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Finding Ways To Save On Fuel

Saving Money During The Holiday Travel Season

According to the statistics concerning the national average of gas prices, it now costs approximately $3.82 to get one gallon of gasoline put into the tank of a vehicle. What is even more concerning is the fact that gasoline prices are roughly up to $1.05 from the same time as last year! Many families and vacationers who took to the road earlier this week to celebrate during the Memorial Day holiday weekend were the first ones to feel the pain at the pump, as fuel costs have a tendency to rise during the Summer months. Although a number of factors are said to be the cause and reason for gas prices to be jumping, Tracking System Direct has decided to offer motorists a few helpful outside-of-the-box tips that can help people save a little money the next time they fill up at the pump.

People are probably familiar with the common methods used to improve fuel economy such as checking tire pressure weekly, eliminating unnecessary weight in a vehicle (Excess baggage, golf clubs, etc), and driving with a steady foot. There is no doubt that every motorist should utilize those tips along with staying on top of routine vehicle maintenance to enhance fuel efficiency. However, there are some additional and more unique methods of saving when it comes to fuel that motorists should be aware of. Here is a brief summary of a few different options available to motorists:

1. Fill Up At Warehouse Centers

Gasoline is expensive, but many wholesale warehouses such as Costco are now offering fuel at reduced costs to those with club memberships. Although almost all of these wholesale markets require users to pay an annual fee to maintain a club membership, the reduced cost of gasoline alone (Often times between .10-.20 cents per gallon) will easily cover the dues associated with membership.

2. Use Your Smart Phone

People use their smartphones for pretty much everything these days from social networking, finding a local restaurant review, accessing directions, and more. People use apps for fitness, music, translating languages, and essentially anything imaginable. The great thing for motorists concerned about fuel economy and saving a few dollars at the pump is that these same mobile communication devices can be used to locate nearby gas stations offering the cheapest gas. With apps such as “Cheap Gas” and ” Gas Buddy” providing motorists quick access to local fuel stations, the amount each facility is charging per gallon of gasoline, and more, motorists can easily find the most cost-effective location to fill their tank up.

3. Utilize Fuel Management With GPS

Every fleet management operation and vehicle management authority understands the importance of using a GPS tracker. What makes GPS vehicle trackers so special is that they provide motorists a way to account for and monitor all driving activity. This is helpful to both businesses and consumers who want to learn if a vehicle being used by an employee or family member is being driven at excessively high speeds, making unnecessary/unauthorized stops, and more. One of the best ways to save on fuel costs is to eliminate wasteful consumption of gasoline and GPS tracking systems are designed to do just that.

Holiday travel can be a fun and exciting time for any family, and by making a few wise decisions motorists can ease the financial pinch of high gas prices. Always remember to keep up with vehicle maintenance, access warehouse wholesale pricing if possible, use a smart phone to locate the most affordable fuel station, and think about the potential savings a GPS tracker can provide through vehicle management. Last but not least, make certain to enjoy the time with your family!