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GPS Signal Jammers Guide 2023

A collection of earth-orbiting satellites transmits radio signals back to the surface. These satellites make up the Global Positioning System. The GPS signals are received by a GPS device, which uses triangulation to calculate position. Standalone portable units and communication devices, as well as vehicle navigation and positional equipment and compact GPS tracking devices, use this method for calculating the current location.

Triangulation is a way of calculating a position by measuring three different locations. Therefore, users can utilize triangulation to locate their current location. Three satellites circling the planet determine the location of a vehicle with a navigation system. GPS satellites can communicate the position to the GPS tracking devices with an accuracy of just a few inches via approximation. 

GPS signal jamming devices are low-power radio frequency (RF) devices that disrupt legal communication systems, including mobile phones, navigation systems, Wi-Fi networks, and traffic scanners. Low-power microwave transmissions emitted by GPS satellites are used by GPS receivers. Signal jammers work by amplifying the strength of these satellite transmissions. They also send out shorter-range radio transmissions to produce “interference” that fools GPS monitoring devices into believing there are no GPS transmissions present. “Spoofing” is another term for this.

A variety of vendors produce GPS-blocking devices. As a result, they come in a wide range of forms, sizes, and measurements. They are difficult to notice within a driver’s car. GPS blockers are most often used over short distances. So, they’re tiny enough to connect to a power source such as a cigarette lighter or an iPhone charger to block the transmission to a GPS tracker mounted in the car’s dashboard. This can mess with vehicle tracking and cause issues for car GPS systems.

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What Is GPS Jamming – What You Need To Know

Originally, GPS signals jammers were developed by the government for defense and espionage services. They can be used to confuse the adversary about precise positions or where GPS ballistic missiles or explosives would land.

Citizens have recently sought out these anti-tracking GPS systems in order to protect their anonymity in an increasingly GPS-tracked environment. Most individuals, on the other hand, find it difficult to access the skills to build their own handmade devices. This is because it entails a little more than just blocking GPS satellite signals with conventional electronic interference. So, how do GPS jammers work?

The technique of employing a radio-emitting instrument to disrupt or tamper with communication systems is GPS jamming. Phone conversations, portable cell phone messages, GPS systems, and Wi-Fi connections are all examples of signals that may be blocked. GPS spoofing is another name for it. Moreover, such GPS jamming gadgets are also known as portable cell phone jammers or signal blockers.

Understanding How Do GPS Jammers Work

Vehicle tracker systems rely on GPS coordinates for navigation. Moreover, fleet management software applications also use GPS systems. So, understanding GPS jamming functionality is essential to combat such issues. Here are some easy steps to understand the basic functionality of GPS jammers.

  • You can plug the GPS jamming device into an external power socket in the car.
  • The device is near the car GPS tracker that has been mounted in the car.
  • When activated, the car GPS jammer sends out interference rf signals that cover a 5-to-10-meter area. This disrupts GPS satellite transmission.
  • Finally, because of the interference, satellite signals are disrupted. Therefore, the navigation system is unable to identify the user’s actual location.

Can You Buy A GPS Jammer? [GPS Jammers Sale]

Now that you know what GPS jammers are and how they work, you can also choose to purchase GPS signal jammers for yourself if you are interested in blocking someone from using their cell phone or tracking a vehicle. However, purchasing a signal blocker is not as easy as walking into a store and buying the device of your choice. For example, you cannot buy such jammers in the USA since this type of technology is illegal. So, anything from Mini GPS jammer devices to portable jammer devices is unavailable in traditional retail stores. There are also jammer 2g 3g devices for different kinds of communication formats. Even these GPS jamming devices are illegal in the USA, and you cannot buy them anywhere.

GPS Jammer Best Buy

You can easily buy modern GPS tracker systems on Best Buy. However, there is no option to buy GPS jamming devices since these are illegal in the USA.

GPS Jammer Walmart

Whether you want to buy a cell phone jammer or a GPS single blocker, the purchase is illegal in the USA. So, you cannot get a phone jammer at Walmart. Moreover, you cannot buy WIFI jammers or GPS signal blockers as well.

GPS jamming equipment might be illegal to use and not found at many electronic stores, you can still find devices such as drone jammers, spy camera devices, Wi-Fi Bluetooth jammers, and other shielding/jamming equipment online with a little research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GPS Jammers Legal?

Everything from desktop jammers to mobile phone jammer devices and GPS jammers is illegal in the USA. Anything that blocks GPS signals is illegal to purchase or use in the United States. Even a simple drone jammer is illegal in the USA.

Several nations, including the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom, have made GPS jamming illegal. Anything that disrupts GPS signals is illegal. The Federal Communications Act of 1934 made it illegal to promote, sell, or use GPS jammers in the United States. This law makes it illegal to import, manufacture, distribute, sell, acquire, and use GPS jamming equipment. There are severe penalties for employing jammers, including:

  • Fines Of Up To $100,000 Or More Are Possible;
  • Incarceration;
  • Seizing Of the Jamming Devices.

Jamming devices are not only unlawful, but they may also be deadly if used improperly. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) penalized a New Jersey truck driver for approximately $32,000 after his GPS jamming equipment disrupted air traffic control signals at an airport. The worker had hidden his whereabouts from his company by using the jammer in his company vehicle. Utilizing radio surveillance equipment, an FCC investigator was able to find the jammer and verify that it was the source of the disturbance.

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How To Prevent GPS Jamming?

If you want to protect your GPS device systems from GPS blockers, there are some useful steps for you. One of the most common ways is to install a pre-programmable GPS tracking device. It will automatically shut down the car when it detects GPS blockers or shielding instrument devices. This way, you can enjoy ultimate fleet tracking without any issues. 

Another way to combat tracking devices is to install multiple GPS devices in the car. This way, even if one or more devices are down, you can still get the location of your car. It may cost you a little bit more, but it will be worth it. Moreover, companies offer discounts on bulk GPS device installations.

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