7 Best Real Time GPS Tracker For Car 2022

What is the best real time GPS tracking device?

Have you ever wondered what your teen was really doing when they were driving? Maybe you own a small business and are concerned employees could be misusing company service vehicles? Whether you are looking into improving driver safety or simply want to bust a cheating spouse, real time GPS tracking is the easiest way to find out what is going on! Unfortunately, with so many different real time GPS tracker options on the market, finding the best product for you, your family, or your business can be a challenge. This is the reason why our vehicle tracking experts have compiled a list of the best real time GPS tracker solutions for 2021. So before you make an emotional purchase to bust your teen for speeding or husband/wife for cheating, take a moment to see which real time devices our team has tested, reviewed, and determined are the best!

Best Real Time GPS Car Tracker 

1. Top Overall GPS Tracker For 2022

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

  • Discover The Truth Instantly 
  • Mini GPS With Magnet Mount (100% Waterproof)
  • Voted “Easiest GPS Tracker To Use” – GPS Tracking Review 2021


An award-winning vehicle tracking device with some of the best online reviews of any real time GPS car tracker, SpaceHawk GPS is the perfect device for both consumers and businesses who want to find out where a vehicle is going. What makes this device stand above other real time GPS tracking devices is that it is portable, waterproof, easily hidden, and can track a vehicle as fast as every 3 seconds! Simply place this hidden GPS tracker inside or underneath a car then see it everywhere it goes from your iPhone, Android, or computer. There is no better tool on the market to catch a cheating spouse, determine if a company driver is misusing mobile assets, or find out if a teen is driving safely. The best part about SpaceHawk GPS is it is backed with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and free technical support (24/7). 




  • Exterior Magnetic Mount To Hide Real Time GPS Under Car

  • Free Tech Support For Life Of Product (Based In United States)

  • Wireless Mini GPS Can Easily Be Hidden On Any Vehicle

  • 100% Legal To Purchase

GPS Trackers

2. Connect Plug & Play GPS

OBD2 trackerDesigned to connect directly to the OBD2 port of any vehicle, the Connect GPS is perfect for large or small businesses who want to improve fleet management, and families worried a senior motorist might be at risk. This real time GPS tracker connects right into the OBD2 port to provide a variety of data related to vehicle diagnostics, speed, and more. What makes this tracker stand above other OBD2 devices is that the tracker provides updates every 3-seconds, and comes with a year of live tracking service! Oh, and if you are worried about a driver tampering with this live GPS tracker, please know that an alert can be sent out if the device is removed from the OBD2 port! 



  • Vehicle Diagnostic Data

  • Simple Plug & Play Design

  • Real Time GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

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3. Everlast Nano 4G Live GPS Car Tracker

best hidden gps tracker for car long battery life

If you are looking for a real time GPS tracker with long battery life then look no further than the Everlast Nano. Routinely used by law enforcement and government agencies, this portable real time car tracker can record roughly 138 hours of wheels-in-motion driving time, which is more than double the amount of battery-life of any other portable live GPS tracker on this list. The intuitive web-based interface is amazingly easy-to-use and service plans are month-to-month with Everlast Nano. This secretive real time GPS tracker also comes with a free waterproof case with a surface magnet so those who want to hide this tracker outside of a vehicle can easily do so!



  • Real Time GPS Tracker Long Battery Life (80+ Hours)

  • Lifetime Access To Historical GPS Tracking Data

  • Month-To-Month Subscription Plans

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4. Vyncs GPS Tracker

OBD2 GPS Tracker

Vyncs GPS is one of the best-reviewed OBD2 trackers on Amazon so for that reason alone we have to put it on our list of the best real time GPS trackers on the market for 2020. This vehicle tracking device has many of the same features as the Plug & Play Sync GPS mentioned earlier with one additional thing we really love: roadside assistance. This is a really great feature for parents who are looking for a teen GPS tracker to make sure that their son or daughter is driving safely. However, the default refresh rate with Vyncs GPS is set for 3-minute updates (you would need to pay for a more expensive monthly subscription plan for something faster), and even more frustrating is the online interface. The simplest way to describe the online interface would be that is not very user-friendly, especially compared to the intuitive Connect GPS.  



  • Basic, Premium, and Pro Subscription Plans

  • Pulls Power From OBD2 Port

  • Roadside Assistance

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5. Performance GPS With Starter Disable

GPS TrackerWhat makes Hawk GPS unique compared to the other real time GPS trackers on this best-of list for 2021 is that it offers the ability to unlock vehicle doors if a driver accidentally locks their keys in a work truck, and disables the starter. The online interface of Hawk GPS is really easy to use and monthly data plans are very affordable at $14.95 a month. However, Hawk GPS has to be professionally installed to the 12-volt system of a vehicle so it really is designed more for business fleet tracking applications. In fact, Hawk GPS is one of the most popular real time GPS trackers used among tow truck companies since the device also has the capability to determine when a tow boom is active! 



  • Starter Disable + Car Door Unlock Feature

  • Affordable Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • Easy Hardwire To Vehicle's 12-Volt System

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6. Real Time Car GPS Tracker With Included Camera

Dash Cam With GPS TrackingIf you really want to know what a driver is doing in your personal or company vehicles then look no further than this real time car GPS tracker with included camera. Not only does this product allow you to track where a driver is located 24/7, but the real time GPS tracker also provides a live video feed! There really is no other real time GPS vehicle tracking solution on the market like this and that is why we give it one of our highest ratings on this best-of-2020 list. However, with kick-ass technology comes a higher price tag. The biggest negative with this tracker isn’t the price (a fair value at $299.00), but the monthly subscription costs of $34.95. Hopefully, as data becomes more cost-effective, the monthly subscription will drop for this live GPS tracking camera. When that happens, this product will definitely move to the very top of our list of best real time GPS tracker solutions!



  • Real Time GPS Tracking Camera

  • Keep Video Record Of Automobile Accidents

  • Complete Fleet Management Solution 

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7. Optimus 2.0

Best GPS Tracking Device

The perfect device for someone in need of a small, micro real time GPS tracker, Optimus 2.0 can be used as both a vehicle tracking device and personal GPS tracker. Hide Optimus 2.0 inside the glovebox or under a seat to secretly track a car using Google Earth or the Optimus 2.0 data reports. Or simply keep Optimus 2.0 in your pocket to record your travels. The best part is this mini real time GPS tracking device even comes equipped with a panic SOS button that can send out an alert if a wandering senior or security personnel needs emergency assistance. However, the short battery-life and lack of a waterproof design make the Optimus 2.0 rank 7th on our list of the best real time GPS tracker for 2020.



  • Panic SOS Button

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Small, Portable Size

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GPS Tracker With Audio
Real Time GPS Tracker For Cars

Honorable Mentions

Below are some other popular live GPS tracking devices we tested. Although the systems had some great features, for a variety of reasons, these devices did not make our list of the best real time GPS tracker solutions for 2020. 

  • Linxup GPS Car Tracking Device
  • LandAirSea GPS 54
  • MotoSafety
  • Spark Nano 7 Personal 4G GPS Tracker
  • SpyTec Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker
  • Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker
  • Tile Mate GPS

Real Time GPS Tracker Reviews

When reviewing each real time GPS tracker our experts focused on metrics such as how easy the device was to use, the cost of the real time GPS vehicle tracker, availability of technical support, design elements, product features, and real online reviews from verified customers (online real time GPS tracker reviews were accessed via Amazon). Every live GPS tracker was tested in real world conditions from activation to tracking a vehicle via online software. 

Tracking System Direct and its security experts received no compensation for the above product reviews for the best real time GPS tracker equipment.