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GPS Tracking Politicians

GPS Tracker For Politicians

If America’s forefathers such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Benjamin Franklin were still alive today they would probably be disgusted with many of the people who hold positions in government. This is because corruption in government is as common as acne on a teenager’s face in this day in age. Stories about politicians not paying their taxes, taking kickbacks, receiving huge financial donations from corporations, selling Senate seats, and taking ridiculous salaries are the new norm for today’s politicians. Making matters worse is that there really are very few politicians left, Republican or Democrat, with good ethics and character. This is because, in order to succeed in politics, politicians must play the backdoor deal, corporate finance, “do what is best for my party rather than my people” game.

Although the new era politician has little to be accountable for, what if there was a way to observe the activity of politicians who have a history or record of questionable behaviors? Behaviors such as engaging in drug use while in office, or having overseas love affairs all at the expense of the taxpayer. What if politicians, the people in charge of our taxes, roadways, and general welfare/well-being, were required to wear GPS tracking system devices during their time in office if it was ever found that they were engaging in activities that were deemed unethical or corrupt?

Would you be in favor of a proposition or law that would make it mandatory for politicians to wear the same type of GPS tracking devices that sex offenders are required to wear if they were found to be misusing political powers?

Should the Bell City Council members accused of taking ridiculous salaries and grants from the city be required to wear real-time tracking units for the remainder of their time in office for their unethical actions? Should they also face jail sentences?

Will a third political party ever transpire to break the country from the corporation and union-influenced politicians that now dominate the government?

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