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Tracking System Direct Stands Above The Competition

President Of Operations Discusses GPS Tracking

What Makes Tracking System Direct Different From Other GPS Tracking Companies?

Tracking System Direct customers will feel comforted knowing that this GPS tracking company only offers products that were developed to perform at the highest level and beyond the industry standard. Tracking System Direct requires that every GPS product meet a stringent set of performance guidelines where reliability, accuracy and durability are all tested under a 12-point evaluation process. Tracking System Direct also breaks the mold by offering customer service and sales support 7 days a week, allowing consumers the ability to speak with a GPS tracking professional whenever they have a question.

Why Would A Parent Need A GPS Tracking System?

With personal tracking systems now being affordable and accessible to most families, the result has been an increase in the demand for teen tracking systems and child tracking devices. Parents utilize teen tracking systems for their ability to document specific driving information such as speeds driven and stops made, allowing Mom and Dad to recognize poor driving habits before they become habitual patterns. Having access to a teen’s driving behaviors before they become problematic can be a lifesaver.

As for real-time child tracking solutions, the devices allow parents to keep track of their young children while they are at the park, mall or other environments. Smaller than a large pack of chewing gum, many GPS tracking systems developed for child tracking applications can be placed inside a backpack, pocket or attached to a belt clip. There is no price a person can place on the safety of child, and GPS child tracking technology can provide that assurance and additional security.

Why Would A Business Need A GPS Tracker?

GPS tracking systems offer a variety of benefits to businesses large or small. Whether a business is looking at passive or real-time GPS tracking technology for their monitoring needs, a tracking system can improve fleet management, job costing, employee productivity, dispatching and more. Businesses looking for more complex and elaborate tracking systems can find GPS trackers that will not only record driving-related information, but also come with additional inputs and outputs that can control an assortment accessories on a vehicle such as door locks, car alarms, door sensors and more.

Are GPS Tracking Systems Easy To Install To A Vehicle?

The average consumer has a tendency to believe that GPS tracking systems need to be hard-wired and installed to a vehicle in order to receive GPS tracking data. However, due to the nature of vehicle tracking applications, many consumers have a need for portable, compact and covert vehicle tracking devices. Every GPS vehicle tracker Tracking System Direct offers consumers comes equipped with high-performance magnetic mounts that make installation and removal an ease. Hard-wired tracking systems are also available to consumers/businesses looking for a tracking system solution that offers extended battery life.

What Is The Fastest Growing Segment Of The GPS Tracking Market?

The demand for GPS teen tracking devices has really taken the market by storm over the past 5 years, making it the fastest growing segment of the GPS tracking market. Although the application may come with some controversy regarding teen privacy and intrusion, statistics show that the number one cause of premature teen death among teens is automobile accidents. Monitoring teen driving via tracking system technology provides parents with peace-of-mind, an ability to ensure safe speeds are being driven and many times a reduction in car insurance premiums.