GPS Tracking Hard-Wire Cables

Real Time GPS Wiring

Hard Wired Tracker

PRO_HARD_WIREWhether a GPS tracking user selects to invest in a more cost-effective passive monitoring device or a sophisticated live tracking solution, having multiple power options for that particular device is crucial. This is because some businesses have fleets operating in the field for 8-10 hours per day, requiring a permanent electrical connection to extend battery-life, and at the same time some consumers need to have a portable solution to monitor teenage driving activity or other personal tracking application. Providing this flexibility is essential since so many people utilize GPS tracking systems for different tracking applications, and it is one of the primary reasons why some people complain about the GPS Tracking Key (A passive system that has no secondary power options, running only off the system’s two (2) AAA batteries). Since the Tracking System Direct (TSD) motto has always been to provide the most sophisticated, cost-effective surveillance and GPS monitoring equipment the GPS market has to offer, TSD has made the decision to offer hard-wire cables for the GPS Tracking Key Pro, SilverCloud tracker and Victoria system as accessories starting today!

Installing a GPS Tracker

TSD has always emphasized the importance of having all GPS tracking systems perform above the industry standard, and that is why all trackers must have the ability to operate as a portable unit for extended periods of time. Therefore, no car tracking solution offered as part of the TSD inventory requires the need for permanent installation However, hard-wiring a vehicle tracking system can provide certain benefits such as:

  1. Consumers can hard-wire a GPS car tracker to their vehicle as a form of auto-theft prevention.
  2. Families can monitor the driving habits of an elderly driver who might be driving erratic.
  3. Parents can observe teenage driving habits to check for speeding.
  4. Business can improve GPS fleet management operations and monitor employee productivity.

Permanently installing a GPS can offer a great deal of benefits, but that does not mean it is 100% necessary to hard-wire a tracker. Using a GPS as a portable solution will work just fine for many consumers, but for those looking to eliminate the hassle of constantly recharging internal batteries, the hard-wire option is available.

Anyone with questions regarding the pros and cons of hard-wiring a GPS data logger or real time GPS tracker, or those interested in learning more about the new line of TSD GPS tracking accessories can contact a Tracking System Direct representative at anytime. We are available 7 DAYS A WEEK to assist YOU!