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Larger due to the Selective Availability Act that loosened restrictions upon accuracy for consumer GPS devices in the early portion of the 21st century, GPS navigation systems exploded in popularity. With the loosened restrictions in place, GPS devices were no longer only accurate up to a mile, but rather pinpoint accurate up to 2.5 meters and even more precise under ideal conditions. With the sudden boom in navigational technology, many companies and consumers began to demand a GPS system that offered more than simply turn-by-turn directions. The demand was for a GPS tracking system that could record and store historical driving information. Unfortunately, no such device was affordable, portable and functional enough for most applications. However, that all changed when the GPS Tracking Key became available.

What Is GPS Tracking Key?

Once people realized that utilizing satellite technology devices was a very uncomplicated process, businesses and consumers began flocking to invest in GPS solutions that offered either navigation or vehicle tracking capabilities. The GPS monitoring unit that quickly developed a reputation as the top-performing vehicle management device was a LandAirSea creation called the GPS Tracking Key.

What made the GPS Tracking Key so unique when it made its debut was that the unit held various advantageous features. These features included:

  1. A compact size that made it easy to conceal the tracker.
  2. A highly-sensitive internal antenna that offered portability.
  3. An exterior magnetic mount engineered on the tracker to provide easy placement on the outside of a vehicle.
  4. Long-lasting battery life, and motion sensor to extend battery life.
  5. USB drive connected to the tracker that provided a simple plug-and-play option.
  6. Unlimited continuous tracking every second.

What was even more impressive than the system features of the GPS Tracking Key was that the unit had an affordable cost, and user-friendly interface, making it a functional solution for those working on a budget and with little tech experience.


  • Have you ever wondered if your teen driver was speeding or going to places “off-limits”?
  • Are your employees doing side-work or taking company vehicles without an authorization?

The GPS Tracking Key (GPS tracker with no monthly fees) is a small pocket-sized tracker that receives signals from the Department of Defense satellites, accurately determining location within 2.5 meters and recording data every second. With the GPS Tracking Key you can discover how fast a person drove, where they traveled, where they stopped and for how long. The included user-friendly software will display data over an animated street map, Google Earth or in a daily driving text report.

GPS Tracking Key Features:

  • Replay Every Location A Vehicle Traveled
  • Exterior Magnet Mount Offers Outside Placement
  • Easy USB Download
  • Displays Location, Date & Time Of Every Stop
  • Records Maximum Speed Driven
  • Multiple Viewing Options

What is GPS Tracking Key? The tracker is an affordable and user-friendly vehicle monitoring system that accurately records driving information. With a powerful exterior magnet mount providing instant mounting options, the GPS Tracking Key will covertly document driving activity with accuracy and precision.

GPS tracking system technology has officially taken the world by storm! Businesses use the monitoring technology to improve route and vehicle management, consumers use the technology to prevent theft and monitor the driving habits of teen drivers, and police departments use car trackers to investigate criminal activity. Whatever the application may be, the numbers indicate more people are turning to vehicle tracking technology now than ever before, turning a once niche market into a multi-billion dollar market.

With so many people investing in GPS car tracking units to improve business operations, security and personal safety, the only real question consumers find themselves asking is, “What GPS tracker is best for me?” Although there are a lot of car monitoring solutions now available on the market, the GPS Tracking Key has continued to shine, holding its position as the preferred car tracking unit on the market.

One of the things that really makes the Tracking Key special over the competition is that the car tracker requires no monthly service obligations, and continues to be one of the most cost-effective monitoring solutions on the market. The car tracking unit requires a low investment that can have a high return on investment.

Where Can I Buy The GPS Tracking Key?

So most people who have done research on the various car trackers on the market probably already know that the device that continues to receive accolades and awards is the Tracker Key, but finding one for purchase may be slightly more difficult. In a world where it is common for companies to sell cheap imitations on online sites such as Amazon or used/damaged devices on Ebay, finding a reputable and credible company that specializes in GPS can be difficult. Companies, consumers or police no longer have to conduct lengthy investigations into the reputation of companies who offer the Tracker Key because we at Tracking System Direct are now offering the system widely recognized as the best on the market.

GPS Tracking Key will be offered through Tracking System Direct with a $100 instant rebate, bringing the cost of the unit down from $299.00 to $199.00. Making the offer even more valuable is that Tracking System Direct will also provide free ground shipping via Fedex, and continue to offer a one-year warranty on all hardware, as well as free technical assistance for the life of the car tracker! Therefore, anyone looking at where they can find or buy the GPS Tracking Key needs only to come to TSD to receive the best online pricing guarantee, authorized car tracking equipment and more!

GPS Vehicle Tracking Reviews

The one thing consistent with technology-based products is that they continue to evolve and progress. Costs come down, efficiency improves and systems get better over time. Although the FlashBack GPS, the newest version of the data logger, has established itself as the best passive tracker on the market today, the original GPS Tracking Key model continues to be the tracker of choice of many consumers. The original Tracking Key has carved out a significant portion of the passive market among consumers wanting to track their teen driver (GPS teen tracking), and those looking to validate relationship security (GPS spouse tracking). Over the course of time, many challengers have tried to compete with the key, but the simplicity and reliability of the device have continued to impress users. Now, over 8 years since the GPS Tracking Key made debuted, the passive tracker continues to be one the best selling devices the industry has to offer.