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Dog GPS Tracker UK

Dog Collar GPS Tracker UK

GPS pet trackers are one of the best ways for any dog lovers in the United Kingdom to monitor the location and activity of their furry friends. Dogs bring us so much joy that it only makes sense that safe and user-friendly technologies were developed to locate your pet if he or she ever went missing. But with so many pet trackers and collar or harness options on the market today, what are the best when it comes to keeping your pooch safe? Here is our expert guide on the best dog GPS collar devices for tracking pets’ locations 24/7 so you can have the peace-of-mind knowing your pet is safe!

1. Whistle Go Explore

Our Top Pick For Dog GPS Tracking UK

whistle go explore dog GPS

Our top pick for the best dog GPS tracker, Whistle Go Explore has everything you want in a pet safety device. That means more time focusing on petting dogs instead of worrying about dogs. With solid battery life, easy charging, easy collar clip, and activity and fitness monitor tools, Whistle Go Explore is the best dog GPS tracker UK if you’re in search of a tool to track your pet’s whereabouts! Simply set-up a safe zone (virtual boundary) and be notified via email or text message if your pet ever gets lost!

2. Pawfit

Combining activity monitor technology and Audio ID Tags, Pawfit has helped many pet lovers in the UK locate their missing pups. What makes this dog GPS tracker so cool is the temperature alert feature that will notify you if the dog might be in adverse temperature conditions. Other great features include virtual fencing that will locate your dog if they leave a safe zone and the low investment for the dog GPS tracking device.

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3. PitPat Dog Activity Tracker

Another best selling dog GPS activity monitor in the UK, PitPat easily connects to your smartphone using a mobile app via Bluetooth. This means it does not offer the geolocate fencing and is more designed for your dogs’ health and overall well-being more so than providing real time GPS if you need to locate your pet. One of the features that sets this dog GPS locator apart from others on this list is the long-lasting CR2032 battery, giving users up to one-year of tracking before requiring a replacement. PitPat dog activity trackers also allow you to create a social profile for your dog that includes breed, age, weight, and activity goals designed to help your dog live his or her best life.

PitPat is £39 and the perfect fitness tool for dog lovers who do not need the GPS locator features of some of the pre-mentioned GPS dog collars on this list.

4. Garmin GPS Dog Tracker UK

Best Hunting Dog GPS Tracker UK

Garmin Alpha collars offer some very unique features for their hunting dogs. Why do hunting dogs need GPS you might ask? The reality is when you are out hunting with your furry friend using a dog GPS tracking device you are given the ability able to track your prey (when it is in your hunting dog’s mouth) with better accuracy. There is no better tool that will allow you to track your dog and the kill.

5. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker UK

dog gps tracker

Do you want to access the live tracking location of your pet in an emergency? Or maybe you want to create a virtual fence to set a safe area in case your dog gets lost? Tractive dog GPS tracker UK not only monitors your pet but is a total dog fitness tracker that provides worldwide coverage! Access the location of your pet 24/7 from your iPhone, Android, or web browser with this subscription plan-based tracker starting at £3.73 per month! Tractive GPS dog tracker is also one of the top-selling pet safety products in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland in 2020.

Dog GPS Tracker UK No Monthly Fee

Unfortunately, real time GPS dog collars utilize cellular technologies to transmit GPS signals where your pet is located 24/7. This means dog GPS tracking devices will require a monthly subscription fee for this service. Data plans will vary on the product and service you require for your furry friend!

What Are GPS Dog Tracking Devices?

Pet tracking refers to a dog owner monitoring the movements or “paw activity” of their furry friend with the help of a dog GPS tracker. How it works is a tiny GPS receiver along with a cellular data transmitter is engineered inside the dog collar. The dog GPS collar tracker will then record and store the everyday movements of the animal. Dog owners can then review the “paw activity” by accessing the information stored upon the GPS dog tracker with a user-friendly mobile app. Discovering a dog’s location is as easy as accessing the GPS tracker for your dog with a simple mobile app!

The reason why dog tracking systems are so popular is that many dog lovers will do just about anything to safeguard their pets. Many dogs are more than simply pets, they are viewed as family members or children. This is because dogs have a natural tendency to be compassionate and show unconditional love to even people who abuse them. This is a testament to how much love dogs have had. At the end of the day, people invest in dog tracking devices because they want to take every precaution in safeguarding their furry loved ones, even harnessing safe pet tracking devices that utilize GPS technology to do so.

Pet Tracking Devices

Is GPS Dog Tracking Safe?

In the United Kingdom, one of the top-selling animal accessory products is a device known as the GPS tracker for dogs. Designed to monitor a pets’ activity and allow pet owners to receive alerts if their dog gets lost, this technology that tracks a dogs’ location is literally saving pets’ lives. GPS dog collars allow pet owners to find their dog if he or she ever became lost or missing, but could these pet tracking devices be dangerous for your pet?

For any dog owner, pet safety is always a top concern. This usually begins when the puppy is first introduced to the house, and the puppy-proofing begins. Electrical cords, screws, or anything else that could be potentially harmful to the puppy is placed out of the puppies’ reach in an effort to promote a safe environment. Another way some pet owners are doing to increase safety is through the use of dog GPS tracking collars.

GPS monitoring collars give dog owners the ability to know the exact location of their pet anytime, anywhere. This allows them to constantly stay connected to their dog, allowing the dog owner to easily find their pet if they sneak out of the house or get lost. Although at first glance this seems like a very exciting and helpful technology, these GPS units use cellular technology to transmit the location-based data. Therefore, placing a GPS collar on your dog could be comparable to keeping a cell phone connected around their neck 24/7.

According to recent studies and reports, there are many dangers of cell phone use. These dangers can include memory loss, ear/eye cancer increase, and immune system suppression. Even more strange, is most people already have the knowledge that long-term and heavy usage of cellular phones could have an impact on overall health. Although the average person may only spend an hour on the phone if you knew someone who had a phone strapped to their ear every second of every day would you think that was dangerous? Well, that is pretty much what dog owners are doing when they are strapping real-time tracking GPS units to their dog’s neck.

At this time, no extensive research studies have been conducted on the dangers and possible health risks to animals using GPS collars. This article is simply an opinion intended to provoke conversation and thought.

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