GPS Tracking Company Uses Google Checkout

Purchase Online With Simplicity & Security Using Google Checkout

Safety, security and simplicity are the primary concerns of Tracking System Direct when it comes to online transactions. That is why the GPS tracking systems company is proud to announce that along with accepting invoices via PayPal, the global distributor of GPS vehicle management and fleet tracking equipment will now offer Google Checkout as a form of payment processing for all online orders!

Tracking System Direct has always believed in a philosophy of simplicity and accessibility when it comes to everything web-based. That is why the GPS personal tracker experts at Tracking System Direct draft articles related to the latest news surrounding GPS monitoring technology, provide in-depth analysis and product reviews of a variety of surveillance gear, showcase law enforcement, military and private investigation applications of GPS systems and feature only the absolute best real-time and data logging GPS equipment the industry has to offer.

“What separates us from other GPS companies is that our primary goal is not simply to sell products, but rather to represent the online authority of everything related to GPS monitoring and vehicle management technology”, explained a GPS business tracking expert for Tracking System Direct. “We want to provide assistance to everyone interested in learning about GPS monitoring technology, from parents seeking a device to record teen driving to families who want to make certain an elderly driver is still practicing safe driving habits. We pride ourselves on helping everyone, not only specifically businesses looking to improve fleet operations and theft-recovery strategies.”

Google Checkout: Making Online Shopping Simpler

In an effort to bring all online shoppers visiting the Tracking System Direct e-commerce website the absolute best service possible, the GPS company has chosen to utilize Google Checkout as the primary form of payment processing. The reason behind this decision was simple: Google Checkout has revolutionized online shopping in both terms of security and simplicity. What makes Google Checkout so great is that it allows online shoppers to create one account for purchasing at all online stores across the web. Therefore, there is no need to have multiple online accounts for different merchants, allowing various companies access to the consumer’s personal credit and identification information. With Google Checkout, the consumer only needs one singular account for all online purchases, while also being provided the highest of payment and buyer protection.

“Most people already have a gmail account, Google Plus social networking account or use Google for online search, therefore people can expect that same type of quality service with Google Checkout”, stated a Tracking System Direct customer care representative.

Anyone who would like more information about Google Checkout or other alternative methods of payment can contact a sales associate at Tracking System Direct seven (7) days a week.