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GPS tracking technology is used by law enforcement agencies, businesses, and consumers for a variety of applications. The information acquired from GPS trackers helps law enforcement uncover whether a suspect has committed a crime, businesses monitor company assets, and families track teen driving habits. Every vehicle tracking device has a mapping program that interfaces with GPS tracking data, creating an easy and user-friendly way for people to review historical or live information. With so many different brands of vehicle tracking devices on the market using different mapping programs many consumers are left wondering:

What is the best mapping program for viewing GPS tracking data?

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Tracking System Direct conducted an independent study and found that the most popular and preferred mapping program among vehicle tracking users is a geographic information program called Google Earth.

What Is Google Earth?

Google Earth maps the entire Earth by essentially superimposing millions of satellite images and aerial photos. The mapping program allows users to view houses, cities, 3D buildings, and more from different perpendicular, oblique, and other unique angles, giving the user an intimate feel of the area they are viewing. The program also allows users to view traffic information by monitoring traffic speed in real-time every 200 yards.

The newest item integrated into Google Earth is its street view feature. Google Earth street view gives users the ability to access 360-degree panoramic views of high-resolution images at the street level. The images for the street view feature were captured by automobiles mounted with cameras. The street view feature typically leaves most users in amazement with the stunning imagery it provides.

Google Earth provides the user with extremely detailed satellite imagery in their mapping, making the program the perfect avenue to view recorded GPS tracking data over.

Google Earth comes in two versions: Google Earth the free version, and Google Earth Pro, which costs $400 per year to use and is marketed toward businesses, but both are used as mapping programs for GPS tracking applications.

GPS Online Tracking Google Earth

Many GPS vehicle tracking devices utilize Google Earth mapping because of the program’s aesthetic and user-friendly features. GPS data loggers that are compatible with Google Earth make viewing recorded GPS tracking data over the satellite program very simple when you take the tracking system off a target automobile and download the data.

When a tracking system records data the information is either stored on the tracking system’s internal memory or transmitted over a cellular network where users can view GPS tracking data in real-time. The information gathered from the vehicle tracking device will then be superimposed over Google Earth, allowing the GPS tracking user to view every location a driver traveled with precision and detail. Street addresses are even included.

Another reason why Google Earth mapping is a favorite among GPS tracking users is that software-based real-time GPS tracking applications that use Google Earth upload much faster. When Google Earth mapping is combined with software-based real-time GPS tracking systems mapping information is cached, therefore, the map does not need to continuously load back up, resulting in much faster upload times. Many real-time vehicle tracking mapping programs can be very glitchy as GPS tracking data is received faster than the map can process and plot the information.

When it comes to mapping programs nothing can compare to Google Earth, and that is why some of the best GPS tracking devices utilize Google Earth mapping.