament to simplicity meeting efficiency. This device, free from monthly fees, offers consistent asset tracking without any hidden costs. Unfortunately, the manufacturer, LandAirSea Systems, has temporarily ceased production of the passive GPS vehicle tracking device.

  • Key Features: No monthly fees, reliable tracking, easy-to-use.
  • Dimensions: Compact and lightweight.
  • Price: $169 with no recurring costs.
  • Battery Life: 1-2 weeks

StarChase LLC GPS – Best For High Speed Pursuits

Redefining the approach to high-speed pursuits, StarChase LLC GPS ensures such risks are minimized. Using its handheld GPS launcher, officers can tag and monitor a vehicle, eliminating the need for dangerous chases.

  • Key Features: Handheld GPS launcher, vehicle tagging, real-time mapping platform.
  • Dimensions: Ergonomic design for handheld operation.
  • Price: Depending on the model and additional features.
  • Safety Feature: Reduces risks in high-speed pursuits.

Spark Nano 7 – Affordable Personal Tracker For Law Enforcement

The landscape of surveillance and tracking tools is vast, but for law enforcement agencies seeking precision and dependability, options are limited. The Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 is one of these devices. Now, let’s dissect its functionalities to understand its fit for policing tasks:

  • Key Features: The Nano 7 stands out with its real-time GPS tracking capability. This feature is integral for accurate asset and vehicle tracking, helping agencies maintain oversight of their resources. Its geofencing tool further enhances this oversight, enabling departments to set specific zones and be alerted upon breaches—vital for both fleet management and targeted surveillance operations.
  • Specifications & Build: Covert operations demand discretion. The Nano 7’s design emphasizes a compact build for such covert tracking endeavors. Furthermore, its high-speed data transmission ensures that GPS vehicle tracking remains uninterrupted and accurate, essential for realtime mapping of police vehicles and assets.
  • Battery Life: 10-14 hours

In the dynamic realm of law enforcement, the tools and technologies adopted can greatly influence outcomes. The Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7, with its array of features, offers a comprehensive tracking solution worth consideration.

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Military GPS User Equipment – GPS Technology in Law Enforcement

As someone in law enforcement, you recognize the importance of innovative surveillance tools. GPS locators, in recent times, have risen as the answer to this quest for efficiency. Why? Given your extensive skills in criminal investigations, you’re perfectly poised to leverage these advanced tracking systems.

Consider the advantage of swiftly accessing driving data. Addresses visited, speeds, departure locations, and stops—all at your fingertips. Such insights can revolutionize an investigation.

But the true strength of GPS vehicle tracking? Safety. Forget the traditional risks of surveillance. With a GPS device and its powerful magnet, secure it under a suspect’s vehicle, and you’ve transformed traditional stakeouts. Now, monitor vehicle movements remotely, ensuring officer safety.

Various agencies and private investigators vouch for the efficacy of these tracking systems. From apprehending arsonists and burglars to tracking drug traffickers, the value is evident. Real-time GPS has become a staple for:

These tools have empowered agencies to conduct thorough investigations cost-effectively. They offer 24/7 monitoring capabilities without stationing an officer on-site. Especially crucial when budget cutbacks loom large. In our current economic climate, GPS ensures that despite constraints, the battle against crime doesn’t wane.

Fun Fact: Did you know police sometimes employ a GPS tag asset tracker on a decoy vehicle to nab car thieves?

Covert GPS Tracking in Law Enforcement – Features To Look For

When selecting a GPS tracker for law enforcement, what features are vital? Think accuracy, akin to military standards. The top tracking devices prioritize covert operations. So, they’re designed small, waterproof, and portable. Most importantly, they feature a magnetic mount. Why? It enables you to swiftly attach the tracker to any vehicle’s exterior. Ever wondered about those high-profile convictions for crimes like arson or murder? Often, a discreetly placed GPS tracker played a crucial role.

Key Features to Consider:

  • Real time GPS tracking updates as fast as every 3 seconds
  • Compact and portable design
  • Waterproofing for durability
  • Surface magnetic mount for covert placement

Now, let’s talk patrol cars. Imagine having the power to monitor each police vehicle’s exact location. With vehicle-mounted GPS solutions, this isn’t just a possibility; it’s a reality. These systems can be seamlessly integrated into police vehicles. During intense situations, like a high-speed chase or when facing an armed suspect, where’s your patrol car? With live GPS, you’re never in doubt. You can gauge their distance from crime scenes and strategize routing efficiently. The result? Faster response times and enhanced officer safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GPS tracking enhance officer safety during operations?

Yes! GPS tracking plays a pivotal role in bolstering officer safety. By providing real-time data, it drastically reduces the need for close proximity surveillance, mitigating risks. Additionally, in high-intensity situations like speed pursuits, a realtime mapping platform can provide essential insights to back-up units and strategists. This tool allows law enforcement agencies to always be a step ahead, ensuring both officer and public safety.

Do law enforcement agencies utilize personal trackers for undercover agents?

Yes, personal tracking devices are becoming an essential tool for many law enforcement agencies. These devices, often discreet and compact, ensure the safety of undercover agents by offering constant location updates. This not only ensures the individual’s security but also aids in swift assistance if a situation turns volatile.

How effective are GPS tags in aiding investigations?

Highly effective! The use of a GPS tag, particularly in vehicle tracking systems, has led to breakthroughs in numerous cases. Whether it’s tracking a suspect’s vehicle or determining patterns in a criminal’s movements, these tags provide invaluable data. Curious about its efficacy? Law enforcement agencies have successfully leveraged this technology in high-profile cases involving arson, kidnapping, and more.

Can GPS systems assist in managing police patrol cars better?

Yes, they can! Real-time GPS tracking systems, embedded in patrol cars, enable command centers to monitor every officer’s location. This is crucial during situations like high-speed pursuits or when confronting potentially armed individuals. By knowing the exact location and proximity of each unit to a crime scene, response times improve and risks reduce.

Is a realtime mapping platform essential for GPS tracking in law enforcement?

Yes, a realtime mapping platform isn’t just an add-on; it’s a necessity. It provides law enforcement agencies with instantaneous data, ensuring rapid responses and informed decisions. For instance, during a speed pursuit, immediate access to mapping can dictate strategy, direct backup, and, most importantly, protect officers.

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