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GPS Tracker For Teenager

How Can I Track My Teenager’s Car?

Teen GPS Buying & Review Guide: Everything Parents Need To Know!

With the number one killer of teens being car-related driving accidents, it is no wonder that when teen drivers get their licenses, parents get anxious. The thought of rebellious teens driving at night or on fast-paced highways is worrisome for all parents and the reason GPS for teenage drivers is now commonplace. Teen trackers are finally giving parents a tool to observe driving activity without being intrusive. So if you are a concerned parent worried your adventurous and sometimes wild teen could be driving dangerously then you need to find out what is going on. Below is our list of the 5 best teen GPS tracker devices to help parents discover what teen drivers are really doing! 

5 Best Teen GPS Trackers 2023

1. SpaceHawk GPS TrackerBest Overall Teen GPS Tracking Device

GPS car trackerOur number one pick as the best teen GPS tracker for 2023, SpaceHawk is a mini GPS tracker that gives parents an easy way to find out where a teen is going, how fast they are driving, and everything in between. There truly is no better way for parents to secretly track the vehicle of a teen driver. 

The key features that make SpaceHawk better than many of the 4-star rated trackers featured on Amazon such as Tracki, SpyTec GL300, and MotoSafety products include its size, usability, and support. For example, SpaceHawk is roughly two inches by one inch in size, making it one of the smallest trackers on the market. And at the same time, the battery life is slightly better than the previously mentioned teen vehicle tracking systems! However, the best feature of this teen GPS tracker is its durability, providing real time vehicle locations with 4G accuracy. With waterproof magnetic housing, speed alerts to improve driver safety, and a nearly impossible-to-detect mini portable size, parents are guaranteed to reduce car crashes and unwanted behavior with this teen tracker GPS locator!

Learn more about this top-rated teen GPS tracking device by CLICKING HERE!


Find Out How Fast A Teen Is Driving

Data Plans As Fast As Every 3 Seconds

Exterior Magnet To Hide GPS Tracker Under Teen's Car 

Award-Winning Tech Support Free For Life Of Product

Dana W
February 16, 2020
Maintained During High Impact Accident
I cannot give a high enough review of this product. My daughter was t-boned by another driver and thanks to this device I was able to locate my daughter without her giving me direction. The device stayed in place despite this high impact accident! Thank you for making such a high-quality product.

2. Connect -OBD GPS Tracker For Teenage Drivers

OBD2 tracker

This simple plug-and-play teen driving monitoring system allows parents to connect the device and forget about it. Connect GPS pulls power from the OBD2 port of your teen’s vehicle so all you need to do is go on your iPhone, tablet, or Android device to see where your teenager is at!

OBD2 tracking devices are great because not only do they tell a parent where their teenager is located, but also how they are driving. With alerts for speeding, harsh braking, and detailed diagnostic reports, it is simple to determine if a teenager is causing damage to a car through negative driving behaviors, Connect GPS gives parents the complete truth with a real-time location update as fast as every 3 minutes. However, the feature our security experts love about this teen tracker is that it has no monthly subscription fees!

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Teen GPS Pulls Power From Car Battery

Detailed Diagnostic Reports Such As Harsh Braking

Real Time GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

Locate A Teen Driver 24/7

3. LandAirSea GPS – Teen Tracker With No Monthly Fees

Smallest GPS Tracker

The latest version of the popular SpaceHawk brand, this teen GPS tracker is perfect for parents who want to secretly track a teenage driver without the subscription fees of other real time devices.

Parents can simply place LandAirSea GPS inside their teen’s vehicle (or underneath the car) and then track that automobile from their mobile phone (smartphone apps) or computer (web browser). With unlimited real time GPS updates every minute and lifetime access to historical driving activity, it has never been easier to find out what a teenager is really doing!

Learn more about this teen driver tracking locator by CLICKING HERE!


100% Waterproof Housing

Live GPS Tracking With No Subscription Fees

Small Size Makes Teen GPS Tracker Nearly Undetectable

Real Time Speed Alerts

4. Everlast – Portable Teen GPS With Longest Battery Life

best hidden gps tracker for car long battery life

One of the top-selling teen GPS trackers of all-time, Everlast GPS provides the most consistent data for any parent who wants to track a teen’s car on this best-of list.

Everlast GPS has the longest battery life of any vehicle tracker on the market today (138 days). That means this teen GPS tracker will provide speed alerts or real-time updates for nearly 6 months. This device will also work in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Where other teen GPS tracking devices on this list only transmit location in the United States, Everlast will record everywhere your teen goes in North America where cellular coverage is present. All parents have to do is use their iPhone or Android device to find out where a teen’s vehicle has been and find out the truth! 

