Disneyland Employee Busted For Theft

Not So Happiest Place On Earth

Disney Employee Caught Stealing From Park Vacationers

When people go on vacation they expect to relax while taking a little time away from the stresses of their personal life, but for some vacationers who chose to take a break in Florida at one of Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resorts, the last thing they got from their vacation was a good time. The reason why their stay at one of the self-proclaimed “happiest places on Earth” was so dreadful was that these guests had their credit card information stolen by a Disney employee who would then turnaround and sell the credit card information to identity thieves.

How Ana Rosa, the female Disney employee who was behind the theft, would take advantage of vacationers was through her position within the company. Working as a hotel receptionist who was supposed to “help” guests with the check-in process, Rosa would use a variety of skimming devices designed to steal and record the credit card information of visitors. Although Rosa claims in her statement to investigators that she never personally used the credit card information of guests for her own purchases, she did verify that she sold the information to an unidentified suspect for the sum of $500.00 a month.

Rosa, who purchased the credit card skimming machine at a local swap meet for $200.00 along with free passes to the Disney resort, plugged the machine into the credit card swiping machine located at the front desk. Over the course of 120 days, Rosa managed to steal the credit card number of approximately 175 guests, which resulted in over $80,000 in losses.

After cooperating with authorities, Rosa is now facing her sentencing date where it is a fairly certain bet that she will spend at least the next two (2) years behind bars for her participation in the crimes.

Improving Security

Upon hearing about the criminal events that occurred at the Disney Resort, the people at Disney obviously fired Rosa and cooperated fully with the investigation. However, they also stated publicly that they have put into place new security measures designed to offer guests additional protection from something like this ever occurring again in the future. Although most resorts already employ a wide range of hidden camera systems and surveillance style security products to maintain guest protection, it was not reported whether that form of video monitoring technology was a critical part of the successful apprehension of Rosa, who will likely be behind bars for years and then wearing a GPS tracking unit after that.

People who suspect that they may be a victim of identity theft or credit card theft should contact their credit provider(s), and local law enforcement authorities. The longer a person waits to report any crimes the more damage a criminal can do so it is very important to get the process moving as soon as possible.

Source: WFTV