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Used GPS Tracker For Sale

Used GPS Tracking Systems For Sale

There are a number of things that all of us have in common, and one of those things is wanting to get the best deal possible to save a little extra cash. This is why so many people choose to shop online, as it is widely recognized that online retailers do not have to pay excessive overhead, resulting in better deals for the consumer. When it comes to GPS tracking technology, most interested buyers first stumble across the live tracking solutions such as the SilverCloud that cost roughly $400 and require monthly service obligations. Although there is no denying the quality and efficiency of such vehicle tracking solutions, many consumers simply do not have the budget for real-time monitoring. That leaves two options, try and find a used GPS tracker for sale or invest in a more cost-effective device such as a GPS data logger.


Pros and Cons of Buying Used GPS Equipment

Many people looking to save a buck or two will often shop on online auction sites such as eBay to find used GPS monitoring and fleet management equipment. Although it is true that used GPS products are often more reasonably priced than brand new GPS products, buyers need to beware when if they intend on investing in a used device. First of all, when a GPS device trades ownership the one-year manufacturer’s warranty then becomes void. That means if there is something wrong with the unit the buyer is out of luck!

Not having the protection of a warranty really places the user at a disadvantage, but when people invest in a used wireless GPS tracking devices they also risk purchasing a device that could have parts missing. Many passive GPS trackers for cars are engineered with rubber gaskets, magnetic mounts, and other pieces to provide an element of water protection. However, when someone purchases a used tracker they are rolling the dice, assuming that every component of the car tracker is intact and working. Even though a GPS system might look as though it is in perfect condition it is possible that the car tracker could have missing parts.

Nothing would be worse than purchasing a defective personal tracking system, but that is the gamble consumers take when they purchase pre-owned equipment. Another drawback of purchasing used security products is that even if the consumer is lucky enough to have purchased a product that has all of the parts and appears to be working functionally, the buyer will not receive any support from the reseller or manufacturer in terms of technical assistance. One of the great things about purchasing technology-based products from a company such as Tracking System Direct is that they extend lifetime technical support on all products purchased! Therefore, if the buyer ever has any questions about how to download software, access historical driving reports, utilize Google Earth or something else, free assistance is only a telephone call or email away!

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GPS tracker sale

Best Buy GPS Tracker Car

As with most things in life, people get what they pay for. However, for those who are no longer interested in purchasing a used GPS system, there are still options available to get a quality product while saving some money. Here is a brief list of what consumers can do:

  • Shop Online. Pricing for products, especially technology and GPS products, will always be better through an online retailer.
  • Search Google For Coupon Codes. Often times online retailers will extend special promotions and discounts as a way to move excess inventory or make room for new products.
  • Contact The Merchant Directly. Ask if they are having any promotions or sales that you can take advantage of before making the commitment to purchase. At the very least the buyer may be able to get free shipping out of the deal.
  • Consider GPS Data Loggers. If live car trackers with a monthly subscription fee are too expensive, a solid and reliable alternative could be an investment in data loggers. Since passive GPS units only capture data, they do not require any monthly service fees, SIM cards, and the hardware costs typically 40%-50% less than real-time devices! Not to mention, passive trackers record data every second and do not depend on cellular communication or cell service in any way to perform. The one slight drawback with these types of trackers is that the data must be downloaded manually by the user.

There are a number of different ways buyers can get a quality GPS product while not breaking the bank. With a little bit of research, and by following the above tips, people interested in GPS products can save!

how to save money buying a gps trackerCraigslist GPS For Sale

There are very few feelings that are better than swiping up a good deal, and with many merchants choosing to set-up e-commerce stores rather than retail facilities, the savings are becoming even easier to access. The reason is that retail stores have the heavy overhead that includes renting a large amount of space for a facility, and typically requiring more employees to keep the retail machine moving. Since e-commerce merchants establish themselves online they are able to significantly reduce overhead, thereby passing the savings onto the customer (Sometimes standard retailers will actually raise prices if their overhead is too high!). Shopping online is a great way to instantly access reviews and good deals, but for those looking at how to save money buying a GPS tracker, there is always Craigslist.


When most people think of Craigslist they think about searching for apartments/housing, employment classified ads, personal relationship ads or finding some miscellaneous used items. Although it is certainly true that Craigslist provides an excellent way to find information on all of those things, many online retailers are seeing Craigslist as a very valuable tool to help boost sales while offering tremendous deals for the customer. The reason why so many online merchants prefer to utilize popular sites such as Craigslist over eBay is that:

  • Posting ads on eBay requires the merchant to pay insertion fees.
  • When a product on eBay sells the merchant is required to pay final value fees.
  • With PayPal being the dominant payment processing center for eBay transactions (PayPal is owned by eBay) when money is transferred from customer to merchant the merchant will be billed payment processing fees.
  • Merchants are limited to the number of product images they can use on eBay unless they want to pay more for more images.
  • Craigslist is free.
  • Craigslist is designed to be localized, resulting in faster shipping and handling times.

GPS Tracking Systems On Craigslist

Understanding the advantages and benefits Craigslist can offer, Tracking System Direct made the decision to post ads on the online marketplace in select areas in an effort to extend the best online pricing to customers looking for tracking systems. “The goal of Tracking System Direct has always been to create an atmosphere where people interested in vehicle tracking technology could access a wealth of information, quality customer care and the best online pricing”, explained a fleet management expert for the Southern California company. “By using Craigslist, we can reach a broader audience and are given the opportunity to showcase products such as the GPS Tracking Key and SilverCloud to online shoppers who may have thought sophisticated surveillance monitoring devices were not as affordable as they really are now. By utilizing a platform such as Craigslist, we are making significant headway in breaking the stigma associated with GPS tracker devices, showing that the technology is cost-effective and user-friendly.”

People interested in finding a great deal should turn to a variety of online avenues to seek out the best bargains, and Craigslist should be involved in the process. Tracking System Direct is proud to have established itself on Craigslist, and only expects good things to continue from the online platform showcasing exclusive real-time GPS devices and GPS data loggers!

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