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GPS Company Introduces LandAirSea Gear

One of the names that has represented quality and reliability in the fleet tracking and GPS monitoring world has been a company based in Woodstock, Illinois called LandAirSea Systems (LAS). For over 15 years, LAS has provided vehicle management solutions to government agencies, consumers and businesses all across the globe for a variety of applications that include surveillance based work, GPS teen tracking and business monitoring. Through the engineering and development of popular GPS trackers such as the GPS Tracking Key and SilverCloud GPS, LAS has proved that they are more than capable of providing both sophisticated real-time and passive devices that are simplistic and user-friendly enough for even those with little tech experience to operate. After nearly two years since LAS devices made their debut on the exclusive line of Tracking System Direct (TSD) products, TSD is proud to announce that it will now be offering a wide variety of GPS tracking accessories designed specifically for LAS trackers!

New GPS Accessories Now Available!

  • Hard-Wire Kits For GPS Data Loggers
  • Hard-Wire Kits For Live GPS Trackers
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapters For GPS Data Loggers
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapters
  • Waterproof Cases for GPS Tracking Systems
  • Extended Battery Packs For Real Time GPS Trackers
  • Spare Parts For GPS Tracking Devices

Through the introduction of these new cost-effective LandAirSea accessories, parents of teen drivers, police departments, small businesses, GPS enthusiasts and all other users of vehicle tracking technology can get the data they need with simplicity. As part of the launch of the new line of GPS accessories, Tracking System Direct will be offering an instant rebate for $10.00 on any GPS tracking system! The offer will be extended for the rest of this year, therefore, all a customer has to do is call into the Tracking System Direct facility and mention this special promotion, which can also be found on Facebook, and instantly receive $10.00 off their purchase of a GPS tracking unit!

The discount can not be applied retroactively or combined with other discounts. Customers must call in and have a GPS professional apply the discount.