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GPS Tracker Instrumental In Arrest Of Bank Robbers

If the same technology that is available today was present back when John Dillinger and Jesse James were alive, the two infamous bank robbers likely would have chosen a different career path. No longer can criminals walk into a bank, steal large sums of money and think they got away when the getaway driver slams down the gas pedal. This is because banks and police are now utilizing GPS tracker and vehicle tracking technology to locate bank robbers in real-time!

When a Bank of North Georgia located in Hiram was robbed by two men, a quick-thinking bank employee tossed in a micro GPS tracking system along with the cash that the criminals asked for. “GPS monitoring devices are already used by police and government agencies for a variety of surveillance applications so they are very well equipped and familiar with reading location-based GPS data over mapping programs such as Google Earth and relaying acquired positions to officers on the ground”, explained a Tracking System Direct(TSD) employee who also stated that law enforcement is one of the primary purchasers of car tracking systems. When the officers investigating the bank robbery gained access to the GPS data being sent out from the tracker they were able to quickly apprehend Jemal Coleman and Vernon Keith McDougald, the two men suspected of the crime.

Ground units who accessed the digital path created from the GPS tracker followed the data to an apartment complex where the suspects were placed under arrest and the stolen cash was recovered.

Theft recovery devices can be used and applied to essentially anything from mobile assets to bags full of cash, and that is what makes real-time GPS tracking technology so unique and advantageous for businesses, consumers, and police agencies”, said the TSD employee. “I cannot tell you how many times we have had our customers contact us saying that with the help of a device such as the SilverCloud GPS that they were able to recover a stolen vehicle, bust an employee misusing company equipment, and more.”

Officers involved in the case stated that the GPS and corresponding data transmitted were instrumental in the swift recovery of the cash and arrest of the two suspects.

Source: My Fox Atlanta