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Useful App Uses GPS Tracking In Unique Way

People use GPS tracking system technology for a variety of applications from improving business fleet management to overseeing what a teen driver is up to when they are behind the wheel. GPS is now simply a way of life, as many people call upon satellite technology to guide them through unfamiliar locations and more. Making the technology even more useful for people is how all cellular and mobile smartphones manufactured must be equipped with a GPS chip that provides location-based information. This essentially makes any cell phone owner a GPS owner. This also allows smartphones to get even smarter, as thousands of apps are now tapping into the GPS chip embedded in cellular phones for numerous different functional reasons. One app that has exploded in popularity over the past few years is called AroundMe, and it is making it even easier to access useful information about a user’s surroundings.

What The App Offers

AroundMe is an app that makes it easy for a person to locate information about their surroundings within seconds. The best way to describe what the app does is by presenting the following questions:

  1. Have you ever been driving and noticed that your gas tank was on empty, but you had no clue where the nearest fuel refilling stations was?
  2. Have you ever needed money and wanted to locate a nearby ATM machine?
  3. Have you ever found yourself in an emergency situation, needing to locate the nearest veterinarian clinic or hospital?

AroundMe was basically designed to answer all of these questions and more, helping people locate various information about local and unfamiliar surroundings by utilizing the real time GPS tracking info in a person’s cellular phone. First, the AroundMe app will locate where a person is. Second, the app will present categories of information for the user to choose from such as banks, gas stations, hotels, coffee places, hotels and more. The user can then select the category of what they are in search of, and the app will pull up a list of the closet hotels, bars or gas stations, depending on what the user selects. AroundMe will then provide information about how far the places are (e.g. 2.6 miles, 284 yards), and makes it easy to access exact directions on how to find these places using Google Maps.

“There are so many useful apps on the market that are really great, but this app is definitely a must-have for people who travel, or those who struggle with directions”, explained a GPS expert for Southern California company Tracking System Direct.

People interested in checking out the mobile app can download it for free from iTunes. The app can be downloaded directly from a user’s mobile phone within seconds.