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tracking-key-cap-offWhen a company wants to find out if an employee is slacking while on the clock, or a parent wants to learn if their teen is driving dangerously fast, they both turn toward covert GPS tracking technology. Many people are aware of car navigation devices that provide turn-by-turn directions, and how these navigational tools are typically mounted onto the front windshield of a vehicle. Unfortunately, car tracking units cannot be so obvious in terms of their placement because of the tendency for a user’s need to gather GPS data in secret. Many businesses do not want employees to know they are being monitored, and lots of parents do not want their teens to know they are being watched. The end result is that car tracking spy devices need to be portable, compact and easy to hide, and now device better fits that description than the GPS Tracking Key.

GPS tracking systems built with quality and care are created to provide a covert method of acquiring data in the same way hidden camera systems are utilized to capture video data of nannys, employees and more. The very first thing people will notice when giving the eye test to a covert car tracker such as the GPS Tracking Key is that:

  •  The car tracker is very small in size (roughly the measurements of a pack of chewing gum).
  • The sleek design offers a rugged and durable housing, while the black casing makes the unit blend in flawlessly while attached to the under carriage of a vehicle.
  • The exterior magnetic mount gives users the ability to quickly attach and mount the car tracking unit to a vehicle.

These dynamic elements that were created during the engineering process give this sophisticated car tracking spy unit the ability to go nearly undetected while the system tracks data every single second!

Navigation GPS units do not need to be covertly hidden because the driver is going to need the system in his or her field of view while they operate a motor vehicle, but live GPS trackers often times must be inserted in a secret location. Not only does the covert design provide the essential element of disguise for people utilizing vehicle management and monitoring tools, but it also makes the system nearly impossible to detect by the target vehicle operator.

As long as spy device car monitoring tools are available, company drivers and teens should be on alert, pay attention to the road and drive on their best behavior! Motor vehicle safety and dangerous driving affects everyone on the road.

For more information on spy gear and GPS tracking tools, please feel free to contact a TSD representative 7 days a week.