Hiding A GPS Device In A Child’s Shoes

kid GPS Child safety has been at the forefront of media talking points over the past week after the horrific shootings in Florida at Stoneman Douglas where approximately 20 kids were gunned down by a AR-15. Although lawmakers on both eh republican and democracy side of the aisle are now debating what measures should be taken to enhance student safety, parents are left wondering what they can do. This is because one of the scariest moments for parents was when at the time of the shootings they were unable to reach their kids at the school, leaving worried parents wondering if their loved ones were safe. One solution many parents are now talking about in the wake of the shooting is GPS tracking systems for kids shoes.

GPS Tracking Children’s Shoes

Routinely used by businesses to track company vehicles, GPS tracking devices are now often employed by parents as a way for them to monitor their kids. How the process works is the child keeps a small personal GPS tracker in their pocket, backpack or shoe. The tracking device then sends out location data that pinpoints exactly where that child is at. This real-time data is stored online where parents can access it by a computer or cell phone with Internet. The tracking units also offer other safety features that parents can find advantageous such as:

GEO Fencing: An alert that tells parents when a child enters or exits school ground

Panic Button: Parents can be alerted if a child is in danger

Pocket-Sized GPS Devices For Kids

The great thing about many live personal GPS systems is that they are portable and small enough for any kids to wear or keep on them. This means the live GPS tracker can be kept the pocket, inside a backpack or even stuffed into a kid’s shoe (although that might feel a little uncomfortable). Personal GPS devices also offer approximately 15-20 hours of continuous tracking time so parents can monitor their kids’ whereabouts while they are at school and even afterwards! This gives parents the ability to safely keep an eye on their kids consistently.

“When the tragic events of Sandy Hook occurred, our offices saw an increased number of calls from parents who wanted to know what type of technological solutions were available to help them monitor their children”, explained a sales rep for Tracking System Direct. “The great thing about these live GPS devices is they give a child the ability to call out for help via the panic button feature, help parents keep an eye on their kids if they wander away, and even when the child becomes a teen the GPS can then be used for driving safety.”

Child safety will always be a top priority for parents and thankfully technological products such as real-time GPS is helping boost that personal safety. Becasue anything that can be done to enhance kid safety is a noble investment.