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GPS Tracker For Police Squad Cars

GPS Tracking Police Cars

Police enforcement agencies all across the United States have felt the burden of shrinking budgets and fewer resources. However, that has not stopped the men in blue from being able to conduct their work at some of the highest levels of efficiency, which is something reinforced by the fact the crime levels all over the nation are some of the lowest in the past 50 years. Better training, real-time information, and various technological devices are all significant factors that have helped police departments maximize efficiency, but when it comes to mobilization, deployment of resources, and accountability, nothing has been more effective than GPS tracking systems for police cruisers.

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GPS monitoring systems are used for a variety of applications from assisting parents in teen driving safety to helping car dealerships find a vehicle on a car lot, but that same technology has become crucial in assisting police agencies with vehicle management. For example, when a police department equips police cruisers with live tracking technology that department has the ability to locate all squad cars in the field instantly. Having the ability to locate every police cruiser working in the field isn’t just something that can literally save an officer’s life, but the technology can help in other ways in terms of management. Other methods in which GPS monitoring has been helping police include:

  • Squad Car Theft Protection
  • Surveillance On Criminals
  • Route Management
  • Officer Accountability
  • Search & Rescue

Imagine for a moment that a shooting occurs in a public place. Sadly, this is something that occurs frequently in a nation that loves its firearms. Shootings happen every day in the United States and when those bullets are fired it is the police that are often the first responders. When everyone runs away for safety it is police officers who run toward the violence. These situations can be very dangerous and during these tense moments, it is important for police departments to know where each police cruiser is located, determine how quickly those squad cars can arrive at the crime scene, and essentially try to get reinforcements to a location as soon as possible. Something that can save the lives of cops.

“We have worked with numerous police departments to help them outfit police cruisers with real-time GPS locational technology so that dispatch officers can track every squad car driving in the field”, explained a sales representative for a GPS auto tracking business. “The live updates from our trackers have been critical in helping police manage vehicles, make sure cops are engaging in appropriate conduct and so much more. However, the most impressive feedback we have received from police using auto trackers is with the stories where the technology played a role in helping officers arrest a drug dealer, catch a pedophile or track down some other criminal.”

How To Track A Police Cruiser

When a department invests in GPS auto tracking systems, the technology can then locate all vehicles equipped with the trackers and report the live locational information of each vehicle. This information includes the speed a police cruiser travels, the addresses a squad car stopped at, and numerous other data related to travel activity. All the tracking data is stored on secure servers where it can be accessed online anytime via smart phone or computer. The technology has been effectively used in helping police catch criminals, conduct internal investigations among bad apples and track police squad cars any time in real time.


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