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Jemele Williams is a skilled tech writer hailing from Sandy Springs, Georgia. She is an alumnus of Clark Atlanta University, where she honed her skills in technology and developed a passion for social justice.

Jemele is deeply involved in public activism and is a staunch supporter of social justice matters, including Black Lives Matter and The National Coalition of Black Civic Participation. Her dedication to making a difference is evident not only in her activism but also in her writing, where she often explores the intersection of technology and social justice.

In her leisure time, Jemele enjoys attending music festivals, where she immerses herself in the vibrant energy and creativity of the music scene.

Since 2020, Jemele has been a freelance writer contributing to Tracking System Direct, where she shares her insights on various tech topics. Her articles reflect her deep understanding of technology and its impact on society, making her a valuable voice in the tech community.

Jemele lives by the quote, “I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself,” by Beyoncé. This philosophy fuels her dedication to her work, her activism, and her personal growth.

Jemele is not only a regular contributor to our blog but is also a featured writer in various tech and social justice publications. She enjoys writing about the latest trends in technology, sharing her insights on the impact of tech on social justice matters, and discussing the ways in which technology can be leveraged for positive change.

You can connect with Jemele on LinkedIn, follow her activism journey on Twitter.

Jemele's Posts

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Are Recordings Admissible In Court?

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How Long Can A Police Officer Follow You?

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How To Find Spouses Secret Email Account

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14 Tell Tale Signs Husband Is Cheating Online

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20 Signs Husband Is Cheating With A Co-Worker

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How To Spy On Your Neighbors

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Is It Illegal To Put a GPS Tracker On Someone’s Car In California

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Can a GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner?

Can A GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner?

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Audio Recorder Pen

Audio Recorder To Catch A Cheater

Author Recent Posts Matthew HensonGPS Tracking Expert & Writer at Tracking System DirectMatthew Henson is a GPS tracking and security specialist with over a decade of experience advising businesses on...

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My Car Has GPS Can I Track It

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Best Surveillance Devices For Cheating Spouse

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Is My Boss Tracking My Vehicle

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Waterproof Case For GPS Tracker

Can Police Put A GPS On My Car

Can Police Attach A GPS Tracker To Your Car – Legal Facts & FAQs Cops understand that to catch the bad guys every measure and step must be taken. Unfortunately,...

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