FBI GPS Tracks Student


GPS Tracking Device Found On Car

FBI Place GPS Tracker On Vehicle

FBIMost 20-year-old college students spend the majority of their time studying, hanging out with friends or chasing the opposite sex. Rarely, do young adults of this age have to worry about big brother watching their every move second-by-second via real-time tracking technology, but that is exactly what one college student in Santa Clara is currently going through. Yasir Afifi, a college student living in the Santa Clara region, took his car to the local mechanic to get his oil changed. While performing the oil change, the auto mechanic noticed an unusual black box that was connected to the undercarriage of Afifi’s vehicle. Unknowing of what the device was, the mechanic removed the unidentified object and gave it Afifi. Afifi and one of his close friends then took pictures of the unidentified object and posted them online. What they then discovered was that the unidentified object that was attached to Afifi’s vehicle was a GPS tracking system. A few days after Afifi had the vehicle tracking unit removed from his vehicle, FBI agents came to his apartment and asked for their car tracking surveillance back. Stunned that the government agency was monitoring his every move, Afifi provided the FBI agents with the GPS tracking system.

Afifi later discovered that the FBI agents had been monitoring him somewhere in the range of 3-6 months! Afifi’s father was an Islamic-American who had ties to Egypt, where he died nearly a year ago. Presumptuously, the FBI chose to monitor Afifi’s automobile in a Homeland Security or counter-terrorism effort.

Federal agents and police investigators routinely use live GPS trackers for surveillance applications and to gather evidence against suspects. Do you think that police should be required to get a warrant before using GPS tracking devices on cars or should police authorities have freedom to utilize vehicle tracking technology whenever they feel the need?

Source: Field Logic