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Google-Checkout-ReviewsTracking System Direct believes that feedback is critical for both the merchant and the customer. From the merchant perspective, when an existing client offers their personal experience ordering online, speaking with technical assistance, or working with a salesperson, the merchant can then review those experiences and details in order to deliver both better products and services. Customers also greatly benefit from the experiences of past customers because potentially new customers or clients can use services such as Google Checkout to access what other buyers thought of a particular online merchant. In a strategic effort to consistently enhance the customer experience, Tracking System Direct will be offering $10.00 instant rebates on all GPS truck tracker and car tracking products for return customers who take a moment to rate their personal buying experience with Google Checkout!

The Importance Of Reviews

When Tracking System Direct was working side-by-side with engineers who were developing the GPS Tracking Key, years were spent analyzing the feedback, complaints, and positive experiences of those who had purchased and operated the standard GPS Tracking Key. After combing through both the good and bad reviews, adjustments were made to alleviate customer complaints regarding hardware and software operation, as well as miscellaneous information that could improve the overall customer experience with the product. Understanding the immense value of customer feedback and reviews, Tracking System Direct wants to take every possible measure to encourage buyers to share their thoughts with Southern California based GPS fleet tracking company.

“All of the GPS vehicle tracking device experts understand that most online shoppers will frequently read reviews of buyers, but will oftentimes not take the time to draft reviews themselves unless their experience was either extreme one way or another”, explained a Tracking System Direct GPS vehicle management expert. “Any feedback or correspondence with the customer is appreciated, and that is why this GPS tracker company wants to offer an incentive for every buyer, even those who had what would be described as a “typical” online shopping experience, to post a simple review using Google Checkout”.

Those customers who go through the process of purchasing GPS monitoring products or accessories at Tracking System Direct and would like to post a review can do so by logging into their Google Checkout account that is created at the time of purchase. After the review is confirmed by the GPS monitoring specialist, that buyer will be offered a $10.00 instant credit on any purchase of another device or security product. The $10.00 instant rebate credit will stay valid for 90 days from the time of the posted review.

Anyone wanting more details can contact Tracking System Direct for information on the Google Checkout review promotion.