Carpooling Goes High-Tech

App Promotes Carpooling In New Way

Carticipate Introduces Concept Of Social Transportation

People choose to carpool for a number of different reasons such as an innate desire to be more eco-friendly, or simply to save a little money. Whatever the motivating factor is for carpooling, when people choose to drive together instead of driving alone, money is saved, air quality is improved and less wear-and-tear is caused to vehicles and roadway infrastructure. Although the concept of carpooling has existed ever since the first two co-workers who lived near each other discovered that they could reduce fuel consumption and save on gas money by driving to work together instead of separate, a new app designed for smartphones such as the iPhone called “Carticipate” looks to revolutionize the way friends, family members, and co-workers come together to carpool.

More people are changing their driving behaviors now than ever before because of the skyrocketing rise and volatility surrounding gas prices. “We have more companies contacting us now than in the past about GPS tracking solutions designed to improve fleet management even in the midst of high unemployment and slow economic growth because of the financial impact rising fuel costs are having on business operations”, explained a representative for Tracking System Direct, a wholesale distributor of various GPS tracker devices. Although GPS vehicle tracking technology may be a solution for businesses to reduce fuel consumption and operation costs, regular people who commute back and forth to work every day are instead turning to a new form of social transportation that has been redefined by apps such as Carticipate.

What Is Carticipate?

The creators and marketing brains behind the Carticipate app define the technology as “The first ride-sharing application on a location-aware mobile platform”. What they essentially mean is that the app creates a simple and user-friendly bridge to help connect friends, families, co-workers, and other groups of people that promote ride-sharing, ride combining, and carpooling. The social networking app makes it easy for people to learn where friends and family members are going with the help of a scheduling feature, making coordination of driving plans a breeze. What is even more impressive is that the app is free for download via iTunes! Therefore, anybody can download the app at no charge and get a firsthand experience of how social transportation works.

With so many motorists researching alternative means to cutting fuel costs it would not be a surprise if this app quickly grows in popularity.