Learn more about Everlast GPS can improve teen driving by CLICKING HERE!


Records Vehicle Movement For 138 Days On Average

Works Anywhere In North America

Surface Magnet To Easily Hide Teen GPS Tracker

SIM Card Included + Affordable Monthly Data Plans ($16.99)

5. SpyTec GL300 – Personal GPS Tracker For Teenager Car

Mini live GPS tracking device

For parents who want something that has the ability to meet both vehicle and personal teen tracking applications, the Mini Tec is truly the perfect option. 

Features that make this teen GPS tracker unique include the compact size of the device which makes it easy to take the Mini Tec on walks or other adventures. While at the same time the included waterproof pelican case allows parents to hide the personal GPS tracker outside of a teenager’s car. 

Learn more about the Mini Tec teen GPS tracking device by CLICKING HERE!


Pocket-Sized Design

Easily Hidden Inside or Outside Teen's Vehicle

Personal GPS Tracker 

Speed + Geo-Fence Alerts 

Notable Teen GPS Tracker Mentions

With nearly 37 tracking devices tested by our security experts, only 5 could make the best teen GPS trackers for 2023 list. Some of these location tracking systems that did not make the cut had cool features, and some even have great reviews. Below is a list of honorable mentions of products that we reviewed. 

  • Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker For Kids
  • Linxup GPS Car Tracker
  • Livewire Volt Fleet Tracking
  • Motosafety  GPS Tracker
  • Logistimatics Mobile-200 GPS with Live Audio Monitoring
  • Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker
  • Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 With Magnetic Case
  • Spy Tec STI GL300 Asset Tracking GPS
  • Bouncie GPS
  • Apple AirTag BlueTooth Trackers For Kids


GPS Trackers

Track A Teen Driver – How Parents Can Find Out The Truth

Teen GPS tracking devices allow a parent to be proactive in modifying and shaping the driving behaviors of their teen while also building trust between the parent and child. With a GPS vehicle tracking solution validating that a teen is exhibiting responsible and cautious driving behaviors, many parents allow the teen to have more freedom. The reason is having the ability to always know where your teen is located provides parents with a greater sense of assurance. With GPS trackers for teen drivers providing real-time GPS tracking updates and an ability to monitor speeding, concerned parents can be notified the very moment a teenager is driving at excessive rates of speed!

Negative Influences On Teen Driving


  • 1 out of 5 teenagers expressed that they think driving fast is fun.
  • 1 out of 4 teen drivers, who also identified themselves as aggressive drivers, stated that they have driven 20 mph over the speed limit more than once.
  • Over half of all teen drivers said they have exceeded the speed limit by over 10 mph more than once.

Peer Pressure:

  • Almost half of all teens stated that they drive more carefully when other teen passengers are not present in the vehicle.
  • Less than half of the teens said they would speak up if a driver were speeding or driving in a scary manner.
  • Almost 70% of teens said they felt unsafe when someone else was driving.

Cellular Phones:

  • Almost 100% of teens expressed that they received or sent a text message while driving.
  • More than half of all teens stated that they talk on the phone while they drive.
  • A driver speaking on the phone while driving is twice as likely to be involved in a traffic accident than someone not speaking on a phone.

Positive Influences On Teen Driving

GPS Trackers For Teen Drivers:

  • Teen GPS trackers can send parents alerts via email or cell phone if a teen driver is driving at unsafe speeds.
  • GPS tracking systems always keep parents “in the know”.
  • Teen GPS vehicle tracker systems give parents peace-of-mind and teens additional freedom.
  • Many insurance companies give discounts to drivers with teen driver GPS tracking systems.


  • Most drunk drivers are on the road from 10:00 p.m.-4:00 a.m.
  • Almost half of all teen automobile deaths occur between the hours of 9:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.

Seat Belts:

  • Teens use seat belts less than any other age group.
  • A person wearing a seat belt is almost 50% less likely to be killed in an automobile accident.

Want to learn more about the best ways of keeping track of your teenager? Then check out our list of the top 5 ways to monitor a teen by clicking here!

What Are The Dangers of Speeding?

Parents must take the topic of safe teen driving very seriously because not only can bad driving habits be financially punishing, but things like speeding can result in death. According to the statistics surrounding teen drivers, nearly 6,000 teens are killed every single year from speeding, the number one cause of early or premature death among people in that age range. With nearly 15% of all fatal car accidents involving a teenager, parents cannot take a chance on letting their teen grab the keys every single day without some form of monitoring or observation of driving habits. This is why even the most simple and user-friendly car tracking devices with no fees for parents continue to be popular tools among parents with teenage drivers.

