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All of us at Tracking System Direct do not see ourselves as simply a supplier of the most sophisticated vehicle-tracking equipment online, but rather as an information hub dedicated to gathering and showcasing all of the latest news and stories related to the GPS industry. We strive to bring not only people interested in purchasing GPS equipment the most informative text but anyone looking to gain knowledge about this booming technology the answers they seek. We also try and display this content in an organized fashion so anyone with a particular application can easily read stories, news events and commentary about that application. This is why we break down users into three categories of professionals, businesses, and consumers. These main categories are then accompanied by multiple subcategories such as fleet tracking, teen tracking, elderly tracking, relationship tracking, private investigation tracking and more, making it easy for any person to read about the topics that they are interested in reading about. We have built this online community for you, and encourage everyone to participate in the community. This is why we would like for anyone with information, news, or stories about the GPS tracking and navigation industry to feel free and email us about those hot topics so we can write about the story and post it on our site!

People interested in becoming more involved in our online community can participate in a few of the following ways. The most simple approach is to simply come to our website and read some of our stories. If you agree or disagree with the article, feel free to voice your opinion by posting a comment on that article. Your opinion matters, and we would love to get your thoughts on any of our articles.

Another way to become more involved with our online community is by writing for us! Tracking System Direct encourages anyone interested in becoming a blog or creative writer to use our platform to showcase your talent. This is an easy way for you to build your resume and get immediate exposure online as a published author. We are not super picky about topics, meaning you can write opinion articles on popular topics such as benefits or disadvantages of teen monitoring and more. We only ask that the content be original and professional.

The last way to become more interactive with us is to become a dealer. This avenue is for people who really want to sink their teeth into this fast-growing market and at the same time make significant wealth. We have many incentives that include outbound links, free content and great margins. We also provide all the technical support for our GPS fleet tracking and GPS personal tracking systems.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you are interested in becoming a dealer, or would like to post an article of unique/original content on our site. We look forward to hearing from you!