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GPS Monitoring Animals For Preservation

How GPS Satellite Technology Could Save Species

GPS tracking systems are most commonly associated with vehicle management applications, but to scientists who observe animal species trying to sustain existence, the satellite tracking technology can literally be a life -saver. “GPS units that send location information in real-time, offer biologists, ecologists and conservationists the ability to conduct detailed experiments”, said a GPS fleet tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. “By placing portable live tracking devices on a small sample size of target animals, scientists can acquire enormous amounts of information relative to how that particular species interacts with their habitat, predatory environment, fellow species and more.” Making a case for utilization of GPS as an animal tracking solution is an easy sell, but should those species placed on the national endangered list be required to have some small population of species undergo GPS monitoring?

How GPS Can Help Endangered Wildlife

First of all, it is important to note that this article is in no way suggesting a GPS tracker be equipped to significant portions of an animal species that is classified as endangered, but rather suggesting those species categorized as “endangered” undergo more meticulous observation. GPS tracking systems make logical sense for wildlife tracking applications because the devices can:

  1. Document how long a target species stays in a particular location.
  2. Account for movements during mating and/or hibernation seasons.
  3. Provide analysis on potential harmful interactions between the endangered species and humans or predators.
  4. Transmit alerts if an animal equipped with a tracker enters or exits a pre-set region.

All of this information is critical to helping scientists understand the likely cause for the decline in population among a particular species, and result in the creation of new hypothesis’ on what measures can be made to ensure the continued
survival of that species.

Currently, scientists all across the globe use real-time GPS trackers to monitor everything from the impact of poaching among tiger and elephant populations, to mating patterns of baby turtles off the coastal regions of Hawaii.

Endangered Species List

When a species receives the label “endangered“, that should mean special measures and attention must fall upon society to ensure that species’ survival. This should include things such as ceasing development upon land inhabited by that species, and mandatory research that calls upon GPS to monitor animal movements. These small steps will help our society better manage and save many exotic and wonderful species for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.