  • Greater possibility a teen could lose control of the vehicle
  • Reduced response time of a teen driver being able to identify problems on roadways
  • Significant increase in the severity of a crash leading to potentially fatal injuries
  • Reduced fuel efficiency, costing teens more money in fuel consumption

Higher insurance rates and the expense of paying off traffic citations can also be financially stressful for parents who cover many of the costs associated with poor teen driver habits.

Monitor Teen Driving with GPS Tracking

Teen GPS tracking devices can act as effective preventative mechanisms for many forms of negative driving behavior, and the primary negative behavior parents want to use a GPS for teen drivers is to monitor vehicle speed. Specifically, utilize a teen car GPS tracker to make certain that a teenager is not driving at excessive rates of speed. The reason for this is that the statistics are crystal clear in showing that when ateen driver chooses to operate a vehicle at high rates of speed they significantly increase the chance they will be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Even worse is that teens who are involved in car crashes at high rates of speed are more likely to sustain substantial bodily injuries or even lose their lives. Speeding is very serious and when teen drivers engage in this high-risk driving behavior the consequences can literally be life-ending. Monitoring driving speed is probably the best reason for parents to use a teen GPS tracker.

Another positive impact that comes from using a GPS tracker for a teenager is the additional freedoms many teen drivers receive. This is because when concerned parents use a teen GPS tracker they can feel comfortable knowing that a teen driver is driving as safely as possible on the road. With that peace-of-mind knowing a teen driver is safe through the help of teen tracking devices, parents often extend driving privileges. This results in teens getting more freedom and more driving time. The end result is a win/win for both parents and teen drivers!

When a teen driver knows that a GPS car tracker is monitoring their every move they begin to drive more safely and build a foundation of safe driving habits that will last a lifetime!

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Wireless GPS Tracker


How Much Does A Teen GPS Tracking Device Cost?

There are two types of teen driving GPS systems parents can choose from GPS data loggers or real time GPS trackers. Currently, most parents in search of a teen driver tracking device invest in GPS data loggers. The reason is that the mini GPS trackers can easily be hidden in a teen’s car and act as a digital driving coach. Any no monthly fee tracking device for kids will cost parents around $199 per tracker on the high end, and $169 on the low end. Parents seeking a real time GPS tracking solution for GPS teen drivers should expect to invest $99 per real time GPS on the high end, and $59 on the low end. However, since real time teen GPS trackers require a SIM card with a 4G data plan, parents will have to pay an additional $24.95 per month for using live vehicle tracking devices. 

Why Is Safe Teen Driving Important?

Car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. GPS teen trackers can provide parents with peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their child’s driving habits, including location history, time tracking, and real-time tracking of their driving behavior.

How Can GPS Tracking Help With Safe Teen Driving?

GPS tracking can provide parents with peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their child’s location, time tracking, and real-time tracking of their driving behavior. Real-time GPS trackers offer additional safety features like SOS buttons, roadside assistance, and GEO-fencing.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A GPS Vehicle Tracker For Teen Drivers?

Benefits include location history, roadside assistance, SOS buttons, and the ability to monitor driving behavior. Monthly costs vary depending on the device and its features. Look for buying guides, editorial guidelines, and product comparisons before making a purchase.

Is It Legal To Install A Hidden Camera In Your Teen’s Vehicle?

It’s illegal to install a hidden camera on someone else’s property without their knowledge or consent. However, if your teen is under the age of 18 you can legally use a GPS teen tracker, dash cam, or driver monitoring tool to spy on them. Although you should always respect your loved one’s privacy, investing in vehicle GPS trackers or security cameras can provide parents added peace of mind.

How Do I Choose The Best GPS Device For My Teenager?

Consider the device’s battery life, special features like real-time tracking and alerting, customer login, and editorial guidelines. Look for top picks like the Livewire Volt and Vyncs Link for fleet management and driver monitoring.

How Do Driver Report Cards Help Promote Safe Driving Habits?

Driver report cards provide feedback on driving behavior, such as speeding or hard braking. This can encourage safer driving practices and help parents monitor their child’s driving habits.

How Can Social Media Affect Teen Driving Safety?

Social media distractions can increase the risk of accidents. Consider password managers to limit screen time and keep your teen focused on the road. Look for devices with parental control features and smart tags for added safety.

Note: The sources for the statistics mentioned above are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Information regarding teen tracking systems is available at Tracking System Direct for any parent looking to conduct their own research on the benefits of realtime tracking technology.

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